Conair knows a thing or two about fashion and beauty, so Best Buy has teamed up with Conair to keep you looking your best 24/7. Whether it’s getting the perfect hair style or having a wrinkle-free outfit, Conair has the tools for the job. Enter this contest for a chance to win a Conair Infinity Pro 3QC Hair Dryer, a Conair Infiniti Pro Conair Metá e Metá Curling Iron, a Conair Extreme Steam Fabric Steamer, or a Conair Turbo Extreme Steam Fabric Steamer.

We can’t all be morning people

Readers, I have a confession to make. Are you ready for it? I am not a morning person. I set my alarm every night with the best of intentions, fully believing I will arise swiftly and cheerily. It rarely ever happens. Instead, I roll out of bed a bit later and much groggier than I would like, and then have to scramble to look presentable.

That shirt I wanted to wear? Turns out I didn’t iron it, and there’s no way I have time to dig the ironing board out of from the back of my coat closet. My hair looks like a lion’s mane? No time to wash and dry it, and styling it with my curling rod takes too long, so a ponytail it is. Suffice it to say, I can use all the help I can get in the mornings.

Conair Extreme Steam and Turbo Extreme Steam

I told you this tale of minor hardship because it now occurs to me my mornings could go a little bit smoother if I had Conair tools by my side. With one of their handheld steamers, I might have been able to rescue my shirt of choice from its wrinkled existence.

You only need 2 minutes to spare with the Conair Extreme Steam, because that’s all the time it takes for it to heat up. This handheld steamer is compact, portable, and easy to use. You just fill the water reservoir, plug it in, choose one of two heat settings, and steam away. An indicator light lets you know when it’s heated up, and a lock function enables a constant flow of steam so you don’t have to hold down the trigger.

If you’re like me and not always organized in the mornings, you might want the Turbo Extreme Steam; it heats up in a mere 40 seconds. The Extreme Steam Turbo comes with three different attachments to aid you in your wrinkle-reducing quest. The bristle brush reaches deep into fabrics, a spacer acts as a buffer between the steam and delicate fabric, and a silicone band attachment pulls fabric taut. Read Stacey’s review to learn more about her experience using these nifty tools.

No bad hair days with Conair

Conair also has a long reputation for quality hair care products, so you know they can help you transform hair-don’t’s into hairdos, even when you’re in a rush. The Infiniti Pro Metá e Metá curling iron is a straightener and curling iron in one, which means one less device you have to find room for under your bathroom cabinet. The curling iron side automatically wraps your hair around the heated curling chamber, so it’s great for anyone starting out on their hair styling journey, like teens or tweens, or even those of us who got into hair styling later in the game. It could also be really helpful for someone with dexterity issues or a tremor.

It’s safer than a barrel iron, especially if you have little ones in your house or even if you happen to have a curious cat that likes to jump on your bathroom counter.  You can read blogger Rae’s review and see the results she achieved with the Infiniti Pro Metá e Metá.


The Infiniti Pro 3Q hair dryer uses a brushless motor for a whopping 5,000 hours of use. The low temperature and fast airflow reduce drying time, as well as the dreaded halo of frizzy hair. Titanium ceramic technology uses infrared heat that’s kinder to your hair than traditional hair dryers. Say hello to swoon-worthy shine and goodbye to the frizzy, last-minute ponytail.

It comes with a concentrator attachment to direct heat, and for you wavy or curly-haired ladies, it has a diffuser attachment. Rae also tested this hair dryer out, so read her review to learn more about this powerful hairdryer.


Entering this contest is simple, but you can only enter once. In a comment below this article, tell us how one or all of these Conair products will help you get ready to go out, either to work in the morning or in the evening for a night out. Maybe you’re excited to let the Metá e Metá curling iron do the hard work for you, or perhaps you love the idea of being able to hang up your ironing board for good.


At the end of this contest we will randomly select 4 winners from all eligible entries. The prizes are: one Conair Infiniti Pro 3QC Hair Dryer; one Conair Infiniti Pro Conair Metá e Metá Curling Iron, one Conair Extreme Steam Fabric Steamer, and one Conair Turbo Extreme Steam Fabric Steamer.

This contest runs from August 3rd until August 16th.

Don’t forget, you can enter the contest only once. But you can share this as often, and with as many people, as you like. I bet you have friends, family, and coworkers who have experienced the woes of wrinkly shirts and unruly hair and would love to have a Conair device to help them out.

Good Luck!

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  1. I am pleased to announce the winners of the Conair contest:

    Lise B. from Hawkesbury, ON
    Rachel W. from Toronto, ON
    Wendy B. from Port Alberni, BC
    Susan B. from Thornhill, ON

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