Ember Baby Bottle Feeding System

Baby bottle warmers are nothing new. There are plenty of options available, but none quite like the Ember Baby Bottle Feeding System, available exclusively at Best Buy.

Taking a step back to look at my own experience with bottle feeding, when my son was a baby more than a decade ago, I would heat his bottle by placing it inside a pot of boiling water for a few minutes. This would require filling the pot, waiting for it to boil, placing the bottle inside, then waiting and checking until it was at the right temperature. Then I’d have to discard the water and wash the pot. My, how far we have come! Yes, there were other options back then, but I was a new mom and went with the old tried and true method.

Baby with the What comes with the Ember Baby Bottle Feeding System

New moms today can benefit from systems like the Ember Baby Bottle Feeding System, which is a cut above the traditional baby bottle warmer and world’s ahead of the pot of boiling water on the stove method your parents, grandparents, and moms like me used.

What is the Ember Baby Bottle Feeding System?

From the same company that makes the popular Ember heated mug, the Ember Baby Bottle is a self-warming system that consists of a Smart Warming Puck designed to heat baby bottles safely and evenly. Put the bottle on the base, press a button, and convection current technology warms the milk in about five minutes. Multiple sensors detect the temperature and liquid level so you get precise heating without hot spots.

Ember Baby Bottle Feeding System on night stand

What are hot spots? Microwaves might seem like a good option to warm milk in baby bottles, but they tend to heat liquid unevenly, resulting in scalding hot milk at the top and cold milk at the bottom. With the Ember system, you can be confident that the milk is at the perfect temperature every time, and there’s no secondary appliance needed.

The battery is rechargeable, so you can take it with you and heat baby’s bottle at the table in the restaurant where you’re meeting gal pals for brunch, or in the park while enjoying a picnic. How does the milk stay cold? There’s an insulating dome that keeps milk cool until you’re ready to heat it up, effectively serving as its own thermos.

The Warming Puck provides two complete heating cycles per charge, which is useful at home, too. You can feed baby at 3 or 4 a.m. then recharge the lithium-ion battery for the morning and lunch feeding before their afternoon nap. You don’t have to keep it plugged in 24/7.

The Ember Baby Bottle Feeding System is smart

Ember Baby Bottle Feeding System app

As a smart and connected system, the unit even works with an Android or iOS smartphone app so you can set milk to warm remotely. Set it up while waiting for baby to arise from their nap and start warming while you change their diaper so it’s ready once you’re done.

The app can also be used to track feedings, including feeding times and how much they drank, as well as your baby’s weight. You can use this data for your own knowledge and to show the pediatrician at the next visit.

What comes with the Ember Baby Bottle Feeding System

What comes with the Ember Baby Bottle Feeding System

The Ember Baby Bottle Feeding System comes with everything you’d need to get started. This includes two 6-ounce baby bottles with a Level 1 nipple for newborns as well two Level 2 and Level 3 nipples for use as they grow and can accept more flow. There’s also the smart Warming Puck, 6-ounce thermal dome, and a power adapter.

Also included are two bottle collar adapters for use with Dr. Brown’s wide-neck nipples and Philips Avent natural nipples. You can use these nipples if your baby has become used to them, but the system only works with the included Ember bottles.

All parts that come in contact with milk or formula are made from food-safe, BPA-free materials. The bottles, meanwhile, are top-rack dishwasher safe for easy cleaning. If preferred, you can also clean them in sterilizers or boiling water.

Who would appreciate the Ember Baby Bottle Feeding System?

What comes with the Ember Baby Bottle Feeding System cap off

The Ember Baby Bottle Feeding System is by no means one of the cheaper options available. But if you travel frequently, this could be a lifesaver. Imagine being able to feed your baby warm milk on the plane, or while traveling by bus, subway, or train?

If you have family or a babysitter caring for your child, or you’re a busy working parent, the time it will save and the convenience might be worth the price of entry. Not only can you keep the milk cool ahead of your baby waking from a nap, you can also start heating it from your phone without heading to the kitchen first.

Outdoorsy parents will love this system as well. You don’t have to rush to find somewhere with a power outlet to plug in a wired bottle warmer or have microwave nearby to heat the milk, stir, and check constantly to ensure there aren’t hot spots and it’s at the right temperature. You can stop and feed your baby just about anywhere, from a shopping mall to a park bench or walking trail.

It’s one less thing to worry about, which any new parent can get behind.

Check out the Ember Baby Bottle Feeding System at Best Buy Online.

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  1. I love that you can use an app to control the temperature, as well as the durations of feedings throughout the day – amazing!

  2. My favourite feature is the rechargeable battery and self-warming function.
    This would be so so useful to have. Currently, my baby is either getting cold milk if we’re out OR sometimes we’ll be able to ask the restaurant for hot water to warm up the bottle… I would love to win!!

  3. I love that this is part of a smart system with a smartphone app so you can set milk to warm remotely. That’s a gamechanger! Plus all the other information you can get from the app. It’s amazing!

  4. I love that it’s smart and you can start warming it up remotely. Think that’s game changer for parents as time is of the essence

  5. This holiday season, my daughter Zoubida and her husband will be receiving the best gift of all … a baby boy.

    The best part of the Ember self-warming baby bottle system is that it has a rechargeable battery, so you can take it with you and heat the baby’s bottle. With family members spread out, it’s perfect for visits.

    Many thanks for this awesome opportunity. May the Best Buy Elves be good to you this season.

  6. I love that when you touch the bottle it evenly warms the contents to the perfect temperature. That is such a useful, and safe feature to prevent children from being burnt by too high a temperature.

  7. I did not know Best Buy sold strollers or cribs..This is a very interesting item.Every1 with a baby should have 1.The self warming is so so cool!

  8. Being a new grandmother and babysitting once in a while, it’s good to know that the Ember system, I can be confident that the milk is at the perfect temperature every time. I’m a little rusty.


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