greenhouses and garden shelters - outsunny greenhouse with shelvesI wish I had a green thumb, as I love the idea of growing my own plants, fruits, vegetables, and herbs at home. And certainly have a large enough backyard to accommodate it. But there’s a lot of worry that can go along with it. How do you deal with extreme temperatures, for instance, or keep the plants protected from pests? Greenhouses or garden shelters can help.

What are greenhouses and garden shelters?

greenhouses and garden shelters - outsunny greenhouse greenGreenhouses and garden shelters are dedicated housings for your plants, keeping the temperature properly regulated, shielding them from dust, and keeping pests out.

There are lots of different types of greenhouses and garden shelters. They come in a variety of sizes, and are usually made with durable steel frames and green or fully transparent covers if you want to have a clear view of your growing garden inside. I personally love the look of the green colour with grids threading, which is still transparent, but oozes greenhouse appeal.

Many have built-in shelving and/or tiers so you can easily place the plants in rows from top to bottom as desired. And some are large enough for you to walk right inside, with zippered doors for entry that can be closed shut once you’re done watering or checking on things. greenhouses and garden shelters - outsunny greenhouse tunnelGet one with windows for ventilation, and shelves that provide good air flow and allow the water to drain out effectively. Opt for a tunnel design if you have a really large backyard, or lengthy space to dedicate to your garden.

What to look for in a greenhouse/garden shelter

Size matters, of course, and you want one that will suit your available space, as well as the selection of things you want to plant inside. Look for good ventilation, tubes that will withstand the elements and things like corrosion, a durable frame, and a sturdy design. Water drainage is important as well, which is why many of them are dome-shaped so rain greenhouses and garden shelters - outsunny greenhouse 4 tierswater will roll right off the top.

Who might want a greenhouse or garden shelter?

Whether you are a seasoned gardening enthusiast, or you’re just learning, greenhouses and garden shelters can help you better manage your garden, especially if you get a lot of pesky animals coming by.

They’re also great if you live in a climate that is changing often, such as is the case in many places in Canada. (I live in Toronto, and it can go from -10 one evening to +20 the next day!) Thus, you can extend your plant growing season to keep things going during the greenhouses and garden shelters - outsunny greenhouse flowers insidecolder or extremely humid months, or during times when the weather is particularly unpredictable.

Having a greenhouse or garden shelter helps you keep young plants safe when the weather is cold, and they are great for seeding as well.

Note that while the ideal spot to set up a greenhouse or garden shelter would be a backyard, you could also use one on a deck or patio, or even set up a small one on an apartment/condo balcony.

greenhouses and garden shelters - outsunny greenhouse transparentGreenhouses and garden shelters are easy to set up

You might need a friend or family member to help, but with two people, most greenhouses and garden shelters can be set up quickly and easily, following the included instructions.

They typically include the plastic or mesh cover, steel tube and connectors, and shelves. Anchor it properly into the grass or other surface, and get planting!

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