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Have you ever had one of those mornings where nothing goes right? The kind where you’re getting ready for work, but the cat threw up overnight, and your hair is super greasy from the night before, and you need to look professional but your spouse just won’t get out of the bathroom? Those are the kind of mornings that I envision the Unplugged Beauty Titanium Cordless Curling Wand being perfect for: the ones where everything is going wrong, but a futuristic twist might be able to set your morning back on track.

Curling wands are a newer phenomenon. They’re pretty common—and it feels like every single beauty YouTuber has one—but they were rare when I did my cosmetology training back in 2008. Even rarer still are products like this one. As the name suggests, this 1″ curling wand is totally cordless. It’s battery-powered and rechargeable, but functions totally cord-free. You can take it anywhere, whether that’s taking it to the office to dress up for girls’ night afterwards or just slipping it out of the bathroom where your roommate is showering so you can get ready in time to get to work.

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What’s in the box of the Unplugged Beauty Titanium Cordless Curling Wand?

In the box of the Unplugged Beauty Titanium Cordless Curling Wand, you’ll find three pretty simple components. First, there’s the curling wand itself, which has a 1″ barrel and rose gold finishes. It’s powered by rechargeable, dual-voltage lithium-ion batteries that make it perfect for international travel. You can style your hair for 35-40 minutes on a single charge, which for me is about 3 hair styling sessions—for others, it might just be one, so make sure to plug & charge when you need to.

This 1″ titanium curling wand from Unplugged Beauty has a simple, digital interface, and it turns on and off with the slide of a rose gold toggle. Plus and minus buttons control your heat setting, which ranges from 200-400 degrees Fahrenheit. Also included is a wall charger, heat-resistant silicone cover, and an instruction manual.

(The design also comes in white and rose gold, for those who keep a brighter aesthetic!)

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Why choose a curling wand compared to a curling iron?

Okay: I’m pretty good at hair styling. I’m by no means great, but I’m better at it than your average joe. That being said, I still frequently struggle to do my own hair, and I have trouble with curling wands in particular. What can I say; I understand the theory behind them, but I’ve always been a bit of a klutz!

When choosing a curling wand versus a curling iron, the difference is the clamp. On a curling iron, the clamp holds your hair flush to the iron. This makes it easier to spin, but gives a more pressed look—you can see a clamp line if it isn’t done correctly, and the hair tends to go in with the same thickness all the way down each hair shaft.

When using a curling wand, on the other hand, you can play with how the hair gets held to the wand. If you wrap your flat hair around the iron, you get a more pressed look, much like a curling iron. However, if you twist your hair before wrapping it around the iron, you can achieve a much more ringlet-like curl.

When choosing between the two, I recommend that you go with your comfort level. Yes, you can achieve more looks with a curling wand, but what it really comes down to is technique. If you have great technique when using either your curling wand or your curling iron, you should be able to achieve many of the same looks! So, if you think it seems easier to wrap your hair around a wand (or you want an unplugged option), go with this curling wand. If you’d rather clamp and spin from a safe distance, choose a traditional curling iron.

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My experience with the Unplugged Beauty Titanium Cordless Curling Wand 

As I mentioned, I’m almost comically bad at doing my own hair. Don’t get me wrong: I’m awesome with a flat iron, and I can roller set like nobody’s business. But I don’t have the patience to clamp and spin a curling iron, and my track record with curling wands has historically been pretty poor.

With this cordless version, though… I don’t know what to tell you. It was significantly easier for me to get the waves that I wanted using a cordless curling wand. The iron got nice and hot, and it was easy to control; as I wrapped my hair, I didn’t have an extra cord to pull at or avoid getting tangled in. I still had a few scares—I will never come into contact with a 300-degree item and not almost burn myself on it—but curling my hair was pain-free and easy with this wand.

I have really thin, fine hair, so I can use this iron comfortably on the low end of its styling range. Because I have pain in my arms from my fibromyalgia, I tend to use flat irons and curling wands at 300-350 degrees to speed up the process. Based on my hair type and colour treatment, however, I’d say that folks with similar hair would be best using this wand at closer to 250 degrees. You’ll have to hold each curl a little longer, but you’ll notice  less heat damage.

For thicker and coarser hair, feel free to take this curling wand up into the 350 degree range. 400 degrees is typically too much (it “pops” most people’s ends like they’re frayed threads), but can speed things up if you need to get out of the door in a jiffy every now and then!

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Who this curling wand is for

If you’re confident in your hair styling abilities and want a hot tool that’s extremely convenient, then this curling wand from Unplugged Beauty is a great product for you. Curling wands take a little getting used to if you’ve always used a curling iron, but they deliver great results and are just slightly better for getting the “angel waves”/”beachy waves” that are in right now. Simply wind your hair around the 1″ wand, starting flat near your roots and twisting slightly towards your ends, and finish by leaving the last 1-3″ of your hair uncurled. Let your hair cool, and loosely brush through.

As someone who hates being limited by corded electronics, I loved using this curling wand. It made the curling process way less cumbersome, and I can see it being great for people who move around a lot. I really appreciated its cordless nature; I tend to follow the sun, and it was easier to curl in whatever room I wanted without having to deal with a mess of cords.

This wand has a very different function than the Lunata Cordless Flat Iron that I’ve also reviewed for Best Buy, but I was able to achieve similar results with both. Either one would be an asset for anyone who needs to style hair on the go—I’m looking at makeup artists, hairstylists, and anyone involved with weddings—but keep in mind that while you can curl with a flat iron, you can’t straighten with a curling wand.

All in all, I loved using this curling wand. Here’s to many more years of cordless hot tools!

Shop the Unplugged Beauty Cordless 1″ Curling Wand and other cordless stylers online at Best Buy.

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  1. I have my hair flat and straight to long time, it’s time for renovations and try a different hairstyle. I would love my hair with curls and waves and with this curling wand I can do it.

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