mojito.jpgI don’t know what it is about wedding gift registries, but I’m not a big fan. I absolutely love the process involved with gift giving, so it’s just not as fun for me when I’m told what to buy. Especially when the only items left on the registry are an inexpensive corkscrew and a China set fit for the Duchess of York. That’s why I tend to skip the registry altogether and stick with my standby wedding gift – glassware. There seems to always be a need for glassware, and when you have the right glasses for various types of drinks, your bride and groom are guaranteed to love using them.

Red-Wine.jpgWine Glasses

For the bride and groom to get the most out of their favourite wines, nice wine glasses are a must. But not all wine glasses are the same, and yes, there is a reason that your couple should have separate white wine and red wine glasses. Red wine glasses, like these ones from Rona have a rounder, wider bowl, which gives the wine space to breathe. In addition, the diameter of the rim is smaller than the diameter of the bowl, which helps trap the “nose” of the wine so the drinker can enjoy all the fabulous aromas of their favourite Cabernet.

White wine glasses on the other hand, are generally narrower than red wine glasses for two reasons: aeration of white wine isn’t required, and less air circulating around the glass means white wine will remain cool. A great white wine glass option for your newly married couple is this set of Bormioli Rocco Electra glasses.

No bar is complete without a set of fabulous champagne glasses like this gorgeous set from Spiegelau. Whether the bride and groom bring them out every Sunday morning for mimosas, or use them infrequently for special occasions, drinking bubbly from a bubbly glass is just fun to do! Yumm, bubbly.

Beer-Stein.jpgBeer glasses

There are a ton of different kinds of beer glasses out there these days, but instead of breaking the bank on 82 different glasses for 82 different types of beer, a set of standard beer steins like these from Spiegelau will be a great addition to the bride and groom’s bar. Made in Germany, these steins feature gently tapered walls, which is said to enhance the aroma of beer, making the drinking experience that much more enhanced. And they have handles, which exudes an old world charm.

Mojito glasses
Summer is just around the corner, so if your bride and groom are mojito fans, this set of two mojito glasses and wooden muddler from Final Touch will be a welcome addition to their barware. Seriously, they’ll be the envy of all their friends when they bring out their own mojito-only glasses … “what, you mean you don’t have your own mojito glasses? Yikes.”

Everyday glasses

I’ve said it before – I’m a klutz. So much so that every year for Christmas my parents buy me a new set of everyday drinking glasses, knowing that I will have broken at least half of the glasses they bought me the previous year over the course of 12 months. So if your bride and groom are anything like me, they’ll appreciate a nice set of everyday drinking glasses like this 16-piece set from Luminarc. They’re ideal for everything from juice, to water, to a nice stiff highball at the end of a busy week. Heck, if my everyday drinking glasses were this nice I might take better care of them – that’s a hint mom and dad J.  

Glassware is always a welcome gift, and when you choose glassware that serves specific purposes, your bride and groom are sure to love using them. Cheers!

Stacey McGregor
Stacey McGregor is a marketing and communications professional based in Vancouver, BC. She has a passion for the written word, loves learning about new technology and gadgets, and enjoys sharing what she learns through Best Buy's Plug In blog.