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If you’re already struggling with the stress of schoolwork, fall term, and the cost of textbooks, don’t forget to take a moment to rest and relax before term begins. One great way to hit “reset” on your mental anxiety button is to take a nice, long hike outdoors, and these 2 in 1 backpacks are just what the stressed-out student needs to get a handle on the school year before it even starts.

Like little chameleons demanding piggyback rides, these backpacks fit in just as well at school as they do outdoors. A 2 in 1 backpack doesn’t just save you money, either; it also helps minimize your closet. They’re the perfect choice for anyone living in a small space (like a dorm room) or anyone who’s moving cities for school!10408760

I mentioned in my 10 backpacks that impress article that hiking was a great way to manage stress, and I really meant it. Not only can exercise be a lot of fun with the right group of friends, but it can help encourage brain growth (and discourage dendritic pruning), produce serotonin and dopamine, and improve your executive functioning abilities. Basically, an afternoon outdoors can help you feel better, study more effectively, and plan like a pro.

Sporty backpacks for the Phys Ed major

One of the great things about fashion is that it can share information about you with the world at large. It’s a great conversation starter, and furthermore, it can help people pick out those in a crowd who are the most like them: case in point, it can help sport-lovers find other sport-lovers.

10439569Backpacks like theHigh Sierra Classic 2 30L Outdoor Frame Backpack or JanSport Outdoor Agave 32L Backpack are stylish and sleek, with a serious sporty vibe. The High Sierra Classic bag features a 30 litre main compartment with adjustable waist and sternum straps (which are must-haves for anyone carrying a heavy pack). It’s great for toting around hiking gear or heavy text books, and mesh side pockets fit a water bottle to keep you hydrated through the school day or through your hike.

The JanSport Outdoor Agave backpack, on the other hand, was designed specifically with 2 in 1 use in mind. It fits either a 3L hydration pack or a 15″ laptop, and features comfortable shoulder straps as well as a sternum strap to help disperse the weight of your bag.

Stylish backpacks for nature-lovers

I’ve noticed a significant rise in the number of hipsters carrying “woodsy” backpacks to school, for lack of a better term. Bags in muted colours with a lot of straps and height are definitely in, and I couldn’t be more pleased about it! They’re extremely versatile, and most manage 2 in 1 functions like a breeze.10409041

(Like a breeze of knowledge! Or a breeze of fresh air. Take your pick.)

The Burton Bravo 21″ Daypack in Green/Brown is a great example of this style of bag. It’s a bit brighter than the others, making it perfect for guys, and it’s designed to be super-comfy and spacious. For the indoors, it fits a 17″ backpack, and for the outdoors, it comes with multiple water bottle pockets and bottom webbing for things like coats and yoga mats. (Bottom webbing can be really hard to find in a 2 in 1 backpack, so snap this one up while you can!)

The Burton Focus 30L Daypack and High Sierra 19.5″ Backpack are two other great multi-use backpacks. They come in olive green and navy blue, respectively, and they’re excellent for carrying around both laptops and hiking gear! The Burton Daypack even comes with heater pockets to extend the battery life of your devices when you’re hiking in the cold and a water-resistant sound pocket for your smartphone or Bluetooth speaker. It’s like a super serious hiking bag that’s only masquerading as a school-appropriate book bag … but now you know its secret.

When you’re buying your new backpack for the school year this season, don’t forget to check out Best Buy’s selection of 2 in 1 bags for both the indoors and outdoors. There are some real gems to be found in there!

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