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A timepiece is forever. I know: that’s usually the kind of phrase you hear associated with diamonds or wedding bands. Watches, after all, don’t truly last forever. They break and wear just like any other piece of jewelry, and they need love and care if we want them to last. Despite their very normal existence, however, watches make great gifts.

Bulova Classic 35mm Women's Chronograph Fashion Watch - Gold:WhiteEvery piece of jewelry highlights something different. Some pieces say “I love the way your eyes sparkle”, or, “I never want to be without you”. Others may highlight a characteristic of the recipient, like their big personality or subtle nature. But a watch always brings attention to the passing of time. Like a photo of a loved one or a video of your sixth birthday, a watch contains within itself a little sliver of forever—a fraction of time.

Whether that fraction of time is a link to the past (like a Bulova watch that reminds you of your grandma’s) or a hope for the future, there’s always something underneath the beautiful trappings of a stylish watch. Even if that something more is that you just wish the recipient could get ready to go on time!

Watches make great gifts for stylish loved ones

I love a stylish watch for any occasion. While watches make great gifts for women during the holidays, they’re a popular choice all year.

Not everyone wears a watch, so make sure to keep an eye on your gift recipient to see if watches are part of their accessory repertoire. Then, to choose the perfect one, consider their personal style and the watches that they tend to wear. It’s great to have variety in your watch collection, but choosing a watch is like buying jewelry for someone: there are often colours and styles that each person avoids—and others that they adore.

Citizen rose gold dress watchMy mom wore a silver dress watch for years when I was growing up (probably from my junior high to high school years). I loved it, and I’m always reminded of running errands with her when I see a similar watch. This rose gold watch from Citizen caught my eye as a great variation on her old favourite watch: it’s really simple and sleek, but the watch face gives it an extra point of interest.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch would be an interesting way to modernize a similar style, but we have to circle back to the first tenet of gift buying. When buying a watch as a gift, the most important thing truly is whether or not it would go with your recipient’s personal style, and, by extension, their lifestyle. Even though I think a smartwatch would be the perfect fit for my mom’s active lifestyle, I know beyond a doubt that she would never remember to charge one!

Watches are a great way to remind you of the past

Tissot Carson Premium Automatic Ladies Two Tone WatchWatches with classic design elements are a great way to tie you to the past. Not only can they be worn for years to come, but classic women’s watches help remind you of everyone who wore a watch like yours before your time. Some gift givers go so far as to select a vintage or vintage-styled watch for their loved one, like the cool digital watches in this digital watch vs smartwatch comparison.

Personally, I love a classic design with a modern update. There’s something very chic about a metal watch bracelet that will last for years, and brands like Tissot update the designs with details like mixed metals. These small variations on classic designs help create a watch silhouette that looks chic and modern right out of the box, but will continue to look great on the wearer’s wrist for years.

For a time of year that brings up old holiday memories and gives us all the chance to create new ones, there is no gift more apt than a stylish watch.

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