Thoughtful Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is a lot of fun, but there’s no question it can be a bit tricky picking out the perfect gift. Do you choose something techy for him or sparkly for her? Or, do you pick something you’ll both love?

If you need a helping hand, here’s a top 10 list of thoughtful Valentine’s Day gifts for the person you love.

Which watch do you choose for Valentine’s Day?

Chronograph watchesThere are a lot of thoughtful gifts you can choose on Valentine’s Day, but I’ve always thought jewelry was at the top of the thoughtful list.

If your loved one loves watches, there are a lot of different types to choose from. Men’s sports watches are rugged enough to go the distance while still keeping up with his daily schedule. You can also choose cool chronograph watches to keep him on time and in style.

There’s just as much choice if you’re buying a watch for her, and if she loves fashion watches or needs a watch to keep up with her favourite sport, there’s some great choices for Valentine’s day.

Choose Valentine’s Day jewelry to add a touch of sparkle

jewelry setBeyond watches, there’s also other types of jewelry you can choose to really show your thoughtfulness this Valentine’s Day. You can give the gift of sparkle with a pair of earrings or a jewelry set.

If the man in your life likes a bit of bling himself, cuff links are always a great choice.





handbag for valentine's day

Add to her handbag collection

If she loves handbags the way I love handbags, adding to her collection is the perfect way to say I love you this Valentine’s Day. There are so many great choices from big brands including Fossil, Blu Byblos, and more.

A wallet is always a great gift

If they aren’t a bag person, everyone loves to get a new wallet. Choose one with slots for all of his cards, and you can even tuck your photo inside before you wrap it up.

Choose a messenger bags and give the gift of storage and style

messenger bagFor him or her, you can’t go wrong with a messenger bag. If they love retro, they’ll love the latest beaten-up leather styles.

They’re made from soft, supple leather and have a rough, well-loved look that makes it seem as though it’s been there, done that, and been by your side for years.

Togetherness is just a Fitbit away

Fitbit charge 3When the person you love is interested in fitness, they might spend a lot of time at the gym or counting their steps. They can do that even easier with a fitness tracker. There are a lot of different fitness trackers you can choose from including the latest model from Fitbit.

If the one you love needs to stay connected, you can choose a smart watch. A smart watch will track their fitness, send their texts, stream their music, and offer a daily calendar, right on their wrist.

To keep you connected and working out together, you could choose a set of fitness trackers or two smart watches; one for you and one for your loved one.

Protect their favourite accessory

kate spade smartphone caseThere are a lot of amazing smartphone cases available, and having that increased protection for your smart phone doesn’t have to mean it needs to look plain. Pick a case that’s pretty or one that stands up to anything and place it in a gift basket of chocolates, flowers, and a special card. It adds that extra something to the gift, and they’ll be reminded of you whenever they look at their phone.



An e-reader or tablet for the bookworm in your life

ereaderWhen I walk into a book store I want to bring home all the books, and when I open up my favourite book app on my tablet, I want to surround myself with different choices.

I’m happy to have the best of both book worlds; tablet and paperback, so I know anyone who loves books will love receiving the gift of an e-reader or tablet.

Not only can they store all of their favourite titles right on the ereader, they can also use it to watch videos, connect to social networks, and store favourite photos.

Show you care by adding to their smart home

click and growWhen someone has a smart home, they’re always excited about adding to it. There are so many great smart home devices that show you really put thought into what you choose for Valentine’s Day.

The Philips Hue Starter Kit is a great gift for any occasion, but it really shines on the holidays. These plug and play lights let you switch the colours and control them via your phone. You can turn the lights pink for Valentine’s Day, then sync them with the music or movie you’re currently watching.

If your loved one has a green thumb and you want to give them flowers, why not give them a gift that lets them grow flowers themselves? I can’t imagine a better gift than the Click and Grow Smart Indoor Garden. It will monitor the health, growth, oxygen, pesticides, and the entire life cycle of your plants via built-in sensors. All you have to do is add your plants, plug it in, add water, and watch your thumb turn green.

Give them the gift of security with a door bell camera

Nest Hello

Out of all my outdoor security cameras, I love my doorbell camera the best. That’s why I always recommend these cameras as a great gift for any occasion.  My camera alerts me to whomever is at the door, connects to my Google Home so she can announce someone ringing the doorbell, and lets me answer the door from wherever I am. That kind of security and peace of mind is a gift in itself.

Those are the top 10 thoughtful Valentine’s Day gifts you can give this February 14th. I hope they help you narrow down your choices and give you some great ideas. You can find even more Valentines’ Day ideas at the Valentine’s Day Hub.

Shelly Wutke
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