win a Casio CT-S100

Like many music lovers, I have been a huge fan of Casio keyboards, and I am incredibly impressed with what Casio has achieved in terms of build quality, sound, and affordability. If you have just started your musical journey, choosing an ideal instrument is only the beginning. The next challenge is learning how to play. Casio has a range of keyboards perfect for any level of player. We have been posting many review articles about musical instruments on the blog, including reviews of Casio keyboards. And now you have a chance to win one if you enter this contest.

First, let’s peek at the prizes in play

The Casio Casiotone CT-S100 is all about making music fun, and that’s the best way to learn. This is a small and portable piano-style keyboard with a simple and easy-to-use interface. The slim and stylish design makes it a top choice for kids and adults alike who are trying to learn the piano. Featuring 122 built-in tones, 61 piano-style keys, 32 polyphony, 61 built-in rhythms, digital effects, as well as audio inputs, an integrated metronome, and powerful speakers for rich sound, this is a perfect keyboard for beginners.

win a Casio CT-S100

The Casio CDP-S350 is an electronic keyboard that features 88 hammer-action keys with simulated ivory and ebony key surfaces. With 700 built-in tones, 200 rhythms, and a collection of songwriting tools, the CDP-S350 is the best electric keyboard with a realistic piano-feel and beautiful looks. This digital piano can be played and enjoyed in a variety of spaces that cover a whole world of musical styles. It has plenty of features to hone your rhythm chops and be ready for the next jam session.

Casio Keyboards are the best playable and portable pianos

Last year (2020) was unlike the years that came before. We all faced new challenges. For me, those included starting a new job at Best Buy and learning how to run contests like this one. But now as we enter a new year, I am thankful to get a chance for us to learn more from this beautiful life and reach the goals set at some point in time. One of my long-term goals is to learn guitar. If you want to learn to play a new instrument, then this year might be the perfect time.

If taking up piano lessons is on your bucket list, Casio has a keyboard with some of the most cutting-edge features for you to consider. Some of the Casio keyboards also include a selection of freely downloadable resources designed by leading music educators to encourage progress and keep you motivated. What’s more, they are slim, stylish, and have a beautiful sound.

So, what are you waiting for? Enter the contest to win one of these incredible prizes and celebrate the musician’s journey from home to online studio through to performing your music on-stage—virtually perhaps, or eventually in front of a live audience.

How to enter

Entering this contest is easy, but you can only enter once below this article. In a comment, tell us who in your home is most likely to start learning a new instrument this year and what instrument will it be: a piano like the great Casio ones we are giving away, or a different instrument?.

What you can win

At the end of this contest we will select two (2) winners: one will receive the Casio 61-Key Electric Keyboard (CT-S100); the other will receive the Casio 88-Key Weighted Hammer Action Digital Piano (CDP-S350).

This contest runs from Jan 15th until Jan 29th.

Remember, you can enter only once below this article for these keyboards. However, share this contest with your family and friends just like you share the music you love, so they too have the chance to win.

Win a Casio Keyboard Rules and Regulations

Good Luck!


  1. I’d like to try learning on either one of these Casio keyboards. I’m retired and have lots of spare time to try something new!

  2. My toddler kid is most likely to start learning a new instrument this year. A Casio keyboard would be perfect for him to get started.

  3. I’ve just started learning to play piano. Ideally I’ll be able to learn on this new Casio, which leaves my old keyboard open for my roommate to learn. (Seeing as he’s currently always using mine when I’d like to practice!)

  4. I would be the one learning! I started learning when I was young but I don’t own a piano currently so I would love to build my skills on a new Casio!

  5. This portable piano will be super for me to play at occasions that do not have keyboards. I have played many pianos but my bucket list includes learning to play the violin

  6. I would love to say that it would be me, but the truth is that it would most likely be my teenage son who has already taught himself to play the guitar.
    Piano is next on his list.

  7. Since it’s just me, I suppose I would take up piano again. Got bored with it and started playing guitar when I was 6. Never too late to get better though.

  8. It’s my hope and intention to learn to play an instrument this year! After years of raising kids, followed by years of looking after my elderly Mom, it’s time to make time for myself. I would like to learn to play keyboard or acoustic guitar. Something to quietly play on a summer night, or around the Christmas tree, or simply to enjoy me time.

  9. In my home, I am most likely to start learning a new instrument this year and I would love to learn to play the Casio piano.

  10. Since I have not played a musical instrument since I was a teen and I am now many years passed those years it would be me that will try and play this keyboard.

  11. I only have my grandmother’s old upright piano. It would be amazing to have a keyboard that is portable that I could take any where with me that’s actually in tune!

  12. I’m the one who’s most likely to learn a new instrument in my house. Of course, if I won this prize, I’d try and learn to be better at it!


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