Having moved a fair bit in recent years, I’ve discovered that moving is a lot like Spring cleaning—in each case, some things simply must go, and others are definitely worth keeping. In the case of moving one’s kitchen, some of the things being weeded out should be replaced by newer models. Join me today as I navigate the packing process as it relates to kitchen essentials and provide a number of useful moving tips. What items should get the boot? What supplies can help you with the packing process? And what new items might you need to start off with in your next home? Let’s find out.


Out with the Old; In with the New!

When it comes time to leave an old place and start fresh somewhere new, certain kitchenware items might be easy to replace (and be worth replacing) even if the older ones aren’t entirely worn out.I always like to start fresh with a new kitchen utensil tray like the Bamboo Expandable Kitchen Drawer Organizer shown above. This organizer not only keeps all of your utensils perfectly arranged in your brand new kitchen, but it also gives the entire utensil drawer that wonderful clean and new feeling even if most of the utensils themselves are old. It’s also just a really nice feeling when everything is so neatly organized, whether your kitchen is completely new or you’ve been using it for years—and who wouldn’t appreciate that?

It may also be the case that what needs to go is an older kitchen appliance, such as an ancient toaster that came over on the Mayflower. If so, then consider chucking it rather than packing it, and buy a brand new one specifically with the aesthetics and utility of your new kitchen in mind!One potentially suitable example is the Cuisinart Compact 4-Slice Toaster, which has a fresh look that’s perfect for any new or modern styled home. It also makes a nice upgrade if you’re currently using a 2-slice toaster. Among its many fine features are “extra wide” (1.5 inch) bread slots, 6 different darkness settings (so you can easily achieve the perfect toast shade), and a slide-out crumb tray for easy cleanup. With specs like that, this toaster may be worth a look even if you’re not facing a move.


Please enjoy a number of useful packing tips provided directly by my wife:

    • Pack your pots and pans with smaller, lighter items such as spices. Packing oils, vinegars, and other liquids that may leak during transport in your pots and pans is a good idea as well. If there’s a leak, it will be contained and make cleanup a breeze.
    • When packing dishes, line the bottom of your boxes with towels, blankets, or pillows. This will help the box to absorb any shocks as it is moved, and your dishes will stay safely nestled inside.
    • With plates, make sure you put something in between each individual plate (such as a tea towel, dish cloth, packing paper, or packing disc [i.e., spongy plastic]). Something that I read recently is to pick up some paper or styrofoam plates at your local dollar store and pack them individually between your China plates.
    • Use separated boxes (i.e., ones with dividers) to safely pack your glassware or stem ware.
    • Don’t over pack boxes with heavy items. If necessary, fill the top of a box with pillows, towels, etc. so that it is completely full, yet not excessively heavy. Boxes do need to be full or they could collapse under the weight of the other boxes that are placed on top of them during transport.
    • Take the time to weed out old food, appliances, and kitchenware that you no longer need/want/love. My motto is “If I don’t love it, I’m not going to pack it!”


Useful Items for the Packing Process:

When it comes to packing up all of your kitchenware, small appliances, and the contents of your fridge and cupboards, you can never have too much packing tape or too many cardboard boxes! During our last move, we got plenty of moving boxes from friends who had just recently moved. After the move, we asked around and found that some other friends of ours were also looking for moving boxes, so we passed ours along to them. I definitely suggest recycling shipping boxes in this way!

Another thing you may need to pick up is a good package of markers (fine tip or larger is recommended) for labeling all of those boxes. Be sure to cross out anything that previous movers have written on the boxes (to avoid confusion later on), and, if you ever hope to find your stuff when you arrive at your new place, label your boxes very clearly according (first) to the room that each box is destined for, and (second) to the general contents of the box itself. I would also suggest writing on multiple sides of your boxes as they may get turned over in the moving process.


Great Kitchen Items for your Brand New Home!

One thing that may happen if you’re moving into a new house after previously living in an apartment is that you may find yourself going from having a refrigerator to not having a refrigerator. After all, many apartments are furnished with a fridge, but when you leave, you can’t exactly take it with you…

All the better for you, though, because now you get to buy a brand new fridge that fits in perfectly with your new home! But, in all of your zeal to pick up that awesome new fridge, please don’t just run out and grab the very first one that happens to appeal to you. For one thing, you’re going to want to make sure you know just how big of a fridge your new kitchen can handle; And second, you’ll probably also want to find an aesthetic that fits in with your new kitchen’s style. If you’re up for a suggestion, allow me to offer the LG InstaView 36″ 21.7 Cu. Ft. Counter-Depth Side-By-Side Refrigerator.

This fridge is stylish, roomy, and cold (especially seeing as how it’s also a freezer)! It’s also got the contemporary stainless steel look that’s very popular these days, 21.7 cubic feet of storage space for all your favourite foods, and a “door-in-door” design that will help you to save energy.

In addition to these great features, the LG also has a built-in ice and water dispenser that doesn’t require you to open any doors, a glass outer panel (and knock-triggering illumination) so you can see inside (again, without having to open any doors), and an excellent organization system (including 4 roomy shelves and plenty of bin storage), just to name a few of its best features. There’s no doubt about it—this is a great refrigerator for any new home!

Finally, when my wife and I last moved, we found ourselves going from having a dishwasher to not having one in our new place. The real issue, however, is that our new place is far too small to accommodate a full-sized machine. We’ve been considering getting one of the portable models that are currently available at Best Buy, and we’ve had our eye on the GE 18″ Tall Tub Portable Dishwasher.


We like its stylish design, the fact that it will easily move between our sink and a pre-selected storage area, and the idea that it will take up relatively little space in our home. We also really like that we won’t have to hand wash our own dishes anymore if we get one!! If you find yourself in a similar predicament to ours—losing a much appreciated dishwasher, then maybe one of these portables is the right choice for you. If you have more space than we do, however, I’d probably recommend picking up a full-sized model instead. Either way, starting off in a brand new kitchen with a new dishwasher is bound to feel pretty good, and I certainly recommend doing it!


And there you have it—a few tips and suggestions that we hope will help you with the kitchen and dining related aspects of your next big move. After all, moving is a complicated business that requires considerable planning and preparation. However, if you take the time to consider everything that needs to be done and plan a thorough packing and cleanup schedule (along with procuring the necessary materials and asking family and friends to help you), there’s no reason whatsoever for your next big move to be anything other than a hassle free experience. At the very least, it’s sure to be exciting. Good luck!


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