A photo of a collection of Ultimaxx camera bags
Ultimaxx camera bags

Today I’m looking at three awesome camera bags from accessories manufacturer Ultimaxx. Like a lot of camera enthusiasts I get very excited about gear and there are not many things more fun to investigate than a new camera bag.

Water resistant sling backpack

The first bag I’m going to look at today is a water resistant sling backpack. This is a smaller bag designed to carry, for example, a single camera body and two lenses, or a drone and controller. My first impression is that this is a sturdy well-made bag. I appreciate that it’s fully padded on the inside and that the padded dividers are adjustable so that you can decide what works best for your shooting plans.

A photo of the Ultimax sling camera backpack
The Ultimaxx sling camera backpack

I have to admit, it took me a couple of minutes to figure out which way to put the straps on but once I figure that out I realized that it’s actually really easy to take on and off, much easier than your average two-strap backpack. You can easily tighten or loosen the straps as required and both have buckles that are really easy to snap into place. On top there’s a nice padded handle that allows you to tote the bag around quickly from spot to spot. There’s a mesh pocket on the inside with a zipper where you could store some memory cards or lens filters for example.

Although it doesn’t have a ton of extra features I do like a simple, straightforward bag capable of doing a really good job of protecting my gear, and I expect this bag could do exactly that.

A photo of the interior of the Ultimax sling backpack with camera equipment.
The inside of the Ultimaxx sling backpack

Medium-sized water resistant backpack

Next up is a medium-sized water resistant backpack with adjustable padded dividers on the inside that lets you customize the interior to fit your particular gear needs. It also has a tripod strap so you can bring along your trusty support, although it’s probably best suited to lightweight tripods rather than heavyweight professional tripods or video tripods. There are two handy pockets on the outside of the bag for easy access to non-essentials like a snack or water bottle. It also has a couple of rubber pads on the bottom for protection and a padded handle on top.

A photo of an Ultimaxx camera backpack
Ultimaxx medium-sized camera backpack

To give you an idea of what you could fit in this bag, it will quite easily carry three lenses, two camera bodies, a small bag of accessories and a flash unit. You could also carry a single camera body, some lenses and a drone and controller.

Once again this is simple and straightforward bag that is sturdy and well-made. I personally have no problem with a simple design because it means that less can go wrong with the bag, and ultimately makes it more reliable. I think this is a fantastic bag for those starting out on their photography journey or an enthusiast looking for a decent mid-sized bag.

A photo of the interior of the Ultimaxx medium-sized backpack with camera gear
The inside of the Ultimaxx medium sized backpack

Professional deluxe camera backpack

Finally, I’m looking at this large professional backpack, capable of carrying a tonne of camera equipment and accessories.

A photo of the professional deluxe camera bag from Ultimaxx
The professional deluxe camera bag from Ultimaxx

The bag has a removable added inner compartment, again with those adjustable Velcro dividers that let you customize the bag to fit your specific gear. It has a removable tripod holder which is capable of carrying a heavyweight professional tripod. It has padded shoulder and waist straps which means that you can move some of the weight of the bag onto your hips. There is also a chest clip to keep the shoulder straps snugly in place. It has a large padded laptop compartment that is big enough to hold any laptop.

Although the nylon fabric is water resistant it does come with an additional rain cover. It has those external mesh pockets on the side to hold a water bottle or snack and it also has a large zip pocket on either side that runs all the way from the top to the bottom of the bag. These would be ideal places to store extra clothing layers or a lightweight rain jacket.

There are two ways to access the main compartment of the bag. There is the main cover which opens all the way to reveal the entirety of the compartment and there’s also a smaller front panel that allows you easy and quick access if you need to grab a piece of equipment in a hurry. The top of the bag opens to reveal two padded pouches perfect for carrying accessories.

The removable inner compartment also has its own carry handles to make it easier to carry from place to place, although it’s not something you would use on its own for a full shoot.

A photo of the interior of the professional deluxe camera bag from Ultimaxx
The inside of the professional deluxe camera bag from Ultimaxx

This is a great bag for anyone who needs to carry a lot of gear. With that rain cover and those waist straps, I think this is a great bag for likes to take long hikes into the back country to shoot nature and wildlife. There is also a lot of padding on the back of the bag to make it even more comfortable to carry over extended periods.

Honestly I only have good things to say about this bag; it’s well designed, well made, and I think it would serve a lot of photographers really well. It just gives you so many different options for packing exactly what you need in a way that will allow you to access you gear quickly and easily. And as with all of the bags I’ve looked at today it comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this quick look at three unique camera bags—feel free to post any questions in the comments below. Also, I’d love to hear what your go-to camera bag is!

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