smart home techOne way to introduce a magical new experience to our homes is to introduce new tech. Whether you buy it for yourself, or for a loved one, a new smart home device can bring joy, security, and convenience. However, not all smart home devices are perfect for all people. Some people prefer to keep life simple: so a simple smart plug that you can set and forget might be a well-received addition to their lives. Some people like to tinker and tweak and get to really understand how to get the most from a new device. Still others are pragmatic and want their new tech to have one specific purpose. So here is a smart home primer to help you find smart tech that can make any Canadian excited.

Twinkly smart lights

Add magic with smart lights and smart plugs

In my home, smart lights all round the home turn on at dusk and off later in the evening for a fantastic year-round effect. Smart plugs bring new convenience to any light display, turning an ordinary light string into a smart light string. The best part, is with most of these, you put the lights on a schedule and they will automatically turn on each day and turn off each nite so you can “set it and forget it!”

Smart Displays and Smart speakers bring the world magically into your home

The new kid on the block for smart tech that delivers a whole new kind of magic is the range of smart speakers and smart displays available. I’ve listed a few great options in the grid below but I encourage to peruse the virtual aisle at Best Buy online since these come in a range of colours and sizes to suit your home decor and personal taste. As far as functionality, I have many of these in my home and absolutely wouldn’t do without. Why? use the smart display for virtual parties with family member all over the world. Use smart speakers to play tunes throughout the house … I link them using the app so all of the speakers in my home are synchronized: then I sing as loudly as I can!

Google Nest Hub Max Smart Display with Google Assistant
Amazon Echo Dot (3rd Gen) Smart Speaker with Alexa

Lenovo Smart Clock Essential With Google Assistant


Smart security for entrance ways, drive ways, and back yards

Last year, I gave my mother-in-law a gift of a secure front entrance to her home. It included a smart doorbell, similar to the one shown below, and cosmetic improvements to the surrounding porch and doorway. She loves it: she can see on the Google Home Max in her living room when someone arrives without getting up from the sofa. Smart cameras offer similar convenience. I have a large property and thanks to several smart cameras I can see on my phone if anyone trespasses: though mostly I can see the deer trying to jump my fence to eat my vegetables!

Google Nest Wire-Free Video Doorbell
August Wi-Fi Smart Lock

Blink Outdoor Wire-Free 1080p IP Security Camera System


Smart homes are cozy for the whole family

You can make your home smarter in many ways that will benefit your family. A smart TV is easier to control, allowing you to just tell the remote “turn on Netflix” or even “play holiday movies” and it magically happens. Feel a chill, turn up the heat with your phone, or tell your smart speaker, “hey google, turn up the Nest Thermostat 5 degrees.”

Inevitably though, you will need to clean before guests arrive, or perhaps you just want the house clean before you get home from work. In the past, i would just call home and ask my kids to do it. “It builds character,” some might say. Well now they build character by volunteering at the Food Bank; especially if you have a robot vacuum. Schedule daily passes around your home so it is always ready for a holiday party!

Samsung 65″ QLED 4K Smart TV
Google Nest Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat – Snow

iRobot Roomba j7+ Wi-Fi Connected Self-Empty Robot Vacuum


Shop smart home and more online at

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Martin loves working with the talented editors and writers on the Best Buy Blog as Editor-in-Chief. During his spare time he is either working on his next novel, cooking up a masterpiece in the kitchen, or adding some smart tech to his new home on Mayne Island in British Columbia.


  1. The ease of using a few smart sockets to control Christmas lights is amazing. We have outdoor light and indoor window lights and a tree. Its a small thing but it becomes a a pain after a few weeks going to each room to plug in and out the lights. We set up a few smart sockets on each. Labeled them Christmas Tree, Indoor Christmas Lights and Outdoor Christmas Lights. Then put them in a new “room” in the Google App called Christmas. To turn on/off all the lights I just say “Hey Google Turn on The Christmas Lights”. I can also control each on it’s own by saying “Hey Google Turn on the Christmas Tree”. Also a couple of years ago google had the ability to just say “Hey Google Phone Santa” and the Google Home would “phone” the North Poll and our kid could talk to Santa and play a music game.

  2. I am very interested in the Smart Home space. I am a recent graduate from a HVAC technician program and l am excited about the creative ways smart home technologies can be applied in the home.
    Apart from the obvious cool factor, smart home technologies can help you to save money by saving energy, lessen you carbon footprint, gives you a wider range of home security options and is convenient and time saving.
    Smart home technologies helps you to get more out of your home technologies by networking them and having them working as teams instead of in silos. One thing I am pleased about in the space is that you don’t necessarily have to get rid of things you already own when building your smart home, you can instead retrofit by incorporate smart modules these will get your previously stand alone devices working as a part of your network. It will give the new life. Smart technology is definitely a wave of the future.


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