bedroom-Optimized.jpgWith Christmas just around the corner it’s time to start thinking about what gifts you’ll be buying this year. I always find the little ones so much easier to buy for and the teenage years and my husband so much harder.

When I don’t know what to get for someone I try to think outside the box and find something unique and still personal. I love the idea of a bedroom makeover as a gift. I originally got the idea from my mum who would makeover my step-sisters bedroom for her birthday or Christmas. Teenagers styles are forever changing, and since they like to hibernate in their bedrooms quite a bit, it’s nice to give them a bedroom update.

I think a bedroom makeover would also be nice for yourself and your spouse. I absolutely love getting new bedding and I’ve been on the look out for the perfect chair or chaise for my bedroom, so maybe that’s what I’ll be buying for myself and my hubby this year. Last but not least, why not buy a new bedroom for your grown kids who have maybe just bought or moved into a new house. After going from a queen bed to a king about 10 years ago my husband and I have gone without a bed frame since then. It was always on my list of things to buy, but with a house and two growing boys it just was never an investment that felt like a necessity. I’m almost positve a bedroom makeover would be greatly appreciated for whoever you buy it for.

Update your kids’ room


My oldest son is 15 this year, and after bringing home some really cool hammocks from our Mexican vacation this year to hang in my boys bedrooms, we had to do some rearranging. Of course having a hammock in your room is awesome,l but it made available bedroom space very limited. This Step One Contemporary Bookcase Headboard would be perfect for my oldest sons bedroom because it offers some shelves for storage. They will also come in handy for his alarm clock and charging dock too.

Since his current bedroom furniture is pine and this headboard is black looks like I’ll have to invest in a new dresser too. This Ameriwood Transitional 3-Drawer Media Dresser/TV Stand is perfect for teenagers. They can store their clothes and have a space for a TV or other electronics. Since his desk had to go due to lack of space, this dresser is a great alternative for putting a small TV. This would be a great transitional piece to hold onto too for when they move out, although I hope he’s not leaving anytime too soon. I think it’s always good to think of furniture pieces as  investments since they can last a longtime and you might as well get the most use out of them.

Buy yourself or your partner something nice


Maybe this year instead of buying my husband something he doesn’t really need, together we’ll give our master an update. In our master bedroom we have a beautiful pair of chocolate brown corduroy curtains that I absolutely love. While I love them for their style, my husband loves them for the fact that they block out the light since he works nights and usually naps during the day. Over the years I have always been on the lookout for bedding that not just looks good but also has a pop of colour and is soft and inviting. There is nothing worse than bedding that is stiff and scratchy.

My current duvet cover is so soft but I noticed a hole in it a couple weeks ago so I guess it’s time for a new one. This Maholi Rare Orchids Collection 200 Thread Count Cotton Percale Duvet Cover Set is so classic and beautiful. It’s 100% percale cotton with a thread count of 200 so I’m thinking it’s going to be so soft. I also love the pop of purple in the embroidery.chair.jpg

Another new item my husband and I have been talking about getting is a chaise or chair of some sort for our room. We are lucky to have a fairly large master bedroom and it just looks so bare with a bed, frame, small dresser and bookshelf. Not only do I love the style of this Contemporary Microfibre Velvet Accent Chair, but I love the patterned fabric as well. It adds a little something special to the chair and will add a design element to my bedroom as well.

For someone just starting out on their own


I know that when my husband and I first moved into our own home our furniture situation was minimal and we spent our money on the necessities such as a living room and dining room. I would have loved to get a bedroom makeover as a gift. Bedroom sets can get pricey, but there are many to choose from whatever your price range is. They also come in so many colours and designs from classic to modern. This Canberra Contemporary 6-Piece Bedroom Set is in a beautiful espresso finish and is classic and modern at the same time with smooth clean lines.

No bedroom is complete without a heated blanket. It is only halfway through November and it’s cold outside and inside. Being able to turn on a heated blanket to warm up the bed is a must have for a canadian winter. I have given them as gifts and received them as gifts, and they were always welcomed on both ends. This Sunbeam Heated Fleece Throw is super soft and has three heat settings. In case you fall asleep, which I know I always do, it has an automatic shut off after 3 hours.

There are so many options to choose from if you are wanting to gift someone a new bedroom oasis. It doesn’t even have to be a whole bedroom overhaul. New bedding, a single piece of furniture or even some art work would be greatly appreciated I’m sure.

At you can find a huge selection of bedroom furniture and accessories to help you get started on your Christmas shopping.

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Lindsey Reed
I am a mom of two boys who loves reading and trail runs. I am passionate about health, fitness and food and write about these topics and more on my personal blog