Yes, I am indeed the person who is always cold, wearing layers (and yes, hoodies) long before others do. Needless to say, I love to be cozy at home. There are lots of ways to do this with items that keep you warm and feeling overall comfy and relaxed. It might be a fuzzy blanket, warm slippers, a hot apple cider, or something even more enticing on a cold, winter night. Here are some ideas to help anyone feel cozier at home during cold days and nights.

A warm throw blanket

Nemcor throw blanket on a couch.

When you’re curled up on the couch reading a good book, immersed in a thrilling movie or rom-com, or having an afternoon nap, there’s nothing quite like a warm throw blanket to keep you cozy. Grab one emblazoned with the logo of your favourite team (maybe a local hockey team while you watch them compete on your big screen TV) or a simple solid colour that matches the room décor. Consider one of these for your significant other.

An electric fireplace

Costway electric fireplace

Did you know that you can get a fireplace for your home, even if it doesn’t have a chimney or is in-built? There are TV stands with built-in electric fireplaces to add both warmth and coziness to the home. These function as a piece of furniture as well, so you can use the unit to store small items, helping reduce clutter (and making the house feel even cozier). Great for the basement theatre room, den, or even bathroom, you can turn the space into a cozy (and warm!) oasis with a fireplace.

If you don’t want a full piece of furniture, there are many types of electric fireplaces to create a totally warm and comforting ambiance in any room. Choose from wall mounted or freestanding. It sure beats the fireplace channel on the TV and has the added benefit of providing actual (not virtual!) warmth. They also add light for a quiet evening at home. Some can also be controlled with a smartphone app so you can continue to relax even when you want to turn the flames up higher.

A space heater or heated fan

Because I live in an old house, the air doesn’t circulate very well. This means that while it’s freezing on the main level when the air conditioning is running, it’s still hot upstairs. Conversely, when it’s comfortable on the main level when the heat is at a reasonable temperature, it’s freezing upstairs. A space heater can help you feel cozier by supplementing the warmth from your furnace in a room where you need it most, whether it’s your bedroom or the basement home office. Just make sure to follow our tips on using a space heater safely.

An even better option is a fan that can produce hot air in the winter and go back to cold in the summer, like the Dyson AM09 Hot + Cool ceramic fan heater. These tend to be more expensive, but you get value out of them all year long. Instead of tucking the fan in a closet or bringing it up to the attic in the winter, you can make use of it for at least half the year, potentially more depending on where you live and the weather patterns.

A foot warmer

Beurer Shiatsu foot massager and warmer

You’re probably familiar with leg and foot massagers, but did you know that there are heated foot warmers, too? These aren’t traditional slippers, but rather ultra-cozy foot muffs to keep your tootsies warm and comforted while you relax at home. Pop your feet into one and enjoy not only extra heat but padded, soft and luxurious material. Some have built-in heaters for even more warmth, and others even come with built-in massagers to fully pamper and warm your toes, heels, and footbed. It’s the perfect way to relax after a long day at work or chores and errands. Go ahead and grab one of these for mom or grandma.

An electric or weighted blanket

Hush Iced weighte blanket

Instead of a basic throw, consider an electric blanket that adds warmth beyond just its fabric, through an internal heating element. Use the included controllers to adjust the level of heat as needed. Perfect for the bedroom on those extra-cold nights, a heated blanket is also a nice way to cuddle with someone special and enjoy extra warmth. Most have heating coils that can be removed for easily washing the blanket, too.

Another option in the blanket space to consider is a weighted blanket, some of which are designed to help wick away sweat for those who already run hot. Weighted blankets are believed to have calming properties, helping reduce stress. The slight pressure provided has been likened to the same feeling you get when you receive a hug, or a baby is swaddled. Thus, a weighted blanket is a wonderful gift for someone who wants to feel cozier in bed this winter, like a student living in a dorm.

A massage chair

Costway Zero Gravity massage chair

The ultimate way to stay cozy, comfortable, and relaxed at home is the classic massage recliner. Replace the old and tattered couch or loveseat in the living room, den, or basement with a fabulous new massage chair so you can relax and enjoy the hockey game in total comfort; or sit back to binge your favourite series while slipping into an oasis of relaxation. A traditional recliner works just fine, but why not up the ante with something that massages, and even heats, as well? Find a wonderful massage chair, ideally one with a built-in heating element, and sink into full-on coziness all winter.

A fancy espresso machine

Smeg manual espresso machine

When I think about being cozy at home, a piping hot cup of coffee immediately comes to mind. For you, that might be tea, hot cocoa, or even hot, frothy milk with a dash of cinnamon. Whatever you like, a fancy espresso machine is a great gift to enjoy café-style coffee right at home. Find a machine with a built-in grinder and milk frother like the De’Longhi Magnifica Evo I reviewed earlier this year, or the Smeg manual espresso coffee machine with frother and coffee grinder. After enjoying a cappuccino with a dash of caramel syrup (you can find them in your local grocery store) made with freshly ground beans and milk (or milk alternative) you’ve frothed at home, you’ll never go back to instant coffee again.

An essential oils diffuser

Feeling cozy is about more than just being warm. A delicious and calming aroma can help, too. Get this naturally with the scent of freshly laundered clothing, or baked cookies or bread, all of which are often cited as being among the most inviting smells in a home. But you can also use an essential oils diffuser and an essential oil scent of your choice for a soothing mist and aromatherapy. Choose from options like eucalyptus, lavender, orange peel, or cinnamon. The calming atmosphere is perfect for a yoga session, quiet reading time, dinner party, or even while playing a board game with the family.

A turntable

Audio-Technica turntable

There’s nothing quite like the sound of a needle hitting a vinyl record on a turntable and the crackle of the first note of a song to bring you back to a simpler time. Even the new generation has fallen in love with the nostalgic, retro elements of vinyl. A slick turntable will likely get them onto a new hobby of searching for and collecting records. From classic rock to modern pop, you can buy just about anything on vinyl nowadays. Start them off with an entry-level turntable, maybe even one that has Bluetooth as well for the best of both worlds. Grab a few records so they can start listening out of the gate. It’s the perfect way to sit back and relax on the couch with a glass of wine and simply get lost in song.

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