fitbark.jpgThere are a lot of reasons people use a fitness tracker—from tracking weight loss to giving you the motivation to get up and off the couch. For me, the number one reason I wear an activity monitor is to keep me honest. It’s all too easy to look back on a crazy week and gloss over the fact that I didn’t run or walk enough, but when I have my activity tracker on …? If it’s 7 pm and the data says I’ve barely moved all day, it’s hard to deny those cold, hard facts. That’s what gets me up and off the couch.

If I’m not getting enough exercise, neither are my dogs. I try to be dedicated to a daily walk, but let’s face it, day to day life can be a whirlwind sometimes—it’s the walks that suffer. That’s why I was excited to hear about the FitBark dog activity monitor. It’s a fitness tracker specifically for dogs, is available in a wide variety of colours, and can be pre-ordered right now for shipping beginning March 31st, 2015.

Your dog can’t talk to you and let you know if he or she is tired, bored, or needs to get more exercise, so the FitBark may just be the closest you’ll get to truly understanding his or her health and daily behavior.

Here’s a quick look at the features on the FitBark:10360210.jpg

  • Uses a 3D accelerometer to track movements
  • Tracks all of your dog’s activity levels, from running, walking, to resting and playing in the park
  • Converts all of your dog’s activity into BarkPoints you can use to set health goals
  • The app lets you compare your dog to other dogs of the same size and breed
  • Waterproof in case Fido takes a swim or for walks in the rain
  • Synchs to the app via Bluetooth
  • Provides reports you can share with your vet or trainer
  • Rechargeable Lithium-ion polymer battery that lasts up to 14 days between charges

In a nutshell, FitBark is a small, lightweight device that attaches to your pet’s collar and tracks your dog’s daily movements 24/7. Are they sleeping the day away when you’re not home? Are they walking enough in relation to what they are eating? The FitBark will keep track for you.

fitbark.jpgBecause it weighs only 8 grams, (just slightly more than the weight of a twonie coin) you can put it on any dogs collar, from a tiny Yorkie to a big German Shepard. When you want to know how your dog is doing, just synch the FitBark via Bluetooth to your FitBark app. Every activity, from walking, playing, to sleeping, will be tracked and converted into BarkPoints.

How can you use BarkPoints and the data from the FitBark? Each day your dog will have a daily goal, and just like your own fitness tracker, the counter on the app will move up depending on how active your dog is. Once you know how active her or she is, you can compare your dog with other dogs of the same breed via the app, just so you’ll have a good idea of how your pet is doing or how they should be doing.

Although the FitBark is a great motivating tool to get your pet up and out the door, it’s also handy for when you go to the vet. There have been many times when my dog wasn’t feeling well and she slept a lot, but I didn’t realize just how inactive she was because I wasn’t there during the workday. When the vet asked how long she had been lethargic for, I had to give him my best guess.

With the FitBark, you’ll have concrete data to share with your vet. You’ll know if your dog has been sleeping more or not moving around as much, and if they are sick, exactly how long it’s gone on for.

I love my fitness tracker, and I credit it with keeping me fit. With the FitBark I have the option of keeping a watchful eye on my dog’s activity levels too. It doesn’t hurt that’s its small, lightweight, and cute either. You can find a FitBark in all your favourite colours including dark grey, true red, hot pink, emerald green, and light blue.

The FitBark is a handy tool to watch over your pet’s activity and health levels, and I can’t wait to use it with my dog. It’s available for pre-order right now, and will start shipping March 31st, 2015.

Shelly Wutke
Editor TV & Home Theatre
I'm a Vancouver freelancer and tech enthusiast. When I'm not writing you'll find me on my farm with my alpacas, chickens, and honeybees. Visit my website Survivemag