The right lighting is one of the most important components of your home, office, or commercial space. Your lighting setup creates the tone for your space and can be altered to fit different moods and situations. Having a properly strategized entertainment lighting setup can make all the difference. The good news, you can produce the exact atmosphere you’re looking to create. Among the most creative technologies to come out of lighting in recent years are LED panel lights and strip lights. They’re the perfect addition to give your space an extra boost and create the perfect ambiance for any room. 

There are many benefits of LED panel lights. Some of these include longevity, saving energy and money, durability, and having the freedom to be as creative as you want with them. You can check out Brad’s review on the Best Buy Blog for more information on benefits and usability. Panel lights come in a great variety of colours and styles to fit your unique taste accordingly. No matter what space you’re setting up, the addition of LED panel lights will make the room feel calm, fun, and evenly distribute light. Here are 5 ways you can use these smart lights to vamp up your space. 

Bring more life to your gaming experience with Nanoleaf Light Panels

Nanoleaf Light PanelsOne of the funnest ways to use LED panel lights is in your gaming space. Nanoleaf Light Panels can be applied to your walls in any desired shape. They come in squares and triangles, and in packs of three to thirty panels. They can be strategically placed around your gaming space, and they feature built-in audio sensors to light up and synchronize with your game or music. These panels are controlled from your smart home hub or mobile phone, and they allow you access to up to 16 million different colours, giving you no shortage of excitement as you tap into your game. 

Entertain in style with LED Panel and Strip Lights

LIFX Z Smart Wi-Fi LED Light Strip LightsNanoleaf LED panel lights and LIFX Z Smart Wi-Fi LED Strip Lights are also great for your more diverse entertainment rooms. These are the spaces in which you host your guests and watch your movies—generally where everyone gathers most. LED Panels can be set up behind your television and linked to light up in correspondence with what you’re watching. You can host dance parties or just set a nice chill vibe with Nanoleaf panels set up around the room. Additionally, you can place LED strip lights around the floor, ceiling, furniture, picture frames, mirrors, and so on. For more creative home entertainment lighting suggestions, check out some of my other tips on the Best Buy Blog. 

Give your commercial space a boost with ambient lighting 

Nanoleaf Canvas Design KitOne of the most important factors of any commercial space, whether it’s retail or food service, is the ambiance. Retail stores can benefit from LED panel lights as they can serve as a brighter light in fitting rooms. You can give customers a better view and decor to admire their new clothes in. And when it comes to restaurants and cafes, people come to patronize places that have a great mood and relaxing or fun atmosphere. For more relaxed environments, you can set up panel lights in colours like blue or purple to create a calm aura. And in places that people come to for a party atmosphere, you can lift up the mood with LED panel lights that dance to the music. You can also use panel lights as art pieces on the walls, with the help of Nanoleaf Canvas Design Kits.

Meditate peacefully in the perfectly lit atmosphere 

Nanoleaf Light PanelsHaving a space in your home set up to unwind and relax in properly is very important. The benefits of meditation are endless, and many people create a specific place in their home to find their light in. A meditation room can highly benefit from Nanoleaf Light Panels. You can set up calm ambient lighting to relax your nerves along the walls, and if you meditate with music, the lights can calmly breathe along the journey with you. You can also use Philips Hue Colour bulbs as a replacement for your regular bulbs.  Easily control them from your devices for an immersive calming experience. If you’re a bathtub meditator, you can place LED panel lights or Philips Hue Strip Lights strategically around your bathroom, which is much safer than using candles. 

Ensure safety and functionality in stairwells and confined spaces 

Philips Hue Outdoor Strip LightsSome spaces in your home are tighter and darker than others, and these may require extra lighting for safety purposes. Some examples of this are closets and stairwells. Panel lights serve as excellent backlighting in your closet and make it easy to find and look through your stuff. Placing LED panel lights along your stairwell will make it much easier to walk downstairs—especially at night when it’s harder to navigate if there isn’t enough light. You can additionally add a line of Philips Hue Outdoor Strip Lights down along your outdoor walking spaces. This will also make your journey through safer and more ambient. 

No matter the space, entertainment lighting will create the perfect climate 

Thanks to technology, it’s now possible to set the exact mood you want in any space within your home, your office, or your commercial space. Having easily accessible Smart mood lighting will make all the difference to how you experience your spaces. So get creative and have fun with it. The options really are endless with how you can play around with LED Panel lights, strip lights, and all the other entertainment lighting products available to you at


Shadi Bozorg
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