Logan & Cove Luxury mattress reviewI’m a huge fan of sleep. If I get enough sleep at night I’m more productive the next day, I feel more interested in activities like running or working out, and I’m more alert without the need for excess coffee. I shoot for 7 or 8 hours per night, but I’ve come to realize that in terms of sleep, it’s not about quantity; it’s about sleep quality.

There are a lot of factors at play when you’re trying to have a good night’s sleep, and one of the most important is where you lay your head at night. I know having a quality mattress in the bedroom can mean the difference between tossing and turning, waking up hot or cool, or having a crick in your neck or an ache in your back.

My current mattress has always been comfortable and cozy, but after a few years I was ready to try something new. When I was asked to review a Logan & Cove luxury mattress, I was all in.

Logan & Cove by Novosbed Inc. is a Canadian company located in Alberta. They make mattresses for the Canadian market and they are available on Bestbuy.ca in twin, twin XL, double, queen, king and California king sizes.

Here’s a look at the Logan & Cove luxury mattress I received, the mattress ‘tech’ that’s behind it, and what it’s like to sleep on.

Logan & Cove luxury mattresses are delivered to your door

Unbox Logan & Cove mattressThis mattress is delivered straight to your door, so although you don’t get to test it out before you buy it, you get the benefit of trying it out right in your house. Logan & Cove offer you a 120-night sleep trial so you can sleep on it for awhile and decide what you think. If you don’t like it, you can send it back to them.

Essentially it’s a risk-free mattress purchase, and it’s much easier to figure out if you like a mattress when you test it out in your own bedroom with your own sheets, sleeping environment, and the people who share it with you.

The term ‘bed in a bag’ is pretty familiar to most people, but have you ever seen a bed in a box? I didn’t realize a queen size mattress with springs and a pillow top could fit inside a fairly small box, but that’s what I found on my front porch after the delivery truck stopped by.

Unboxing logan & cove mattress

The box itself was pretty heavy so you might need help bringing it inside. Instead of dealing with the box inside, I cut the box open outside while still on the porch and picked up the plastic wrapped mattress.

The mattress itself is wrapped tightly in several layers and it’s much easier to move while wrapped. Your best course of action is to place it exactly where you’d like to place it before slicing open the plastic and releasing the mattress.

What does a Logan & Cove luxury mattress look like?

Logan & Cove mattresses review

You’ll have to slice through several layers of plastic before your mattress will roll out. We found scissors were the easiest and safest to use when cutting through.

If you’re worried that a mattress so tightly wound would be spring loaded and just explode out of the package, don’t be. The Logan & Cove luxury mattress will actually roll out very gently and expand across your bed frame.

I thought that once it was open it would need time to expand, so I left it for a bit before I went back to sit on it for the first time.

Mattress tech inside a Logan & Cove pillow top mattress

Logan and Cove mattress review

If you were to just judge a book by its cover, a Logan & Cove luxury mattress looks extremely comfortable. The pillow top is thick and rises above the mattress so you know it has cushion, and the cover is very soft when you run your hand over it. It’s definitely a mattress you’ll want to curl up on with a good book on a rainy day, and to get to that level of comfort there’s a lot going on under the cover.

A Logan & Cove luxury mattress is a memory foam and spring pillow-top hybrid mattress. It has several layers that are important to your sleeping.

Natural Eucalyptus Cover

All Logan & Cove pillow top mattresses come with an ultra-soft, hypoallergenic, and breathable eucalyptus-derived cover. It’s very soft to the touch, but this type of cover is placed on this mattress for more than just comfort. It actually wicks moisture away from your body when you sleep, so if you get really warm when you’re sleeping, this extra breath-ability is something you’ll really appreciate.

Pillowtop designed to improve air circulation

Logan & Cove pillow top hybrid mattress

The pillowtop has layers of silk filling and different types of foam to provide you with comfort, support, and ease pressure points, but these layers are also are antimicrobial and temperature regulating. This improves the air circulation through the pillowtop of the mattress. There’s also the added bonus of cooling gel foam, and that will also distribute your body heat.

Pocketed coils mean no motion distribution

Some coil mattresses squeak and roll as you move on them. That motion distribution, where when you move your partner feels it, can affect your sleep and their sleep as well. Logan & Cove mattresses are designed with motion isolating, individually pocketed coils. These coils let you move across the mattress without affecting anyone else who’s sleeping on it with you.

What it’s like to sleep on a Logan & Cove luxury mattress

Sleeping on a Logan & Cove luxury mattress was very different than sleeping on my own mattress. I currently have a fairly soft mattress and had always wanted to try something firmer, and in my opinion the Logan & Cove mattress is pretty firm. The pillowtop eases it out a bit, but when you sit on it there isn’t a lot of the ‘sink’ you might find in some pillowtops. After sleeping on it, I can’t believe I never tried a firm mattress before.

I tend to get pretty warm at night so one of the first things I noticed was how I felt cooler sleeping on this mattress. All of the tech built in to redistribute your body heat really works. When I’d wake up from a deep sleep I would still feel cozy under the blanket, but I wouldn’t feel like I was roasting in place either.

As for motion distribution, the pocketed coils really work too. You can be a restless sleeper on this mattress and you won’t disturb whomever is sleeping beside you. After a week of using it I feel as though this is a mattress that will only get better as you continue to sleep on it. It’s firm, but it’s also supportive without being too rigid.

Overall thoughts on Logan & Cove mattresses

Logan & Cove mattress review

After having a mattress delivered to my door, I don’t think I’d ever want to bring home a mattress any other way. It was so easy to just un-box it right where I planned on using it.

This is a very comfortable mattress that just gets cozier as the nights go on. I know that Logan & Cove have put a lot of time and attention into the features of this mattress and it really shows. It’s a cool, comfortable sleep that leaves you refreshed in the morning, and that’s exactly what everyone wants.

You can take a look at all of the different sizes of mattress available from Logan & Cove right now on Best Buy.

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  1. Hi!
    Did you buy the Luxury Firm? There is also the Medium Plush. I am a side sleeper and I am having a hard time deciding which firmness to get.

  2. What if you do have to return it..how would you get it back in the box.. also having it delivered you don’t get your old mattress taken away and is it just the top mattress what about a box spring for the lower??

  3. Hi,

    Are you still sleeping on this mattress ? Do you still like it ? Did it soften with time a bit since you commented it was quite firm ? Thanks

    • Hi! We are still sleeping on it and it definitely softened up. I really like it. It’s very supportive, but I feel as though I can get cozy in it too. It’s a great mattress. I have been planning on replacing my son’s twin and I’m going with Logan & Cove again. It’s so nice to have it delivered to the door in a box.

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