Modern Movement: m-pad and Edge-board

With busy schedules it’s sometimes hard to fit in the time to hit the gym for a workout. Owning a few pieces of simple exercise accessories means you can fit in a workout in the comfort of your own home. Today I’m reviewing two fitness accessories by Modern Movement, the Edge-Board and the M-Pad Balance and Strength Trainer. Both of these pieces are versatile and will help you take calisthenics to the next level.

Inside the Modern Movement box

The Edge-Board

Edge-Board in the boxInside the box of the Edge-Board you’ll find the main Edge-Board with two side handles that need to be screwed on with the screws that are included. To do this you’ll need a Phillips screwdriver, there’s two screws for each handle and then small grey plugs to cover the screw once they’ve been installed. Also included is a removable device tray that clicks in to the top edge of the board to hold your device if you want to use the M-Trac App, and a poster with step by step visuals of exercises you can do with the Edge-Board.

The M-Pad Balance Trainer

M-PadInside the box of the M-Pad you’ll find the textured surface balance board as well as three removable rubber pads for three levels of difficulty. You can use the Balance Trainer as is or you can press the orange bottom on the top of each side of the trainer and expand it outwards. When the Balance Trainer is in this mode you’ll find a mobile device cradle to hold your device if you want to have music on hand or train with the M-Trac App. The M-Pad also has a poster with visuals of exercises that can be done with it and instructions on where to download the M-Trac App.

Testing out Modern Movement

Testing out the Edge-Board

Edge-BoardI already do calisthenics at home that are compatible with the Edge-Board. At home I simply rely on a slippery pair of socks and my hardwood floors. The Edge-Board takes these exercises to the next level and offers more versatility. Exercises like a knee tuck, a single leg knee tuck, the pike or even reverse knee tuck are difficult on their own and use your body weight as resistance. If you incorporate the Edge-Board you’ll notice an increase in difficulty and less stability which means you need to engage your core more for balance. For example: If you get into plank position, slide in your knees into a tuck position and then return to a plank position you will feel it in your arms and shoulders as you are holding your body up, Edge-Board Appyou will also engage your whole core as you are drawing in your knees to your chest and back out which requires stability and balance. Now if you do this exact same exercise with the Edge-Board you will notice an increase in difficulty and I also noticed I was sorer the next day. I believe this is because having your feet raised on the edge board instead of the solid floor creates less stability overall, which means your arms and shoulders are working harder to hold you up and your core is working harder to keep you balanced and stable as you roll the Edge-Board in and tuck in your knees to your chest.

The movement of the Edge-Board is smooth and it’s easy to roll on a solid surface. If you’re using it while holding the handles or to lunge in a forward position you might want to use the device holder for your smart phone to play music or use the M-Trac App to play live gaming, challenges or track your progress.

Testing out the M-Pad

M-Pad AppThe M-Pad is the perfect piece of exercise equipment for balance training. It has three rubber pads that you can stack to create three levels of difficulty. Start out with rubber pad #1 and add #2 and #3 as your balance and stability increases over time. The low-profile deck makes stepping onto the M-Pad easy and with the aluminium beam and glass-fill nylon foot plates it can hold up to 300lbs.The rubber padded top ensures that your feet won’t be sliding anywhere during your exercises as well.

Just like the Edge-Board it also has the device cradle. Once you press the small orange button on each side of the rubber pad and slide the pads open you will find the device cradle. Using the M-Trac App you can choose from one of the thirteen digital trainer-led exercise programs and even play games like Maze or Space Invaders. You can also use a second screen with Apple TV, Roku, Google or Chrome which I think might be easier by making your screen at eye level instead of having to look down while you’re focused on working out. With the app you can train and measure and track your balance and agility improvements over time.

Final thoughts on the Modern Movement M-Pad and Edge-Board

Edge-Board and M-Pad boxI love the versatility of both the M-Pad and Edge-Board and the fact that they can be used as an aid in stretching which will help with injury recovery. They can be used to do a variety of exercises, and the M-Trac App offers exercises programs as well as tracking your progress. I find being able to track your progress and have a visual of the results is a huge encouragement to keep going.

I happened to have both the Edge-Board and M-Pad at my house for my sons 13th birthday BBQ and can tell you that they are child friendly. My niece and nephew loved the Maze game and were determined to win. It’s always fun to have a cool accessory to encourage more physical fitness and challenge yourself to push that little bit further. They are extremely user-friendly for all levels of fitness which I find important if I’m going to invest in a product.

Both pieces are nice and compact in size which is perfect if you live in a small space or you would like to take them on the road with you.

You can find the Modern Movement M-Pad and Edge-Board at


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