For years the term Nordic Track was synonymous with exercise machine for many people; with roots that reach back to 1975, Nordic Track is now a force for innovation in the fitness equipment space. They’ve come a long way from the classic cross-country ski machines, and today I’ve got three treadmills that will help you get the cardio and strength you need to stay fit and get stronger.




Starting out


The treadmill can be a temple; it’s a place where you can go to collect your thoughts as you walk, jog, or run for your own reasons on your own time. Whether you’re looking to burn calories, to build your endurance, or to enhance how you look and feel, they’re a great part of a balanced exercise plan. The Nordic Track A2155 is a great place to start, with lots of cool features that make moving on it more fun.


At the heart of any good treadmill is the motor that turns the belt. The NodicTrack A2155 Treadmill has a 1.75 HP DurX self-cooling motor, designed to deliver even, smooth power, and driving the belt at a consistent speed, even as you’re accelerating or slowing down. There’s fingertip control for walking, jogging, or running speeds, capable of accelerating up to 16km/h.


Nordic Track boomed in popularity over five years ago with the addition of their incline trainers, and this A2155 doesn’t disappoint, with an incline of up to 10%. These two features, speed and incline, can be great for anyone looking to engage in high intensity training.


The deck is 20”x55” which should make it easy for most runners to stretch out, with 16 built-in workouts that will help you train for the best results. The integrated CoolAire feature will keep you cool, the backlit display keeps you in the know, and the built-in heart rate sensor lets you see how hard you’re pushing yourself with each step. The A2155 is capable of supporting weights of up to 300lbs.


10381729.jpgStepping up


If you’ve found your stride and want to try something more challenging and comprehensive, the NordicTrack C 1750 Pro Treadmill is the run you’ve been looking for. This machine is packing quiet a few bells and whistles, so let’s get started on the comparison:

Straight up, the C 1750 Pro has more power, with a 3.5HP DurX commercial pro motor for more speed (up to 19km/h) and a 2-ply belt that is quieter and will last longer. The deck can incline up to 15% and decline 3% for more challenging runs. The deck is 5” longer at 60”, and there are 40 built-in workouts.


Measuring your heart rate can happen in one of two ways: through the Dual CardioGrip heart rate sensors built into the handlebars, or with the included iFit wireless chest strap; this strap uses bluetooth to connect to the C 1750 Pro, giving you an on-going readout of your heart rate, helping you to stay in the right training zone.


For those looking for a gentler run: you can turn on Runners Flex, for a softer feel, or turn it off and get the feeling of running on pavement.  The 3” rear roller is balanced in two planes, delivering a smoother, quieter run, and the unit should last longer because of this.


Where the C 1750 Pro really steps it up is with the iFit technology. This tech uses the built-in 7” fully web-enabled colour touchscreen to deliver a next generation running experience. Yes, you can browse Reddit if you want, but you can also interact with your goals and workouts every day, choosing how you’re going to work out from the touch interface, and tracking your progress. You can even engage in real-life runs that are pulled from Google Maps (this is part of a paid, sold-separately iFit subscription).


Two convenience features include the AutoBreeze workout fan that will change the intensity of air flow based on your workout, as well as the Space Saver design with EasyLift. EasyLife helps fold the deck up out of the way, so you can store the unit or clean under it when necessary. The C 1750 Pro can accommodate users of up to 400lbs.


10381731.jpgWork it off, work it off.


While Taylor Swift has opted to shake it off, if you’re more about working it than shaking it, the NordicTrack Treadmill Desk is the ultimate choice, where you can work while you work out. Like the C 1750 Pro, it’s enhanced with iFit tech (with an optional module you can install, and the subscription that can be purchased). Built-in, however, is the 38” x 21” work surface, that will fit a laptop with generous space to share. It can adjust in height up to 14”, making it a comfortable choice for anyone.


The motor is a 3HP motor that can support speeds up to 16km/h, like the A2155, and it can incline similarly up to 10% as well. When the treadmill is not in use, you can fold the deck up to enjoy a variable height desk.


The Treadmill Desk can support users of up to 350lbs.



The things that mat-ter.


If, like me, you live in Condo-land, if you’re looking to protect your floors, or if you’re simply looking to dampen the noise and vibration that comes along with having a treadmill, the one must-have accessory on the market is an Exercise Equipment Floor Mat. Available in any colour as long as it’s black, the Mat is a layer of protection that your floors would thank you for, if they could. Measuring up at 84” long by 42” wide, it gives you a stable base that protects surfaces rom scratches and scuffs, and is good for your treadmill or other exercise machines. So if you’re picking up a treadmill, this is one extra piece that you should “Add to Cart”!




Graham Williams
Graham Williams is a Canadian tech expert, appearing on CBC and Global BC, as well as teaching a number of courses at UBC in Vancouver, British Columbia. An avid gamer, Graham can be found on Steam and PSN, as well as online as a host of MOMENTOUS.TV