napoleon grill.jpgThere are a lot of different types of BBQs available, and it’s not hard to find one to suit everyone from apartment dwellers to someone who needs it for tailgating at the local ball club.

But if you’ve become really interested in the intricacies of grilling and you’re ready to upgrade from your standard BBQ to one with all the bells and whistles, Napoleon BBQs are for you. These models are the Cadillac of BBQs, with ceramic infrared burners to stainless steel WAVE cooking grids that imprint unique Napoleon sear lines. Everyone in your neighborhood will be lining up when they hear you setting up in the backyard.

Here’s a look at a few of the premium Napoleon BBQs available on Best Buy right now.

Napoleon Propane and Natural Gas BBQsnapoleon grills.jpg

You’ve decided you want a top of the line Napoleon BBQ this year but you’re wondering what the pros and cons are of choosing a BBQ that burns with propane or natural gas. It’s a question a lot of homeowners ask, and there are benefits to each.

If you have a natural gas connection wired straight your patio or deck, you’ll love the convenience of never having to haul in a tank of propane. You’ll also love that natural gas is an inexpensive, clean burning fuel with precise temperature control, and with it wired straight into your BBQ you’ll never run out of gas mid-grilling session.

On the other hand, once you’ve attached your BBQ to a natural gas line, you won’t be able to really move the BBQ either. That’s one of the reasons why some people choose a propane BBQ. With propane you can move your BBQ around your deck, and in terms of precise heat control, some BBQ aficionados have said that propane burns hotter than natural gas.

No matter whether you choose a natural gas or propane Napoleon BBQ, you’ll get great features designed for a premium grilling experience. Take the Napoleon Rogue 425 stainless steel BBQ for example: it’s a mid-size natural gas grill that produces up to 36,000 BTU’s and has 4 ceramic infrared burners. You’ll have stainless steel WAVE cooking grids for perfect heat transfer and unique Napoleon sear lines, and you can do everything from sear to bake, right on your grill.

If your choice is propane, there’s a Napoleon Rogue 425 propane BBQ too, and it gives you the same premium features and 425 sq. inches of grilling space you’ll find in the natural gas Rogue 425.

More burners = more grilling space

napoleon grill space.jpgOne of the best things about having a premium BBQ is the extra elbowroom you get to branch out and grill. The Napoleon line gives you that real estate, and when your motto is go big or go home, you can choose from the Napoleon LEX 605 with 6 stainless steel and ceramic infrared burners or the Napoleon LEX 730 with 7 burners.

The Napoleon LEX 605 gives you 605 sq. in. of space to bake, sear, grill, or rotisserie on your BBQ. That’s room enough for 32 four-inch burgers at one time. The main burner will produce a blistering hot 64,000 BTU and there’s also a side burner with 11,000 BTU and a back burner with 15,000 BTU.

If you’d like to squeeze out just a bit more space, the Napoleon LEX 730 has 730 sq. in. of grilling space and room for 40 four-inch burgers. It produces a meat searing 80,000 BTUs of heat from the main grill and has a back burner and side burner with the same capacity as the LEX 605.

Deck out your deck with BBQ accessories

Once you have your Napoleon BBQ, you’ll want to deck out your deck with all of the accessories that let you get the most out of your BBQ.napoleon sear lines.jpg

The Napoleon Cast Iron Smoker tray lets you experiment with smoking your meat by adding charcoal to your grill. Or, grill everything from Panini sandwiches to vegetables with the Napoleon cast iron griddle.

You can even set up your Napoleon grill with a rotisserie so you can cook a chicken or roast to perfection. When you’re finished grilling for the day, cover up your Napoleon grill and protect it from the elements until next time.

It’s grilling season again, and there’s never been a better time to check out all that Napoleon BBQs have to offer. Make this the year you upgrade to the grill of your dreams.

napoleon covers on best buy.jpg
Cover up your grill with a Napoleon cover
napoleon smoker tray.jpg
Smoke your food to perfection with a smoker tray
bbq grill oil.jpeg

Keep your BBQ clean without harsh chemical with BBQ grill oil

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