Belisa by Lunata flat iron

It seems that no matter what hair type you have, you always covet what someone else has. While I sometimes get frustrated with my naturally curly hair, my friends who have pin-straight hair always tell me how much they envy my full-bodied head of luscious locks. Meanwhile, I used to straighten my hair several times a week, almost always if I was going out to an event. I’m very familiar with hair straighteners and how they work, but I admittedly haven’t used one in over a year (working from home has its privileges!) So, I was excited to get back into it for the purposes of trying out the Belisa by Lunata cordless 1-inch titanium hair straightener.

What is the Belisa by Lunata cordless titanium hair straightener?

As the name implies, what truly makes this hair straightener stand out among the pack is that it is cordless. Yes, you can simply plug it in, charge up the built-in pair of 4,000mAh lithium-ion batteries via the included USB-C cable, and get up to 40 minutes of styling time.

Belisa by Lunasa flat iron with sleeve
It is full-sized with 1-inch titanium plates that heat up to 420°F or as low as 200°F if you just need a quick touch-up, and anywhere between, in 10-degree increments. It comes with a heat-proof sleeve so you can bring it with you. If you need a quick fix of those pesky still-wavy strands at the back of your head that you missed, you can pull it out of your oversized purse or backpack and get the job done wherever you might be, whether it’s in your office, a friend’s house, or even a public bathroom, then put it back in the sleeve without waiting for it to cool down.

Using the Belisa by Lunata cordless hair straightener

Looking in the mirror straightening my hair

As per my usual routine whenever I straighten my hair, I hopped in the shower, gave it a good wash and condition, then towel dried and added some straightening oil to help smooth it out after straightening. I then blow-dried it, which took my usual 10 minutes or so (I have very long hair) and got to work.

Close up of the Belisa by Lunata flat iron digital display.

The hair straightener heated up pretty quickly: the reported time is 60 seconds but if you don’t want it all the way at 400°F, it can get to a temperature in the 300s in mere seconds, and even all the way to 400°F in less than that. I set it to 370°F and brushed out my hair while I waited. Note that my hair generally gets frizzy without product, and particularly so in the hot and humid summer days. Considering the day I decided to straighten my hair for this review was 30°C in Toronto where I live, this straightener would have to perform miracles to get my hair pin straight!

I usually do my hair in sections, so I put up half of it and proceeded to get to work on the bottom layer. The straightener worked wonderfully, capturing each section, smoothly running down, heating and straightening the strands as it went. I increased heat a bit to ensure I got a nice, smooth look. The buttons are positioned on the underside of the handle, which takes some getting used to but allows for a much cleaner design. As a left-handed person, however, I had to make sure not to accidentally touch too high up when pressing the “+” button to increase the temperature.

The exterior doesn’t get too hot to the touch either, which is nice should you accidentally touch up top (never, of course, touch the titanium plates when it’s on or hasn’t sufficiently cooled down yet.)

Before and after photos with the Lunata Belisa flat iron.

In all, it took me about 20 minutes to do my full head of hair, which is thick and very long (almost to the end of my back) which is impressive. Note this this is just a straightener, not an all-in-one tool, which means you will need to dry wet hair first. Adding blow dry time, my hair was completely done in about half an hour.

Once done, you can turn the straightener off, push up the little lock button on the bottom to keep it closed, and pop it right into its sleeve. I love this feature. When I travel, I often straighten my hair the night before and do a quick touch-up in the morning before leaving for the airport. Usually, I would have to unplug my straightener and let it cool down while I pack other carry-on items before being able to close up my luggage. Not only could I pop this baby right into a suitcase immediately after using it, but it also makes sense to keep it in your carry-on so you can do a quick touch up in the airport upon arrival, especially if you have to head right to a business meeting or special dinner date. With that said, my one fear would be putting it in the sleeve in a rush but forgetting to turn it off first. So you need to be mindful of that.

Belisa flat iron in sleeve

The reason using this hair straightener on the go is so easy, of course, is that it is cordless. I left this feature for last because it’s actually the most important one. The fact that I can do my hair virtually anywhere is incredible. Thinking back to a 40th birthday party in Las Vegas with three of my girlfriends where we shared two adjoining rooms, we had to take turns using the available power outlets that were close to mirrors to get our hair curled, straightened, or styled in the way we like. With this device, I could have simply set myself up on the bed with a vanity mirror and finished early enough to try on five more outfits or pairs of shoes before heading down for a before-dinner drink.

While my hair started to get a bit frizzy after a few hours of using the Belisa by Lunata flat iron (a result of both not using enough straightening product and the increased humidity of the day), the straightener did an amazing job in an acceptable amount of time to get me out the door without adding too much to my morning routine.

Should you get the Belisa by Lunata cordless 1-inch titanium hair straightener?

Belisa by Lunata flat iron

If you straighten your hair with any level of frequency and you are looking for a new tool, this is a great option. Even with all-in-one brushes, hair dryers, and stylers, most people still do a final pass with a hair straightener before walking out the door.

This one is perfect for those who don’t have time to wait for it to warm up and need something that can get hot enough to do a sufficient job in a pinch. If you travel a lot, the cordless feature is a must and will make a world of difference, especially with the included sleeve that allows you to carry it along in a right-sized purse, backpack, or briefcase.

But even at home, being able to straighten my hair in the bedroom while my husband is having a shower in the bathroom, or even using the oversized mirror in our dining room or full-length mirror in the bedroom closet, sounds like a dream. The upper level of my house is always warmer than the lower level, even with air conditioning on in the summer. So, using a heated device on a hot summer day downstairs with the air conditioning on me full blast instead sounds much more appealing than being stuck in the humid bathroom.

Bottom line: if you’re looking for a new hair straightener, and one you can take, and use, just about anywhere, this is a great option worth considering.

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