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The evolution of Logitech’s gaming headset line offers fantastic audio and plenty of new features with the Logitech G Pro X 2 LIGHTSPEED. The hardware sports new 50mm graphene drivers that offer excellent sound quality. Its detachable 6mm cardioid mic with Blue VO!CE technology outputs clear voice communication. The Pro X 2 LIGHTSPEED is also very lightweight and feels great to wear for extended gaming sessions. In this review, I put the headset through its paces, testing sound quality, comfort, battery life and more. Let’s dive in and discover all the newest additions to the Logitech Pro X line has to offer.

Different colour options

The first choice you’ll need to make when it comes to the headset is which colour treatment suits your style. The colour options for the Logitech G Pro X 2 look sharp, I reviewed the white model, but it is also available in a sleek-looking midnight black. The white edition offers a clean, elegant appearance, and it was easy to clean. If you’re looking for something more classic and understated, the midnight black version is a sharp-looking alternative.

Unboxing the Logitech G Pro X 2 LIGHTSPEED

From opening the box to all the included components in the package, everything about the Logitech G Pro X 2 LIGHTSPEED feels premium. In the box, components were organized in a clean, minimalist fashion making it easy to access.

The Pro X 2 LIGHTSPEED package comes with additional accessories to get up and gaming in a snap. Included in the box are memory foam leatherette ear pads, as well as a cloth material alternative. This was a welcome addition to have two options to choose from. There is also a USB-A LIGHTSPEED wireless adapter, along with a detachable microphone featuring a foam windscreen. The cables included are a USB-A to USB-C cable and a 3.5mm cable. To help keep your headset protected during travel, there is a soft storage bag included.

Logitech G Pro X 2 LIGHTSPEED’s lightweight design

The Logitech G Pro X 2 LIGHTSPEED incorporates durable aluminum materials along with a steel frame. This combination not only ensures sturdiness but also adds a touch of elegance to the headset. The use of high-quality materials in its construction means that the headset can withstand the rigours of daily use without compromising on its looks or performance. It weighs in at a mere 345 grams. It must have taken some careful engineering to pack in such a strong steel frame while keeping it so light.

This all adds up to one of the most comfortable headsets I’ve tested out. The lightweight design does a good job of distributing the weight across your head. It ensures that there’s minimal pressure on your ears and head, which means you can enjoy your games for hours without feeling fatigued.

Logitech G Pro X 2 LIGHTSPEED device compatibility

The headset’s range of compatibility is extremely versatile and I appreciate the thought Logitech put into it. The Pro X 2 comes with LIGHTSPEED + Bluetooth wireless and 3.5mm inputs. The patented Logitech “LIGHTSPEED technology” offers a strong 2.4 GHz signal at 30 metres. During my testing the wireless signal remained excellent, I didn’t experience any loss in signal. It can also be connected to Bluetooth-enabled devices and be hard-wired with 3.5mm inputs. It’s great to have all these options because if the battery dies while gaming wirelessly, you can just plug in with the 3.5mm port.

3.5mm use disables features

The one caveat to the 3.5mm output is that it disables all “onboard” controls on the headset. Meaning the volume scroll wheel is disabled, which is a drawback. That’s a minor tradeoff worth having for the sheer range of compatibility, however. All the different options made it easy to move between the PlayStation 5, Xbox, Nintendo Switch and PC.

The Pro X 2 overall hardware design

The Logitech G Pro X 2 LIGHTSPEED boasts a great hardware design, combining comfort, durability, and style. If you are looking for a gaming headset designed with “gamers first” the Pro X 2 is a great choice. Logitech went to great lengths to ensure the headset was up to pro standards consulting with top esports players. When I was playing this was apparent through the powerful drivers and DTS Headphone X 2.0 7.1 surround sound features. This offered excellent in-game situational awareness with surround sound technology. These features allow you to accurately pinpoint in-game sounds, providing a competitive edge in various gaming scenarios.

Great comfort and flexibility

The two sets of soft ear pads that are included with the headset feel great. They are made of memory foam, conforming to the shape of your head. If you want a different “feel,” interchangeable options are available, in the box including a cloth material alternative. The headset also features a rotating durable hinge system that allows for easy adjustment and flexibility.

Logitech G Pro X 2 LIGHTSPEED audio performance

In terms of audio performance, the headset is equipped with cutting-edge 50mm Graphene Drivers. It was my first time going “ears-on” with the technology and it left me extremely impressed. Whether gaming, listening to music, or watching a movie it delivered clear, bold sound. I was extremely impressed by how rich the audio was across multiple sources. I played action games like Street Fighter 6 and these powerful drivers ensure that every audio detail, from subtle moves to explosive punches, were accurately reproduced.

Final thoughts on the Logitech G Pro X 2 LIGHTSPEED wireless headset

The Pro X 2 LIGHTSPEED wireless gaming headset stands out with its performance, gaming-focused features and comfort. With its excellent sound quality, lightweight design, and impressive durability, it exceeded many of my expectations. The 50mm Graphene Drivers ensure an immersive audio experience across various platforms, while the detachable 6mm cardioid mic with Blue VO!CE technology offers great-sounding voice communication. The headset’s comfort factor is excellent thanks to the memory foam ear pads and swivelling hinge system, allowing for extended gaming sessions without fatigue. Although there is a minor tradeoff when using the 3.5mm input, the overall performance and features of the Logitech G Pro X 2 LIGHTSPEED make it a worthy investment. The bottom line: If you are a serious gamer seeking a top-quality gaming headset, the Logitech G Pro X 2 LIGHTSPEED should be at the top of your list.

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