There are two things you need to know about Fat Tire Electric Bikes – one, they’re unlike any bike you’ve ever ridden before and two, they’re so fun they’ll make you forget about every other bike you’ve got in your garage. I’d go as far as saying you’ll be hooked on e-bike like this with just one ride – at least that’s what I discovered when I toured the Surface 604 factory and rolled away on a Surface 604 Element Electric Bike myself.

Why is a Surface 604 Element Electric Bike different from the other bikes in your garage? It might be the tires that are twice as wide as those you find on a standard mountain bike, or it could be the ultra-light 6061 custom frame. But when it comes down to it, it’s the power that sets this baby apart from the rest, and that power comes thanks to a brushless 350-watt motor packed right onto the rear hub.

From the grassy terrain and rocks you’ll find on the side of your local mountain to a quiet ride down a tree-lined path in the middle of the city, the Surface 604 Element Electric Bike will fly through the snow, sand, and dirt trails to take you absolutely everywhere. After riding one myself it’s pretty clear that the Surface 604 Element Electric Bike is the most versatile, fun, and downright addicting bike I’ve ever picked up. 

 Here are the feature specs on the Surface 604 Element All Terrain Electric Bike:

  • Has different riding modes – pedal with motor assist in low, medium, and high power and pedal without motor assist
  • 7-speed Shimano system
  • Hits top speeds of 32 km/hr
  • Can go for 32 km on a single charge
  • Aluminum alloy 6061 custom-built frame is extremely lightweight
  • 26” wheels with 4” tire treads lets you cruise through all types of terrain
  • 350-watt brushless motor
  • Front and rear disc brakes
  • 8.5 pound battery charges in 6 to 8 hours and can be removed to lighten the bike

One of my collegues spent some time with Vlad and Gary from Surface 604 and took a look at the bike while visiting a local bike show. Here’s a quick peek at this fat tire e-bike.

Taking the tour

I’m someone who has all different kinds of bikes in her garage. From dirt jumpers to mountain bikes and a few road bikes thrown in, I’m no stranger to the ‘a bike for every experience’ mentality. They’re not all mine, but I do ride a few of them, and although biking has always been a fun way to pass the time I can’t say I’ve ever woke up with a burning desire to go ride. That’s why I was so surprised at how much I immediately loved the Surface 604. From the minute I rolled away on it, I could see the potential for daily fun.

Vlad from Surface 604 had a few fat tire ebikes set up and ready in the factory, so I took it for a spin through a snowy parking lot. Having never tried an Electric Bike let alone one with 4” tire treads, I was shocked at how quickly it took off when I hit the throttle. It glides smooth as silk when you have the motor turned on, and after getting my bearings I hit a few puddles and snow piles without worrying I was going to tip or slip. It just feels stable, no matter what you’re riding on.

Once you ride a fat bike, your mind immediately goes to where you could take it. Although I’m not the biggest mountain biker, I really wanted to just keep riding straight over to the North Shore of Vancouver and hit a few trails. I imagined rolling around Stanley Park, taking it down a beach in California, or even using it to commute back and forth to the grocery store.

Lighter than you’d expect

Although the 4” tires make the Surface 604 Element Electric Bike look bigger than your average bike, it’s seriously light. It has an ultra-light aluminum-alloy 6061 custom-built frame, and despite the addition of the brushless motor, I could easily pick it up with one hand.

Faster than you’d think

The Surface 604 Element Electric Bike has a 32 km/hr max speed. In comparison with a car, it doesn’t seem like that’s very fast, but if you’ve never rode an electric bike the first spin can be kind of shocking. With a 350-watt brushless motor on board and three power modes, you can start off slowly in low, hit medium, and then move to high. I skipped medium and went straight from low to high, and even on high I didn’t feel shaky on an uneven surface like snow pack.

If you pedal with motor assist, you’ll be able to go up to 32 km or 20 miles on a single charge. Once the battery is drained it will recharge in 6 to 8 hours, and you can remove the 8.5-pound battery if you’d like to make the bike lighter. You can also use the rack where the battery is to hold your extra gear.

Switching off the engine doesn’t switch off the fun

Power is great, but sometimes it’s nice to put your body to the test and pedal without motor assist. Even without the power turned on, the Surface 604 Element Electric Bike lets you go head to head against other bikes on the trail.

I know bikers like the specific specs of every bike they ride, and the Surface 604 won’t disappoint – in short it has 7-speed Shimano gears to glide up hills, an Aluminum Alloy 131mm Fork, ProWheel SOLID 248T-F Aluminum Alloy-6061 48T Crank, hand operated JAK SuperBrake Disc Brake with 177.8mm (7″) rotor, and SHIMANO Tourney RD-TXX GS 7s Direct Rear Derailer. Put it all together and you have an adaptable, durable bike that gives you an ultra-smooth ride over whatever terrain you decide to hit.

Explore the world

Where are you going to go today? That’s the question you’ll ask yourself after riding a Surface 604 Element Electric Bike, and I’d challenge anyone to try one and not want to just keep riding. I’m in Vancouver, and the sky really is the limit as far as where you could take it here. Want to trek up the backside of the Britannia Mine Museum and see where the original settlers lived? Grab your Surface 604 and hit the trail. Thinking of riding the Seawall in Stanley Park? Glide along on your your Fat Tire Electric Bike. Just be warned – people will stop you and ask you questions about what you’re riding.  

And don’t think these bikes are just for hardcore mountain bikers either – because the Surface 604 Element Electric Bike is designed for all-terrain, it’s the perfect bike for commuters, casual riders, and even for families who want to head out for a little weekend fun together. Plus, you don’t need a special license to ride one and you won’t have to insure it either.

It was a long winter, spring is practically here, and we’re all long overdue for some fun. When you’re ready to gear up and get out there, you’re going to want to put the Surface 604 Element Electric Bike on your list of things you absolutely must try.

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