Insignia 4.8L Air Fryer MainAir fryers are currently in their prime as it seems more and more people own one. They allow you to enjoy the crisp of fried food with little to no oil. They’re also versatile enough to cook a variety of meals, appetizers, and even desserts. Today, I’m talking about the Insignia 4.8L air fryer.


Inside the box

Once you remove the packaging of the Insignia 4.8L Air Fryer you will find the air fryer unit including the pan with basket and handle. Also included is the User Guide and an Air Fryer Recipe Book.

Features and specifications of the Insignia 4.8L air fryer 

Insignia 4.8L inside the box

  • Power and temperature knobs and lights
  • Removable cooking basket and pan
  • Fry food with little to no oil
  • Varied temperature range
  • 8L basket holds 3-5 servings of food
  • Timer with auto shut off
  • Dishwasher safe basket and pan
  • Mechanical controls

Getting started with the Insignia 4.8L air fryer

Insignia 4.8L control knobsAfter unboxing your Insignia 4.8L air fryer and remove all packaging materials, including stickers and labels from the unit, you will need to clean it before first use. The basket and pan can be washed with hot water and dish soap using a non-abrasive cloth or sponge, they’re also dishwasher safe if you prefer. You should also wipe down the outside of the air fryer using a damp cloth, being careful not to get the power cord and plug wet. Then place the air fryer on a flat, heat resistant surface making sure the air outlet at the back is not covered or obstructed. Once you’ve plugged in the air fryer, it’s ready for use.

Cooking with the Insignia 4.8L air fryer

Sweet potato fries are a favourite in our house, so we were excited to try them in the air fryer. We used the seasoning recipe that was in the included recipe book and consulted the cooking guide. I set the temperature control to 390°F and was surprised they were ready to eat after 15 minutes. They had nice crispy edges and a soft centre, and the seasoning was loved by the whole family. We will definitely be making these again.

Insignia 4.8L grilled cheeseNext up, my son was excited to try a grilled cheese. I did a quick Google search for temperature and time recommendations, and was glad I did as I read a great tip for cooking grilled cheeses.  Place toothpicks on opposite corners to hold the sandwich together while cooking so the top bread slice doesn’t go flying with the air circulation. I cooked the grilled cheese at 360°F for four minutes to get the cheese melting then turned the temperature up to 400 and cooked a further three minutes. The top was beautifully toasted, so I flipped it over and cooked for another three minutes to get the perfect crispy grilled cheese. If you don’t flip the sandwich halfway through cooking one side will be crispy and the other just soft bread.

Last, we tried perogies. I was also trying out a larger Insignia Air Fryer with rotisserie so while the beef roast was cooking in there, we cooked perogies for the side dish in this 4.8L one. I lightly rubbed the perogies with avocado oil and placed them in a single layer in the basket. I turned the temperature to 400 and started the timer at eight minutes. Once the timer chimed, I flipped the perogies and cooked them a further eight minutes. They were a nice toasted golden brown and both my sons said they liked them cooked this way best. Once your foods are cooked, push the clear release button towards the air fryer to remove it from the unit. With the clear button slid forward, push down on the exposed red button, and this will release the basket from the pan. Be sure to wash both the basket and pan after each use, either in the sink or dishwasher.

Tips on using the Insignia 4.8L air fryer

Insignia 4.8L cooking elementThere are a few important things to note with the Insignia 4.8L air fryer. You can preheat the air fryer if needed by either adding three minutes to your cooking time or preheating it without any food in it. You may notice that the heating element turns off and on during cooking, this just means that the air fryer is maintaining its cooking temperature. At any time during the cooking process, you can pull out the pan to check on your food. Once you replace the basket it will automatically resume cooking again. Also, if you’re cooking foods that require flipping halfway through cooking, you’ll have to monitor the time as the air fryer will not beep halfway through cooking. Last of all, when removing food from the cooking basket use a kitchen tool, don’t tip the basket as any excess oils that have collected in the bottom will also drain out and create a greasy mess.

Final thoughts on the Insignia 4.8L air fryer

Insignia 4.8L side viewI don’t own an air fryer although my youngest son has been asking for one and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised at their cooking abilities. This Insignia 4.8L air fryer is easy to use and clean up which is a perk in my book. It’s nice that both my sons can easily cook themselves a frozen pizza, a grilled cheese or french fries quickly without using the oven.

Size wise, it fits nicely on my kitchen counter and can easily fit in a larger cupboard if needed. But its versatility means you’ll be using it quite often and won’t need to tuck it away. Also, should you experience any issues with your air fryer, there is a troubleshooting page in the user guide that will hopefully help you fix any possible problems.

As a first-time air fryer user, I was happy to see the food preparation table in the user guide and recipe book included. It gave me a base to start off with and made me comfortable with the cooking process. Since French fries are my snacking weakness, I love that I can make homemade fries to my liking without any added or excess grease.

You can find this Insignia 4.8L air fryer at Best Buy online.

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