In the box, you will find the EZVIZ Mini Trooper camera along with a base station used to connect all of your EZVIZ smart-home and security products to access within the app. The Mini Trooper itself includes a set of the necessary AA batteries which is always nice to see, while the base station includes an Ethernet cable for a wired setup.

EZVIZ Mini Trooper Size & Build

The EZVIZ Mini Trooper comes in at a perfect size for portable placement in both indoor and outdoor situations. It’s wireless setup with the help of the base station, and CR123 batteries for power allow you to place or mount the camera with the use of a built-in thread on the bottom. This level of versatility eliminates the idea of home modifying and expensive custom setup processes with most traditional security cameras. Despite its plastic construction, the Mini Trooper felt solid and well put together and is IP65 weather sealed as well for outdoor operation year-round.

Video Quality & Sensors

The Mini Trooper has a built-in camera with the HD resolution of 1280×720 with night vision as well. Based on my testing, the video quality was able to expose a given environment quite accurately and provide a good representation of moving subjects and activities through the mobile app, but at the end of the day 720P is not that sharp, and the image was rather grainy for the most part. A 116-degree field of view was wide enough for indoor use but may be a bit limiting for outdoor situations requiring the use of multiple cameras to cover a perimeter. With the option to digital zoom when viewing the live-feed on the EZVIZ Mini Trooper, a Full HD camera would have provided an enhanced experience for general monitoring.

Being a home security camera, a motion sensor is found right below the camera on the main face of the Mini Trooper. This is used to detect any forms of motion at a given time and will be especially handy when mounted outdoors and used for security of premises. From my testing, the motion sensor worked as advertised, and I received constant notifications from the mobile app whenever motion was detected around the office.

Battery Life on the EZVIZ Mini Trooper

A key feature of the Mini Trooper is the fully wireless camera setup thanks to the use of four CR123 batteries. These batteries are rather standard in wireless cameras and easily replaceable, and EZVIZ claims a battery life of up to 9 months, with consideration of variables such as motion activation. To conserve battery, the camera itself only records video when motion-activated while the live view can be brought up whenever you are in the app.

EZVIZ Base Station

The base station included with the EZVIZ Mini Trooper bundle can be used with up to 6 mini trooper cameras. The base station serves as the main network hub for each Mini Trooper camera allowing you to access and view the live-view of each camera from the mobile app. With a claimed range of up to 300’, this should be suitable for all residential setups both indoors and outdoors. The base station has an SD card slot for saved footage, and an 8GB card is conveniently included.

The base station connects directly to a wall outlet and is registered to your account on the EZVIZ app before connecting each camera. You have the option to use a wired Ethernet to router setup which is recommended for reliable performance, but Wi-Fi connectivity is also an option as well if preferred. The setup from my experience was simple in theory but ended up being a headache when the system had troubles connecting to a given wired network. After a couple resets of the base station, however, the system was up and running, and I was able to sync the Mini Trooper camera easily.

EZVIZ Mobile App Experience

The EZVIZ app for iOS and Android is simple but achieves the objective of making it fast and easy to monitor a space. Once the base station has been connected, it will appear as a device on the home menu of the app. From there, connected Mini Trooper cameras will appear while giving you the option to live-view or playback recordings triggered by the motion sensors. The menu in the middle displays “messages” or activity alters when detected throughout the day in a timeline form. From here, you can playback footage recorded when motion activation is triggered and capture a snapshot for future references. The app, in general, was very intuitive and well featured giving you the ease of monitoring a space or dictate certain variables through the live view or when reviewing footage.

Should you buy the EZVIZ  Mini Trooper?

For small residential security systems, I believe the EZVIZ Mini Trooper camera with base station combination is a good way to get up and running without having to modify a space or worry about wiring. It also takes advantage of today’s latest technology by embracing a mobile app only approach to view the footage anytime and anywhere from just a smartphone. The setup process was more irritating than I would have imagined and the video quality isn’t the greatest even in bright indoor situations. From my uses, the camera was reliable for the most part in base station syncing while detecting motion and notifying me throughout the day. For the price, the EZVIZ Mini Trooper kit is competitive in giving you everything you need to get started while opening up the opportunity for future expansion up to 6 Mini Trooper cameras.

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Justin Tse
Justin Tse is an online content creator and young entrepreneur from Victoria BC. Justin specializes in consumer technology and smartphones on his YouTube channel which holds over 300,000 subscribers and has garnered an audience of over 40 million worldwide through more than 800 videos.


  1. I have 4 of these cameras around my home. I love them. When I am away I am able to keep an eye on things and be notified if anyone gets into my home. It is great they are wireless so they can be put anywhere! The downside is that the battery life is nowhere near 9 months. I am lucky to get 2 months from my outside cameras. Especially in the cold winter months. The cold just zaps them. I have recommended these to a couple of friends and they love them also.

  2. Well, I just bought the base and two cameras…the batteries they claim to be AA, and last 9 months…are not AA neither they last 9 months, in fact mine are out for a month and already needs replacement.

    • Hello Rui, my apologies.

      The battery found on the EzViz Mini Trooper is the CR123A and has been corrected.


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