Nixon offers a lineup of Star Wars themed watches for enthusiasts both in analog and digital form. Well known for their well-built but reasonably priced watches, this collaboration appeals to Star Wars fans looking for a quality watch.

Nixon Unit Star Wars Digital Watches

The Nixon Unit Star Wars 44mm digital watches combine a unique design with a high level of functionality through the alarm, timer, temperature gauge, and backlight.

Design & Build

It is obvious that the look of the Nixon Unit Star Wars watch is not for everyone. At a 44mm diameter, it is catered to those with much larger wrists, and the weight must also be kept in mind as well at 220g. The watch itself is constructed out of a metal core surrounded by hard plastic, while the band is a soft adjustable silicone texture. Despite the watch being too bulky for my liking, I found the silicone band to be quite comfortable and easy to maintain.  Some small design touches that you will find throughout include Star Wars laser engagements on the back of the watch face, along with textures in the adjustment dials as well. The white/orange and black/gray/orange color scheme will come down to personal preference, but the Star Wars themed layout is rather unique.

From a durability perspective, I believe the watch will hold up quite nicely to daily wear and tear, especially with the use of a versatile silicone band and a solid mix of metal and plastic in the main watch face. When it comes to the glass face, the mineral glass seems rugged and scratch resistant while the metal trim recessing the glass face helps protect from damage in bumps and drops. The watch also has a water resistance of up to 100M.

Digital Watch Features

The Unit Star Wars watch has some different modes as a digital watch that add to the overall functionality. From the 12 or 24 hour clock, calendar, temperature gauge, dual time setting, countdown timer, chronograph, and alarm, the watch has all major quick access features that you would need to be covered. The watch also has a built-in LED backlight that allows the watch face to remain just as visible in dark situations.

Nixon Star Wars Time Teller Deluxe & Chrono Analog Watches

Nixon Star Wars Time Teller Deluxe Watch

The Time Teller Deluxe watch has a classic, but elegant feel through its stainless-steel design but also small design touches for the Star Wars fan. The 39mm watch face is rather manageable when it comes to size for most, while the design is versatile for different occasions. The stainless-steel band is easily adjustable and can be modified without removing any watch links. One thing to keep in mind with stainless steel products is that they are more prone to visible scratches than other finishes. As someone who doesn’t wear watches at all, I believe most will find the Nixon Time Teller Deluxe to be quite comfortable. Some Star Wars design touches can be found in the tapered editing of the case and more prominently on the rear case consisting a full Star Wars themed engraving alongside the watch model. The watch itself is operated by a battery-powered Miyota quartz 5-hand movement enclosed in a relatively durable hardened mineral glass face.

Nixon Star Wars Time Teller Chrono Watch

The Nixon Time Teller Chrono Star Wars 39mm watch, on the other hand, has a stealth Kylo Black finish throughout that I was a big fan of when it came to appearance.  For the most part, it is has some similarities to the Time Teller Deluxe but with a different design approach and Miyota quartz 6-hand chronograph as opposed to quartz 5-hand on the Time Teller Deluxe. In addition to the main watch face, you will find three subdials that further indicate time and date while adding to the design. The black steel feature is by far the most prominent element to this watch, however, and I believe the overall construction gives a high quality and durable feel during my short time, but only time will tell as to whether the black finish will hold up nicely. Like the other watches within the Nixon Star Wars collection, there is a themed laser engraving on the back side of the main watch case. When it comes to comfort, the rather standard clasp is easy to lock and release, but additional adjustments will require addition or removal of chain links. From the smoothed off and robust design, solid assembly, mineral glass face, and 100M water resistance rating, the Nixon Time Teller Chrono is a premium watch that still comes in at a relatively modest price point.

Which Nixon Star Wars watch should you buy?

I believe Nixon has a good lineup of their high-quality watches within the Star Wars collection. You have the option between digital and analog setup, along with a variety of colour and design variation that will draw large appeal to long-time Star Wars fans looking for a watch. I was personally never into Star Wars, but from my testing as a watch alone, there was a good balance between a customized touch and an everyday utility watch especially in the analog offerings. The digital options, on the other hand, have more of a Star Wars theme and pack more features within, but due to the large size and rather a vibrant look will likely mostly appeal to enthusiasts.




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