style-your-home copy.jpgIt’s amazing how you can be dedicated to a certain look or style in their home and then one day, as you walk through a room, decide that it all needs to be changed. It could be as simple as adding a new duvet cover, lamp, or sheets to brighten things up in your bedroom, or choosing a new couch or wall art to bring a breath of fresh air into your living room.

I’ve gone from liking deep colours and semi-contemporary furniture to full out vintage farmhouse décor, and I’ve picked up a lot of tips along the way.

By far, my number one suggestion for anyone who wants to change up their home is to paint the all the walls white. I know, it sounds odd and maybe a bit plain, but when you paint the walls in your home white anything you add as far as furniture and accessories stands out and looks amazing. Plus, you can add a pop of colour with throw pillows or artwork and if you get tired of that colour, it’s really easy to change out.

Here’s a few other ideas and tips you can use to bring a bit of style to all of the rooms in your home.



When you don’t like your bedroom, you don’t sleep as well as you could. I tend to have a poor sleep even when my floor is covered in clothes, so keeping things neat and clean is important for resting your mind and body.

Thankfully it’s easy to change the look of an entire bedroom by adding or swapping out your headboard and duvet cover. There are so many different headboards you can choose from, and they range from modern and streamlined to contemporary. I love the look of the Amisco headboard, and it’s even flexible so you can change the position of it to suit you.

A tired out duvet cover or comforter will make your entire bedroom feel tired and worn out. Adding a new duvet cover in the latest style will update your bedroom in a hurry, and this pintuck Victoria all-season duvet set is cozy, comfortable, and will add a touch of luxury to any bedroom.


Living room

The living room is where I spend the most time at my house, and it’s where I really notice when things don’t feel quite right or they need an update. You don’t have to buy a new couch to update your living room; all you need is an accent chair and a few accessories.

Accent chairs come in bright colours, bold patterns, and they’re a great way to add a pop of style anywhere you put them. Add two accent chairs and a small table to a corner and you have an instant reading nook, or add one and you’ll have extra seating for anyone watching TV with you.

I can’t overestimate how amazing throw pillows are for adding style to your living room. Pick a few of your favourites, fluff them up on your couch, and you’ll love how your living room suddenly feels brand new.



You’d think adding some style to your kitchen would be a bit harder than your living room or bedroom, all because the center attraction in your kitchen are your appliances.

If you’re in need of upgrading your appliances, that’s definitely one major way to upgrade and add some flash to your kitchen. Especially with the new black stainless steel available right now, a sleek, modern kitchen is just a delivery away.

But if you’re looking for small changes, I’ll let you in on what I tend to do: add some colour. Because most kitchens are all about efficiency, adding little pops of colour will really stand out. I recently added a cool sea foam green breadbox to my counter and it’s the first thing I see when I walk in. You could do the same thing with bright yellow or red tea towels. Or, if you’ve got a glass cabinet you can add color by picking up new some mixing bowls.


Home Office

When you walk into a messy room, you’re not going to be in the frame of mind you need to be to do your best work. Any kind of job, from accounting to something that requires creative thinking like writing or sketching, requires a room that’s clean, neat, and organized.

That’s why you should never overlook your home office when it comes to adding a bit of style to your home. A modern writing desk adds a bit of vintage style if you’ve just always had an ordinary looking desk, and if you add a poster or two you can liven up your working space in no time at all.


Entry way

When you have a well-decorated entry way, anyone walking into your home will automatically feel at ease. I recently decided that I needed some colour in my all white entry way, so I added a massive Giclée canvas that’s the focal point of the entire area.

Any type of canvas will stand out in a long room, but if you want to take up some wall space and create something that really stands out, try creating a vignette. Pair a wall clock with some wall art and add a few touches like metal signs or even your kid’s art work.


Don’t forget about the floor

Sometimes adding a touch of colour or style is as easy as finding a new rug. Area rugs come in all shapes and sizes, and you can find an area rug to match any style you’ve patterned your home after. I love a nice shag area rug to curl your toes into when you’ve just woke up in the morning, and this Shaughnessy collection rug would fit the bill perfectly in any bedroom.

It’s pretty easy to add style to each room in your home, so if you’ve got a plain jane area you’d like to spruce up, you can set it up and have it looking amazing before the day is through. Take a look at all of the furniture and accessories on and see what you can add to style your home exactly the way you’d like it.

Shelly Wutke
Editor TV & Home Theatre
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