Herschel laptop sleeves

If you’re always on the go with your tech, you know that you need a device that’s reliable, portable, and ready to be packed up at a moment’s notice. To keep your tech as portable as possible, make sure to accessorize with the best tech bags possible. Your lifestyle and your device aren’t limiting your transportation options, so why should your laptop case?

Grab a laptop sleeve, messenger bag, or hard shell case to protect your device while you move from home to the office—or from your living room to the beach.

Travel-ready laptop sleeves for commuters

Herschel laptop sleeves and casesLaptop sleeves are a great way to add extra protection to your laptop no matter where you go. With a laptop sleeve, you have a stylish way to cover your device with soft, impact-absorbent padding. The best laptop sleeves typically have a slightly bouncy or plush texture. Look for products with a lined interior to prevent scratching within the sleeve as well. You can use a laptop sleeve alone, or pair it with large bag to fit your different transport needs.

My dream is to one day find a human-sized laptop sleeve, which I’m convinced would feel like a cross between a high-end sleeping bag and a neoprene wetsuit. Would it be practical in any way? No. But would it help me achieve the coziest nap in human existence? I’m convinced that it would.

3 great laptop sleeves to try

A great laptop sleeve to start your search with is the Herschel Heritage Sleeve. Herschel’s Heritage sleeve is a top seller, and if you’ve ever owned one, it’s easy to see why. Herschel tech products have the plushest interiors I’ve ever felt, and they come in classic designs that are great for any age, job, or gender. (You can read one of my Herschel laptop sleeves and bags reviews here.) Best Buy has on ongoing promotion for Herschel where you can get 15% off any Herschel laptop sleeve if you purchase it at the same time as a laptop, so make sure to check out their designs first if you’re in the market for a new portable setup!

Another great design to check out is the Kate Spade 13″ Puffer Sleeve in Hollyhock Iridescent. It plays on the design of a basic black case by including eye-catching, beautiful iridescent hollyhock line art. It’s fun and youthful, and features a padded outer pocket for accessories.

If iridescence isn’t your thing, I recommend checking out the Incase Compact Sleeve MacBook as well. Incase is well-known for making high-quality tech accessories, and their Compact Sleeve fits a 14″ MacBook Pro perfectly.

The best tech bags for briefcase and messenger bag fans

Messenger bags and briefcasesI personally love a laptop sleeve. They’re the first thing I buy every time I purchase a new size of laptop. However, they’re far from the be-and-end-all when it comes to the best tech bags for protecting your devices. Briefcases and messenger bags are a great way to transport your tech and are easier to carry than a simple laptop sleeve.

Today’s laptop briefcases tend to be styled more like messenger bags than the ones in the past. They come with padding, zippered storage, and usually a cross-body strap. As a result, both briefcases and messenger bags are easy to take on your morning commute and provide soft-sided protection for your laptop or tablet. My fellow Best Buy blogger Justin has a few of his recommended laptop bag picks here, if you need a little style inspiration to start off.

Try the Solo Duane Hybrid Briefcase for a stylish, practical bag that does double-duty as a briefcase and backpack. Or opt for the PKG Annex Messenger Bag for a sleeker design. The Best Buy exclusive Platinum Leather Messenger is another great choice; it fits up to a 15″ laptop in its relaxed design featuring long-lasting faux leather.

The best tech bags and backpacks

Targus Balance EcoSmart 15.6 Laptop Day BackpackFor larger laptops and laptop-tablet combinations, the best tech bags you can reach for are proper laptop backpacks. The two-strap design of a backpack is ideal for heavier devices. Not only do most commuters find backpacks more comfortable to wear than other cross-body bags, but the weight distribution of a properly fitted backpack helps to minimize muscle strain and fatigue.

To learn how to choose the right backpack for you or your kids heading back to school, check out this great laptop bag buying guide, which can help you determine what features are most important for you. You can also check out some of my favourite tech-friendly backpacks in this post.

Laptop backpacks like the Targus Balance EcoSmart Backpack are stylish and commuter-friendly. The Targus Balance incorporates PVC-fabric woven from recycled water bottles, features recyclable, nickel-free zipper pulls, and uses what Targus calls the SafePort Sling Plus, which suspends your laptop inside its pocket for added drop protection during travel. It’s designed to be TSA-friendly and features a strap that fits on top of a retractable carry-on luggage handle. Plus, with multiple carrying options, it fits any situation.

The Wenger Computer Backpack and Samsonite Xenon 3 Backpack are two other great backpack options. Simple and heavily padded, the Wegner has a water-resistant finish that’s great for use in rainy cities. The Samsonite Xenon is made for easy airport travel.

Tech-friendly tote bags 

Targus CityLite tech toteLike many people whose office moves around, I’m guilty of loving the flexibility of a tech-friendly tote bag. I know I shouldn’t: the one thing that makes tote bags so great (their massive size) is also what makes them so hard on your back. But what can I say; I love a tote bag!

For short commutes, tote bags can be incredibly convenient. They’re easily accessible and easy to grab. With a tote bag, you can reach into your bag over and over to grab items like hand sanitizer, credit cards, or bottled water without having to fully take your bag off.

I especially love a tote bag for Canada’s weather extremes, in the middle of summer and the dead of winter. Their single-shoulder design makes them easy to access even when you’re covered in sticky sunscreen or a puffy winter coat.

For a laptop-friendly tote bag, the Targus CityLite Pro Ladies Tote is a fantastic first choice. It’s sleek, understated, and stylish. Plus, unlike a lot of tote bags (which feature one large interior pocket and maybe a zippered side pocket), it’ll keep you organized. The CityLite has 3 interior pockets, 2 zippered outside pockets, and a zippered pass-through sleeve for travel.

The PKG Hazelton is another stylish option. It’s made from weather-resistant recycled polyester and fits up to a 16″ laptop.

Hard shell laptop cases for frequent drops

Hard shell laptop casesOne last way to protect your laptop is to add a hard shell laptop case to it. Hard shell cases are a semi-permanent form of protection for your device. They can be taken off, but are designed to stay on at all times, protecting your laptop within other cases or bags.

If you know your laptop is at a high risk of being dropped or scratched, a hard shell like the InCase Macbook Air or MacBook Pro cases are a valuable add-on to your device. They’re great for protecting against clumsy coworkers, rambunctious kids, and the bumps and drops that your device may see just with regular use.

With layered laptop and tablet bags and cases, you can worry less about the safety of your device and focus more on what you’re doing with it.

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