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Love is in the air! What better way to show it than by printing or displaying the many photos you’ve collected together over the years with a photo printer or digital photo frame? Reliving old memories is a great way to remember the best parts of life, from a romantic first kiss to a special bonding moment with your kids. Keep reading to find out how you can enter for a chance to win one of these timely tech items we recently reviewed on the blog and can now give as prizes: a Kodak Mini 2 Retro Photo Printer or a Nixplay Digital Smart Frame.

These prizes will help you create a displayable photo library of your favourite relationship milestones and adventures. For more great gift ideas for Valentine’s Day, make sure to check out our Valentine’s Day Gift Guide, too. It has a ton of suggestions to help you find something special for your loved one based off of their passions and hobbies!

Print your favourite memories with the Kodak Mini 2 Retro Portable Photo Printer

Kodak P210R giveawayThere are a lot of things to love about the Kodak Mini 2 Retro Portable Photo Printer. This tiny, portable printer is easy to take with you on holiday or date night, and it has the kind of cohesive design that looks groovy though the generations. The Mini 2 uses 4Pass printing technology to print crisp, colour-accurate photos with a long-lasting, waterproof finish.

Instant cameras are a great way to consistently document your life with someone else. But if you didn’t start printing out snaps on day one, then an instant photo printer can give you the extra flexibility you need. They’re like little time machines, letting you reach back into your smartphone’s camera roll to access your old memories.

Use the Mini 2 to create a collage of your first date selfies, print out old texts you sent each other, or immortalize photos from your favourite date nights. Imagine the surprise when someone opens a birthday card or Valentine’s day card from you and inside are printed photos of the past year’s milestones!

Share digital memories on a Nixplay Digital Photo Frame

Nixplay frame giveaway Best Buy

If you prefer a digital photo over a physical one, perhaps a Nixplay Digital Photo Frame is more your speed. These cool photo frames have a comfortable 10.1″ digital touch screen plus app compatibility.

Use a digital photo frame to easily share your favourite photos of special moments and upload more at the touch of a button. Both of the frames being given away here can be displayed in portrait or landscape mode. They also included a built-in wall mount. You can also grant access to your loved ones, your kids, and your friends so they too can add photos from their phones to your digital frame over the internet (they don’t even have to be in the same province!). Suddenly, those quick snaps that otherwise would never be enjoyed, become part of your room’s decor.

How to enter

Entering this contest is easy and you can enter in three different ways.

  1. In a comment below, tell us which of the prizes we are offering in this contest would you use the most AND how many friends or family would you ask to add photos to your daily photo library if you win a digital frame.
  2. In a comment on Rae’s review of the Kodak Mini 2 Retro Photo Printer, tell us about one photo memory you have in your library that you’d like to print out and where you would put it (in a card, on a wall, etc).
  3. In a comment on Steven’s review of the Nixplay Touch 10, tell us which feature of the Nixplay Digital Photo Frame you like the most and why.

What you can win

At the end of this contest, we will randomly select three winners and each winner will get either the Kodak Mini 2 Retro Printer (yellow), Nixplay Digital Frame (W10P), or Nixplay Digital Frame (W10K) that we had sent to reviewers and now will give away as prizes.

This contest runs from Jan 30th to Feb 12th.

Remember, you can enter in three ways as described above for a total of three entries. Make sure to tell your friends, family, or sweetheart about this contest so they can enter too!

Win a Kodak Printer and Nixplay Frame Rules and Regulations

Good Luck.

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  1. I am happy to announce the winner(s) of the Nixplay frames and Kodak printer:

    Riley B – Ottawa, ON
    Sanh H – Kitchener, ON
    Dylan E – Saskatoon, SK

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  2. This contest is now closed. We will draw the winners soon in accordance with the rules. Return to the blog often to read great articles, learn about the latest technology, and to enter more contests. You never know when we’ll be doing another amazing giveaway!

  3. I would use this the most: Nixplay Digital Frame (W10P) and I would ask my sister and cousin to add to our photos whenever they wanted !

  4. I would use the Kodak Mini 2 Retro printer the most. I would ask all my family members to take pictures-about 20 people.

  5. I would love to winthe Kodak Mini 2 Retro Portable Photo Printer! This would be so much fun to use in the classroom and document students work and special moments! I would have 22 little ones asking to have their picture taken for the digital picture frame

  6. I would mostly use the Kodak Mini 2 Retro Printer. My whole family would want to print photos with it. They’d also enjoy adding photos to the Nixplay Digital Photo Frame.

  7. We would use the Kodak Mini 2 Retro Printer the most and if I won a digital photo frame, I would ask 2 or 3 friends to add photos and our parents.

  8. WE would use the Nixplay Digital Photo Frame the most, I wouldn’t have to ask for many pictures / photos, already have lots to choose from. This frame would be a great way to change the scenery in the room also.

  9. Would love to have both of them. Both Kodak Retro Printer and the Display Frames would be wonderful to have. I would keep the printer and give one of the frame to my parent. Sigh. Since only able to pick one I guess would go with the printer as I do have a lot of photos would love to print off and I currently do not have a printer.

    In answer to the last part of the question if won the digital frame would ask about 10 family members and some acquaintances that take a lot of photos of the stars & the Aurora borealis for pics and give it to my Mom.

  10. One photo memory I’d like to print out is during my trip to Ottawa to do a sightseeing tour with a close friend. I would put this photo on my refrigerator so I can see it every morning.

  11. I would use the Kodak Mini 2 Retro Printer the most, to print off many of the stored digital photos of my 5 grandkids & 2 great-grandkids, which I have been keeping for years for the purpose of creating a beautiful scrapbook for each of them. If I won the digital photo frame instead, I would only ask our 2 sons and oldest granddaughter to add photos for a digital display that would be delightful for this proud grandmother!

  12. I would use the Kodak Mini 2 Retro Printer the most and if I won a digital photo frame, I would only ask 2 or 3 friends to add photos

  13. I would use the retro photo printer the most! I’d probably just ask 10 family member and add photos to my daily photo library if you win a digital frame

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