Fitbit is adding a new device to its lineup called the Luxe, a stylish activity and wellness tracker that is as much about fashion as it is function.

The Luxe kicks off something new for Fitbit, though it’s not clear if this will be a one-off or not. More than likely, there will be other Luxe devices from the brand after this. But in this debut, the focus is equally centred on how it looks on your wrist. It retains a similar slim design from the Inspire 2, though is obviously inspired (pardon the pun) by bracelet jewelry.

The body is made of stainless steel, and without buttons, relying on swiping and tapping the display to navigate everything. The minimalist design means it’s the thinnest touchscreen Fitbit has made to date. And the whole device is the thinnest the company has ever made, so the smaller overall footprint will suit those who want something a little less conspicuous. Just as importantly, it’s also the first Fitbit tracker to come with a colour screen.

Features included in Fitbit Luxe

The Luxe carries on much of the Fitbit experience you would expect with the company’s other devices. That includes standard features, like activity, heart rate, sleep, and more. The Health Metrics dashboard in the Fitbit app will show heart rate variability, resting heart rate, as well as skin temperature, sleep quality and more. There is an SpO2 sensor to measure blood oxygen levels, except it won’t be available in Canada at launch. Fitbit says it will come in a software update in the coming months.

The same is true of a blood glucose log the app will also feature based on tracking coming from the Luxe. It’s not entirely clear exactly how this will work, but it is something Fitbit plans to launch with the device through an update.

Activity tracking comes with the option to use Active Zone Minutes, which was introduced in previous models. The basics are that it will track how much activity falls under certain heart rate zones. There’s a weekly recommended goal, plus guidance on when you can go harder or slow it down.

There’s no built-in GPS, so the Luxe will depend on your iOS or Android phone for a number of things. Basics, like an alarm, stopwatch, timer, plus notifications for incoming messages, calls and apps, will also be on board.

Premium membership

You will need the phone’s GPS connection to measure distance, pace and route on the Fitbit app. On top of the standard exercises you’d expect—walking, running, cycling, hiking—you will also get others, like golfing, spinning, pilates and others.

Fitbit will allow Luxe owners to access its Premium subscription service free for six months. That means you could make use of the guided workouts, training sessions, yoga, stretching, meditation and cooking segments currently available there. There are exclusive videos from Ayesha Curry and Deepak Chopra, along with special content aimed at keeping kids active.

Style and battery life

Fitbit says the Luxe should last up to five days per charge, but that remains to be seen after proper testing. The Luxe’s straps are removable, but unfortunately, you won’t be able to use existing ones you may have from the Inspire or Charge lines. These are new straps that will need new choices.

It’s not entirely clear yet which ones will be available in Canada, but you can bet that a mix of silicone, leather, metal and stylish jewelry will probably be among them. That will also mean a variance of colours and styles to provide some variety.

Coming soon

The Fitbit Luxe is available for pre-order now, and will release sometime this spring.

Ted Kritsonis
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