The innovation of electric mobility aids provides increased independence and comfort to those looking to more easily navigate their environment. Bangeran Hercules Lite EX wheelchair can support individuals to navigate their community and make travelling more enjoyable.  I personally do not require an electric wheelchair, so as I was checking this product out, my main focus was to look for ways that this chair could benefit the people in my life who do use a wheelchair. Keep reading to learn more about the Bangeran Hercules Lite EX and how it can benefit you or your friends or family members.

Setting up the Bangeran Hercules Lite EX

black electric wheelchair folded up.

What comes in the box?

  • Electric wheelchair
  • Control joystick
  • Caregiver remote
  • Footrest
  • Charger
  • User manual
  • Air pump
  • Tool kit

Setting up the Bangeran Hercules Lite EX wheelchair is a quick and smooth process. Right out of the box it is mostly set up with just a few parts that need to be installed such as the controller and accessories. Inside the box there will be a user manual to help guide the set-up process as well, but the parts that do need to be installed can only go in specific spots so it was easy to figure out without a manual.

Top features.

Cup holder: if you are anything like me, you are always travelling with a coffee, or a water bottle. For this reason, the Bangeran electric wheelchair comes with a cupholder which I love. This takes away having to carry your drink around all day, which is a major bonus in my opinion.

Black electric wheelchair folded with blue cup in cup holder.

Phone holder: No one wants to travel without their phone. The cupholder on this chair doubles as a phone holder but I did find that it is a tight fit so I wouldn’t recommend putting a phone with a thick case in there.

Storage: If you do have a thick phone case or a large phone, the wheelchair does come with two bags for personal storage where you can also keep your phone in if you don’t feel like holding it. Also included is a large pouch on the back of the chair. My family members would definitely take advantage of this feature when they are out shopping and need somewhere to throw their shopping bags into.

LED headlight: Safety is the first thing I looked for when checking out this wheelchair. Above all else, I want my family members to be safe. That is why I like that the Bangeran wheelchair comes with an LED headlight. Incase my family member wants to use their electric wheelchair to get around at nighttime, I know they will be able to see their path and others will be able to see them as well.

Black electric wheelchair folded up with LED light on.

Caregiver remote: I am not currently a caregiver for someone who needs an electric wheelchair, but I thought it important to call out the caregiver remote that is available with the Bangeran Hercules Lite EX. If someone does travel with a caregiver, the caregiver does not have to worry about having to manually push the wheelchair. Instead, they can just use the remote to control the chair which I think would make a better experience for both parties.

Anti-tip wheels on the back: As I mentioned earlier, safety is top priority. The last thing I would ever want is for anyone who is using an electric wheelchair to worry about tipping over while travelling over rough surfaces. That is why I really like that the wheels have been made anti-slip to prevent injuries caused by the chair slipping or falling over while going over bumpy surfaces.

My experience

Operating the Bangeran Hercules Lite EX

The Bangeran Hercules Lite EX is extremely user friendly, providing a good experience when operating it. I found that the joystick remote is really easy to navigate and runs smoothly. When having to store the wheelchair it is very easy to fold up as it can be done within 5 seconds. The backrest is foldable, and the footrest can be removed to make it even more compact when putting it in the car trunk or storing it on an airplane. Another great feature when operating the Bangeran Hercules Lite EX is the handbrake. This allows whoever is using the chair to lock it in place when they need to stay in one spot without worrying that will it move.

Maintaining the Bangeran Hercules Lite EX

My family members who use a wheelchair make it very clear that they do not want something that needs a lot of maintenance- which is understandable. A great benefit to the Bangeran Hercules Lite EX is that it requires minimum maintenance. The only form of maintenance that would need to be done is to charge the battery which lasts up to 19 kms. There is also an air pump that comes in the box in case the tires ever start to lose air but other than that, anyone using this electric wheelchair can have one less thing to worry about during the day.

What I like about the Bangeran Hercules Lite EX

As I mentioned earlier, I do not personally require an electric wheelchair, but I do have family members who would benefit greatly from this type of product. So, when I was checking out this wheelchair, I checked for things that I know they would like and that would support them. These are some of the main benefits that the Bangeran wheelchair offers that I think my family members and many others would be excited about.

  • Airline approved: My family, like a lot of people, LOVE travelling. But when it comes to bringing their wheelchair, it could quite a hassle because often times their current electric wheelchair is not compliant with airline regulations. That is why a major benefit to this wheelchair is that the batteries are stored in a protective casing and are within the FAA guidelines. This means that passengers travelling by air may bring the Bangeran Hercules Lite EX with them into the passenger cabin without removing the batteries. With all this being said, it is important to always check with your airline in advance for their exact requirements.
  • Foldable and compact: The Bangeran Hercules Lite EX is super easy to fold up and store in a car trunk. The chair does weigh about 75 pounds so for someone like me who is on the smaller size, it is difficult to pick up and put into a trunk or airplane cabin on your own.
  • Great on uneven surfaces: For those who enjoy travelling, the air-filled tires and dual motors of the Bangeran electric wheelchair allow you to traverse almost any terrain from the cobblestones of Europe to the compacted dirt parking lot of that off-the-path brunch spot your friend told you about.
  • Supports mobility: Some of the people I know who use wheelchairs do not need a wheelchair fulltime. I find that this unit is perfect for individuals who may just need transportation from their vehicle to workplace, shopping, or to increase their ability to travel.

Final thoughts

I do believe that the Bangeran Hercules Lite EX electric wheelchair can support anyone looking for ways to help with their mobility. It has a lot to offer, and I would feel comfortable having any of my friends or family members who use a wheelchair travel with this particular one. Check out Best Buy Healthy Homes if you would like to learn more about the Bangeran Hercules Lite EX electric wheelchair.

Rachel Sturm
I am a Learning Specialist for Best Buy Health, living in Toronto. I ensure my writing is inclusive of everyone from all walks of life. In my spare time, I’ll often be reading a book, cheering on the Toronto Maple Leafs, or golfing.


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