It’s always good to hear stories about great Canadian companies. And Paderno is one of them. Based in Prince Edward Island (P.E.I.), the company has been in business for more than 35 years, making quality cookware. In fact, Paderno claims to be the only cookware manufacturer in Canada.

What makes the cookware stand out in particular is its durability. Paderno actually goes so far as to call the cookware “pots for eternity.” In other words, they’ll likely outlive the person using them!

The company backs this up with a 25-year warranty on manufacturing defects.

The stainless steel line begins with the attractive flagship ClassIIc cookware, which includes saucepans, dutch ovens, sauté pans, frying pans, and steamers, all with a heat conducting bottom pad, durable welded handles, and a flared, no-drip lip. A complete ClassIIc 32-piece kitchen set would be a great starter for someone who’s just caught the cooking bug, or a newlywed couple. It comes with a 1.5L and 3L saucepan, 24 cm frying pan, and 2 covers, plus some nice extra kitchen necessities, including a 10-piece measuring spoon set, 3-piece mixing bowl set, 4-piece measuring cup set, and 10-piece nylon set. If you already have all of the kitchen utensils you need, check out the 11-piece ClassIIc set that focuses in on the main cookware, and includes 3 saucepans (1.5L, 2L, and 3L), a 3L steamer, 5L Dutch oven, a 24 cm frying pan, and 5 covers. There’s also the similar stainless steel (as the name would imply) SteelChef line.

But Paderno has evolved over the years to accommodate new trends, like induction cooking, with induction-compatible pots and pans.

The 12-piece Hearthstead Cookware Set, for example, is made from stainless steel as well, but it is safe for use on all cooktops, including induction. The set includes 1L and 1.5L saucepans, 3L and 5L casserole dishes, and 8L stock pot, 20cm and 28cm non-stick frying pans, and 5 matching tempered glass covers that help lock in flavours while still letting you watch what’s cooking inside The handles are ergonomically welded so they won’t loosen. All cookware in the line is both oven and dishwasher safe.


For uber serious cooks, there’s the step-up tri-ply line called Eclipse that is made with stainless steel tri-ply for extra durability. The handles are constructed from heavy gauge cast steel and silicone, which will help reduce heat transfer and avoid being hot to the touch. Like the other collections, this series includes saucepans, frying pans, sauté pans, casserole dishes, and dutch ovens, in varying sizes. The 10-piece set comes with three saucepans (1L, 2L, and 3L), a 5L Dutch oven, 2L steamer, 24cm frying pan, and four lids. Naturally, it’s compatible with induction cooktops, and is safe to place in the dishwasher for cleanup after your scrumptious meal.

Also for chefs, budding or otherwise, is the 11-piece Commercial Collection. Made from durable 18/10 stainless steel, it’s induction-compatible, and oven and dishwasher safe. The set is identical to the Eclipse, but replaces the steamer with a 3L casserole dish, and includes an extra lid.

With an extra-thick, impact-bonded base, the items in the 10-piece Cusino Set help to evenly disperse heat. The frying pan is quantanium-reinforced, which helps to prevent food from getting stuck on the surface. This set’s 4L saucepan (2L and 3L models are also included) has a helper handle. The remaining 7 pieces in the set are the 5L Dutch oven, 2L steamer, 25cm non-stick frying pan, and 4 glass covers. Each piece is induction compatible, and dishwasher safe.

Want to make an awesome breakfast? Paderno also offers a sauté pan with non-stick egg poachers (if you’ve ever tried to poach an egg, you know there’s a particular art to it), non-stick crepe pans, and ceramic frying pans, if you prefer that over steel, for making a delicious omelette or frittata. Also induction-compatible, it is aluminum with a non-stick ceramic coating that’s PFOA and PTFE-free. And it has a stainless steel handle.

There’s also a diverse selection of roasting pans, with racks or without, for your Christmas or Thanksgiving turkey. And there’s no worry if you have a big family gathering; the 42cm model will be large enough to accommodate that massive bird, plus all the fixings.

The line goes beyond cookware, too. Paderno also offers flatware, non-stick woks and stock pots, and even a multicooker.

Nothing beats a good home-cooked meal. A base set of quality cookware is a necessity for every home, even if you don’t cook that often. But if you do, as you become more adventurous, the additional pans, poachers, and accessories, are must-have additions to the kitchen. And once you’ve mastered cooking, it’s time to move on to baking. Can you smell the bacon frying, turkey roasting and chocolate chip cookies baking yet?

Check out the Paderno line, available at Best Buy. 

Christine Persaud
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    • Hi Pamela

      I sent your question to the kitchen ware team at Best Buy’s head office and they responded that YES Paderno pans are compatible with induction ranges.

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      • Mr. Renaud,
        I do not believe all Paderno cookware is compatible with induction ranges. We’ve just tested our whole set with a magnet. Unfortunately, the magnet does not adhere. Paderno does now sell special cookware that is compatible with induction ranges.

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