Energy star appliancesThere are a variety of ways you can reduce energy consumption and costs in your home. As a human being living on this wonderful planet, I think it’s important to be conscious of the energy we use. There are small things you can do every day to lower energy use such as purchase and use energy efficient appliances, use what’s provided by Mother Nature, and be aware of the lighting used in your home.

Energy efficient appliances

Whirlpool refrigeratorBuying ENERGY STAR appliances means spending less money on your energy bill and saving more money in your wallet. When making a purchase, remember to think of the long-term savings you’ll be making compared to the cost of the appliance. You’ll also not only be saving on your energy bill each month but also reducing your homes carbon footprint. We produce greenhouse gases every time we use energy, so using less energy equals producing less greenhouse gases.

In Canada, you can find ENERGY STAR rated refrigerators, washers, dryers, dishwashers, freezers, and air purifiers. Even though you may have energy efficient appliances, it’s also important to do routine maintenance on them so they function properly and ensure longevity. Simple steps include emptying the lint trap in your dryer and cleaning your washer, fridge, and dishwasher to remove any build up that may affect their proper use.

Household appliances account for up to 13.6% of the energy used in a home. This Energy Efficient Smart Home Buying Guide has a lot of information to consider when you’re in the market for new appliances, and be sure to look for the ENERGY STAR symbol as well.

Take advantage of Mother Nature

LG dryerOn top of using an ENERGY STAR rated dryer in your home, why not take advantage of the great outdoors and fresh air to lower energy use indoors? Fresh air is free so why not use it to dry your clothes or bring fresh cool air into your home?

I think by habit, we wash a load of laundry and then throw it in the dryer. But by using a clothesline in your backyard, you can save a lot of energy each year. Plus, there’s the benefit of that fresh air smell that we all love. In summer months, I love air drying my bedding outside. There’s nothing better than climbing into fresh air-dried sheets at night. I live on the West Coast and year round clotheslines are not a possibility, but I love knowing that I have an energy efficient dryer when needed.

Air conditioning is another trend that’s becoming increasingly popular, and yes, it’s needed during those crazy heat waves. One way I help control the temperature in the house is by keeping my blinds closed and opening the windows to create air flow. Often the early mornings and late evenings cool down considerably and that’s when I open the house up to cool it down.

Lastly, I try to use my oven as little as possible on hot days. Instead, I use my BBQ or smaller appliances such as an air fryer or pressure cooker.

Turn off lights or use timers to save energy

Light timerGrowing up, it was instilled in me to turn off lights when I left a room or not use them at all unless needed. As a parent, I then instilled this in my children. We use indoor lights such as ceiling lights sparingly during the day for most of the year and I love that this time of year, it stays light out well into the evening.

I do like to have an outdoor light on at the front and back door overnight and using them on a timer means I don’t have to worry about leaving them on unnecessarily. We also have a motion sensor light for between our house and detached shop for safety.

Smart lighting can help in this department since you can easily set schedules for when lights go on and off, and remotely control them so a basement light accidentally left on before you left for vacation doesn’t remain on 24/7 for a full week.

You can find a variety of appliances and accessories to make your home more energy efficient at Best Buy online.

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