Beginning to learn how to play music has never been easier thanks to Casio. Casio has a range of keyboards ideal for any level of player. Young beginners love them for the extras like multiple tones and built-in rhythms. Parents love them because they are an inexpensive way to get a child started playing music. On the blog we have been reviewing many new musical instruments including the two Casio keyboards you can have a chance to win if you enter this contest.

This year we can all be making music

One thing that many people have discovered about the year 2020 is that working and schooling from home has left time to learn a new instrument. Children and parents alike have been motivated to discover their inner Mozart. However, this year has also imposed financial uncertainty on many people. That puts people in the situation of wanting a new quality instrument for themselves or for their children, but concerned about spending too much during these challenging times.

I know of what I’m writing about. Last April I decided that I wanted to learn to play piano. I checked at Best Buy and found that Casio had exactly what I was looking for. In fact, they have a range of options, and they can all be ordered online at Best Buy. Search Best Buy’s musical instrument section and you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find keyboards for every range of ability at great prices.

Casio keyboard

Casio keyboards you can take with you anywhere

The prizes in this contest are not just for beginners. They are also perfect for anyone who wants the playability of a keyboard with the portability of a guitar. We sent a selection of Casio keyboards, including the CT-S100 and CT-S200 keyboard contest prizes for this contest, to Nikolai for an honest review. He demonstrates how they sound and some of the tones and rhythms that you will want to try if you win this contest. Read his review, then return here to enter for a chance to win.

How to enter

Entering this contest is easy, and you can enter once here below this article and once below Nikolai’s review article for these keyboards. In a comment, tell us the feature you like most about Casio keyboards.

What you can win

At the end of this contest, we will select two winners: one will receive the Casio CT-
S100 keyboard
; the other will receive the Casio CT-S200 keyboard.

This contest runs from Oct 12th until Oct 26th.

Remember, you can enter once here and once on the review article for these keyboards. However, like playing music, our contests are much more fun when family and friends are involved, so share this contests with them so they too have a chance to win.

Win a Casio keyboard Contest Rules and Regulations

Good Luck

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  1. About 20 years ago I was given a child keyboard and I didn’t have much interest in learning to play, but, I sure loved giving my mom a headache by banging on the keys. Mysteriously, the keyboard disappeared after a while and I forgot about it. Recently, I had to move home again due to the pandemic and I have been using a friends keyboard to learn a few songs. I would really love to have my own keyboard again, mostly to drive my mom crazy(er), and to continue with the progress that I have made. So great that these keyboards are portable and can be used with 6 AA batteries makes them so easy to use anywhere!

  2. I love the portability potential. My son loves playing piano and if we could bring it to friends house (once covid is done) he could then play them some music.

  3. I love the full key sizes as well as their portability. My husband learned to play piano from his father; with an easily portable keyboard like these Casios, my kids could learn at home or at their grandparents’. Sounds like a great gift idea!

  4. I love the portability, options for battery/AC power and the fact that it has full size keys! We don’t currently have enough space for full size piano so this would be an excellent option for my family.

  5. The features I like most about these Casio keyboards are the full sized keys, and the option to use battery or AC power!

    I’ve been learning how to play the piano and would love to have a keyboard of my own! I’ve come across these Casiotone keyboards but have no room in my budget to buy one yet. During this pandemic I practice using a paper piano key diagram…this would be a great step up, lol!

  6. I absolutely love how this keyboard is lightweight making it portable to take places! I LIKE PLAYING COUNTRY

  7. I like that it has a pitch bending wheel to really get creative with your compositions – WOLUD TRY I WALKED THE LINE

  8. Being able to take the Casio keyboard anywhere because of it’s portability is a feature I definitly like. Also would like to pick up my skills again.

  9. This would make our teen very happy. We live in a townhouse, so space and storage are major issues. Love how this can be operated on ac or batteries as well!

  10. The feature I like and is most useful is the “My Setup” button, which allows you to save your favourite settings and save time!

  11. We moved recently and I had to leave my old piano behind. It would be great to have something more portable and in time for Christmas carols!

  12. I absolutely love how this keyboard is lightweight making it portable to take places! Would love to be able to play this outside.

  13. I like how portable these keyboards are with their light weight and built in speaker/battery powered combo.

  14. Durability – I have two young pianists and they destroyed their last one. Casio has a history of good, quality keyboards that I am sure can survive my daughters.

  15. I absolutely love how this keyboard is lightweight making it portable to take places! Would love to be able to play this outside on my deck in the summer!

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