Debra-Garmin.jpgHello People of Earth! Debra here, strapping on some more wearable technology! This fitness train cannot be stopped! This week, it’s the Garmin Forerunner 10 watch. Let me tell you how fantastic my run was yesterday with this bad boy: I … um (cough) went outside … running … (cough) up a mountain and it … was …


Oh, thank goodness, I couldn’t lie anymore. It was too much for my already tarnished soul. One more tarnish and they won’t give me Ryan Reynolds in the afterlife! Who’s abs will I wash my clothes on?

Although I’m not a runner, the name Garmin makes me feel like I could be fleet of foot, so I DID go for a walk and even bent my knees a bit! Health improving already! At this rate, I’ll be running for Jamaica at the next Olympics. Debra Bolt! It just sounds right.

The Garmin Forerunner 10 is technology made in heaven by teams of angels with perfect butts. (Actually, Garmin is based in Schaffhausen, Switzerland, which sounds heavenly.)garmin-forerunner-10.jpg

This impressive device is for those who run without being chased, without an oncoming Indiana Jones boulder and/or avalanche—those who actually ENJOY running.

I admire you fit-people. You run in the cold, the wet, the morning—you’re virtually super-humans. And you know what super-humans love? GENIUS TECH. Enter the Forerunner 10 and it’s many features. First off: it tells time. WHOA! I know, right? That may have sounded like my usual sarcasm (a skill my parents call “rude”), but, the truth is, most fitness trackers do not have a clock—so THERE!

More importantly, the Forerunner 10 acts as a permanent running partner strapped to your wrist (but lighter, less fidgety, and much less likely to call the cops). AND, luckily for Debra, it’s super easy to use. With the press of one button, you’re off and (literally) running.

From Garmin: “The
Forerunner 10 is a GPS running watch that tracks your distance, speed/pace and calories. It also identifies your personal records and provides motivation along the way.”

Motivation! Now you’re speaking my language. Motivate me, Garmin! Get me out of this Criminal Minds marathon! When you’ve completed a mile, you get a ‘beep’ and your time is displayed, letting you compare it to your second mile (and yes, I am shocked that people run more than one mile. WHO ARE YOU ALIENS!?).

The Forerunner 10 tells you when you’ve hit a personal best (flowers and champagne not included), and using Garmin Connect, you can save your favourite routes and share them with your friends online. Compare, contrast, compete—how fun! Note to my friends: I WILL DESTROY YOU!

Lastly, for those of you who REALLY run (you terrifying freaks …), this watch has the “Virtual Pacer”, which compares your current running pace to your target. How cool is that?! There’s also a helpful run/walk feature if you’re just starting out (I like to think they put this in for me, specifically).

Do yourselves a favour: pick up the Forerunner 10, start moving, and be awesome. Now, if those folks at Garmin would kindly send me Ryan Reynolds’ pace stats, I will know exactly how fast I need to be when I tackle him in the street.

Ok. Happy running … weirdoes!

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