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The Single Router Problem

Manufacturers have delivered a bumper crop of extremely high-powered wireless routers, pushing the envelope of the 802.11ac standard. Some of these beasts are bristling with external antennae, look like alien artifacts and have the bandwidth to deliver a blistering 5300 Mbps of total bandwidth.

Despite the massive wireless firepower, these single router solutions often fail to meet user expectations. One of the biggest problems is obstacles throughout the home that block or interfere with even the strongest Wi-Fi signals, leading to areas with poor wireless performance or outright dead zones. They can also be complicated to configure and optimize, and the look doesn’t exactly blend in with home decor.

Google Wifi to the Rescue

Google Wifi uses a new approach—and not just in its spelling of “Wifi.” Instead of a single, massive, super-powered router, this is a mesh Wi-Fi system. Place a series of attractive, white, puck-shaped Wi-Fi points throughout your house. They’re discrete, need only a power cord and don’t have external antennas to worry about.

The access points work together to create a seamless mesh of fast, reliable Wi-Fi throughout your home. No more dead spots. You can move from room to room and always stay connected. In the background Google Wifi is working to automatically connect your device to the fastest available band, minimizing network interference by utilizing the clearest channel and ensuring that whatever device you’re using has the fastest Wi-Fi connection possible.

The Google Wifi whole home, Wi-Fi system comes complete with three access points. That’s sufficient coverage to ensure a strong, fast Wi-Fi connection for all the devices in a home up to 4,500 square feet (1,371 square metres). A single connection point is also available.

Smart, Secure and Easy

Blanket Wi-Fi coverage throughout your entire home is the big win with Google Wifi, but there are other key advantages. Switch your home network to Google Wifi and you’re automatically protected by the latest hardware and cloud-based security. It supports WP2 encryption and employs a firewall. You don’t have to worry about watching for patches or downloading and installing updates—Google Wifi is automatically updated as new software is released by Google.

The Google Wifi app makes it simple to see exactly how your network is being used. You can view a list showing each connected device, along with how much bandwidth it’s using. The app also simplifies common management tasks like giving someone temporary access, parental controls, or kicking devices off the network.

In the background, advanced Network Assist technology is always working to ensure every connected device automatically and consistently has the fastest possible connection to the internet.



Get Your Google Wifi System Now at Best Buy

Google Wifi began rolling out in the U.S. in December. Canadians have been anxiously waiting for the revolutionary mesh Wi-Fi solution to make its debut north of the border.

Well, you don’t have to wait any longer for the ultimate in home wireless networking. The Google Wifi whole home, Wi-Fi system is now available at Best Buy. Pick one up today and enjoy the best Wi-Fi possible experience.

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