Kitchen Gifts for The FoodieTis the season for holiday shopping, not only for yourself but for your friends and family. What do get the person who has everything? Something for the kitchen, perhaps?  Everyone loves to eat—whether they love to cook or not, the kitchen is a place to get their meals.  Not to worry, we have gift ideas for that person who only orders in.

Don’t you love having friends who are foodies? I do! They are likely to host gatherings at their place, where they will serve really delicious foods. To be fair, I make a great friend for these foodies because I bring an appetite to appreciate their culinary skills.  Anyone who values good cuisine will also appreciate the way it’s displayed. And I love this Natural Living Acacia Serving Board. It’s very Canadian, non? It’s such a great place to put a cheese, sliced meats, or even home-made meatballs. This makes for the perfect Christmas gift as well as hostess gift. The Acacia wood is sustainable which resists water penetration and will not absorb stains or odour.

kitchen boards.JPG
If you are looking for a specific cheese board with knife set, then check out this one from
Natural Living. It has a swivel board—brilliant. I have a cheese knife set and since I don’t use it often, I forget where I store it.  Which is why I love this product. It’s smart for allowing the accessories be stored within the actual board. It’s one of those useful gifts that a foodie would appreciate.   It’s safe to say that most foodies enjoy wine. If not, they like to serve wine. Personally, I love my aerator because I’m not patient to decant my red wine. An aerator will add oxygen to your wine, don’t ask me why that’s a good thing. I just know it tastes good. People don’t use them often but they should.

Vacu Vin Wine Tasting Gift SetVacu Vine Wine has an awesome wine tasting gift set. Not only does it include a wine aerator but you get a snap thermometer, since some people like serve wine at the right temperature. That’s too fancy for me, but I’d still put it on the bottle to seem like I’m a connoisseurs. Just don’t do it front of the real vino connoisseur. It also includes a wine server crystal, to avoid an drops of wine spilling, and glass markers, which is super useful. After a few glasses of wine, it’s hard to keep track of your glass. Marker to the rescue. I’m a huge fan of glassware. I think it makes for a fun gift. It might seem tricky because you don’t know someone’s style but you can keep it classy with Bromioli Rocco Premium stemware. There are 6 glasses in one pack. And you can use them for wine or or any type of cocktail as well as non-alcoholic beverages. It’s a safe gift that is also meaningful. Everyone has their preference on what kind of oil they use.  For foodies, they use all types such as olive, grape seed, or coconut oil. For the most part, they need to spray down a pan for baking, and instead of using Pam (gross) or accidentally pouring too much oil, they can mist it with their favourite oils. Check out this Prepara Deluxe Oil Mister. I love this one because anyone can add their favorite herbs or spices to add to the flavour. What’s your favorite gift to give your favorite foodie? Tell us in the comments below.

Leila Pejman
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