VTech video baby monitor review

A video baby monitor is one of the most important pieces of baby gear you can own. Not only will it let you peek into your child’s room when he or she is sleeping, but it will also let you check for movement, check the temperature in the room, and even soothe your baby with a few nursery rhymes. I just tested out of a few of the latest video baby monitors from VTech, and I’m so impressed with the sound, video quality, and features built into them.

I took a look at the VTech 5″ Smart Wi-Fi 1080p video baby monitor with one camera (Model VM5254), the VTech 5″ Smart Wi-Fi 1080p video baby monitor with two cameras (Model VM5254-2), and the app-controlled VTech Smart baby monitor with 5″ high definition screen (Model RM5754HD).

Here’s what I thought of these three video baby monitors from VTech.

Appearance and features of VTech video baby monitors

I tested three models of the VTech video baby monitors. Two baby monitors, the VTech VM5254 and VM5254-2 have 5 inch colour screens. The VTech RM5754HD also has a 5″ screen but the parent unit itself is smaller.

VTech Smart video baby monitor review

The VTech VM5254 and VM5254-2 include a parent unit, one or two cameras, AC adaptors, and mounting hardware. They have the following features.

  • Video baby monitors with 1,000-foot range
  • Automatic infrared night vision so you can see your baby in a dark room
  • Two-way talk so you can hear your baby and tap talk to speak to him or her
  • Multi-colour nightlight and built-in lullabies can be controlled via the receiver or set to turn on automatically when sound is detected
  • Temperature sensors let you know how hot or cool the room is
  • Screen will turn on when sound is detected
  • Rechargeable battery via included cable

The main difference between the VTech RM5754HD and the VTech VM5254 and VM5254-2 is the high-definition LCD screen as the RM5754HD streams in 1080p. It also has a few features the other two do not.

The VTech RM5754HD has 10X digital zoom, a 110-degree wide-angle view, and a 3-level sound indicator on the side of the parent unit. It is packaged with one camera, one 5″ LCD parent unit, AC adaptors, and mounting hardware. With this VTech video baby monitor, you can also download the VTech 1080p app and stream your camera to your phone.

Setting up VTech video baby monitors

VTech video baby monitors review

The set up for all three VTech video baby monitors is very simple. You’ll unpack the camera and the parent unit and plug in the parent monitor so it can charge. I left the parent units charge for about an hour. Once I plugged in the cameras I brought the parent monitor close to the camera and let the monitor pick up the camera. The VTech VM5254 and VM5254-2 paired quickly, although I had to wait a few minutes for the VTech VM5254-2 to pick up the second camera. Once it did I could switch between the two views.

Set up for the VTech RM5754HD was slightly different but just as easy. I paired it with the camera and also paired it with the VTech 1080p app. Both connected quickly. The entire experience of setting up the camera took around 5 minutes and then you’re free to adjust the settings on the screens.

Testing VTech video baby monitors

I don’t have a baby in the house right now, but that doesn’t decrease my appreciation for these video baby monitors. They are full of features you’ll use to check on your baby, soothe your baby, and stay connected when you’re not in the room.

Video baby monitors with crystal clear LCD screens

VTech video baby monitor review

I really like the LCD screens on the VTech video baby monitors.  They are thin, easy to hold, and they have antennas you can extend to get better reception between the camera and the parent unit.

There is a significant difference in video quality between the VTech VM5254 and VM5254-2 and the VTech RM5754HD. The VTech RM5754HD is quite a bit clearer and the colour is a lot sharper. Details are easier to pick up, even when you zoom in. The screens on the VTech VM5254 and VM5254-2 are still very clear, but the colour is a bit faded in comparison. If I hadn’t seen both side by side I would be very impressed with the VTech VTech VM5254 and VM5254-2 screens, but the VTech RM5754HD would be my choice just because of the clarity.

Range of VTech baby monitors

One of the most important features of a baby monitor is range, and the range is pretty decent on all three of these monitors. Once they were connected you should be able to keep a distance of 1,000 feet (304 meters) between the monitor and the receiver. I was able to bring the receiver out into the yard at least 100 feet away from the camera and I had a solid connection.

I did notice a drop in connection between the camera and parent unit a few times when I was using the VTech RM5754HD. It was most likely because the stream is HD and my house has a lot of trees surrounding it.

Room temperature, lullabies, and sound

Options VTech video baby monitor

My kids were always light sleepers, and I found opening the door to their room to check on them would wake them up. I always used a video baby monitor so I could check on them, but the latest VTech video baby monitors have some really great features that my own video baby monitor did not.

You can check the temperature of the room on the parent unit so you can see exactly how warm or cool it is. It’s a great way to assess at a glance whether or not you need to worry about your baby overheating or becoming too cold. All three VTech video baby monitors will assess temperature.

All three baby monitors by VTech will also turn on a nightlight and play lullabies. You can choose from several preset songs and it plays quietly through the camera. I really like the night light feature, and it casts a cozy glow in the dark.

Two way talk, zoom, and sound alerts

Nightlight VTech video baby monitor

All three VTech video baby monitors have two-way talk and zoom, although the zoom feature on the VTech RM5754HD is slightly better than the zoom on the VTech VM5254 and VM5254-2. You can tap the zoom feature on the parent until you are able to see what you’d like to see.

The two-way talk feature works quite well on all three monitors. Your voice will come through quietly when you’re speaking to your baby, and it’s not so loud that it will startle them. The audio that comes through the parent unit is very clear, so you’ll definitely hear your baby waking up and crying if you have the volume on and you’re sleeping. That also means you can turn the screen off when you’re sleeping so you don’t have a bright light shining all night.

Once the VTech RM5754HD is connected to the VTech 1080p app you can receive sound alerts right on your phone. Anytime it picks up sound you’ll see a notification, and the app tracks all notifications for you.

VTech 1080p app

VTech 1080p video baby monitor two way talk VTech 1080p video baby monitor Vtech video baby monitor app

The VTech RM5754HD video baby monitor is one of a few VTech baby monitors that will connect to the VTech 1080p app. With the app you can share access to your camera, stream your camera from anywhere you are, or talk to your baby when you’re not at home.

I found the app to be very easy to use, and I was able to maintain a solid connection. Whenever I logged in the camera would appear and I was able to zoom in or listen to whatever was going on in the room. You can save photos and video clips too, and the video quality is quite clear.

Night vision on VTech video baby monitors

All three cameras have automatic night vision, so you don’t have to worry about switching modes at night. Night vision is very clear on the VTech RM5754HD and only slightly grainy on the VTech VM5254 and VM5254-2. I was impressed with the low light performance on all three of these video baby monitors.

Which VTech video baby monitor should you choose?

Any one of the three VTech video baby monitors I tested out would be a solid choice for any parent. They have great range so you can wander away from your baby’s room without dropping a connection, the video quality is really clear, and they have added value in features like nightlights and lullabies that you can control from the parent unit.

The choice between the VTech VM5254 and VM5254-2 will depend on whether you need one camera or two. It’s nice to have two in one room so you can view different angles, and it’s an even better option if you have a baby and a toddler you’d like to keep an eye on.

If I were to choose between the VTech VM5254 and VM5254-2 and the VTech RM5754HD, I’d choose the VTech RM5754HD for the HD LCD screen. It’s very clear and has great colour so you can see every detail in the room. I also like how it has a wide field of view so you can take in the entire room, especially if you mount it on a wall.

You can choose your own VTech video baby monitor right now on Best Buy.

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  1. I have received this baby monitor about 3 months ago and we don’t miss a beat. Great volume and the sound is clear. The picture is also good and night vision works excellent. You can talk to your baby and play music to calm them. Great volume control options also. Comes with two cameras and you can switch screens depending which room you want to see in or display both screens, half and half. Only thing I don’t like about this camera is it doesn’t move to see your baby if they move out of view. I rate this an 8/10 if the camera moved it would have been 10/10 for sure. Thanks Best Buy.

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