10403583.jpgWhen I moved a year ago I downsized in a big way. I knew we were moving from a large house to a small, and I wanted to make sure I didn’t pack up things I wouldn’t be able to unpack in our new house.

But just like anyone discovers when they move, sometimes the things you choose to keep don’t work in your new space. You end up giving them away once you’ve moved in. Plus, I seemed to have downsized a bit too much because I have a few half empty rooms now and no bedroom furniture to speak of.

Thankfully this is the time of year when there are great furniture sales, and of course my first stop was Best Buy’s huge furniture sale that’s on right now. Just the other day I wrote about some of the great furniture buys I found on the site, and I had a hard time stopping at just ten overall picks.

After a year of renovating my little house I now have the whole farmhouse/vintage/ Magnolia thing going on complete with shiplap on all the walls and the requisite faux steer head in the hallway. I’m just missing some furniture and all of the little things that will make a house a home, so I did a little digging on Bestbuy.ca and found 10 plus great furniture and home decor picks that are on sale and just my style.


King Size Headboard & Bombay Chests

I gave away my pine king size bed frame when we moved. I didn’t think it would fit in my new bedroom because it had big, bulky corners, so I’ve been in the market for a new bedframe for quite awhile. The only problem? I only have room for a headboard, and with shiplap on every wall, I don’t want a wood headboard. That’s why I love this Langford Traditional Upholstered headboard. It would look great with everything I have in the room.

I need two end tables too, and these Bombay chests would fit right in while not being too matchy with everything else I have in the room.

Foyer Bench

I have a five-foot hallway where my mudroom is, and this is my inspiration for how I want it to look.


I was pretty excited to find this Monarch storage bench because it would fit this vision perfectly, and because its 50” long, it’s more than enough room for a kid or two to sit down and put their shoes on.


10389412.jpgA rustic dining room table

I’m a big fan of dining room tables, and the one thing I said I had to have if I moved into a farmhouse is a farmhouse table. This Helsinki 6 seater rectangular dining room table made me swoon a little bit. It’s just so rustic and sturdy, and it would fit in perfectly at my house.





Creating a Farmhouse office

I thought about throwing together a desk with some of the old pine that we pulled out during our renovation, but when I saw this Artwork Country Craft Desk I realized that this was exactly what I wanted. The extra storage space in my tiny house is always a bonus, and it would fit right into the space I have assigned as an office.

To create the perfect office I’d put the Westin Transitional Microsuede Loveseat pictured above in the corner and put a throw blanket over it for afternoons when I can’t quite keep my eyes open. How great is that couch? It’s classic, so it fits in anywhere.

These are a few of my favourite things..

I like shopping for furniture, but it’s so much fun adding the little touches that show off your own unique style. Here are a few of my favourite finds in home décor:

10347392.jpgOld Friends Canvas Art

I choose art for my walls that evokes some sort of feeling, and I love this image. It reminds me of what I thought it would be like to live on this property, and how far we’ve come since we moved.




Artistic Products Wood Grain Wall Clock

My friends laugh at me because they say I have a thing for clocks, but they’re right; I really do have a lot of clocks. This clock would fit right in pretty much anywhere in my house.


10385656.jpgAgave Table Lamp


I have a lot of classic looking décor in my house, but I like things that have a touch of quirk to them too. I think its fun when someone does a double take when walking through my house, and just for that reason, this table lamp appeals to me on all levels.


Decorative Pillows

I love a good throw pillow, and I ha10408916.jpgve them everywhere in my house. The best thing about throw pillows is that they are the easiest way to refresh a room, and I’ll be adding the Digital Prints Decorative pillow with the red phone booth, the Urban Loft Sheep pillow, and the Urban Loft Union Jack to my throw pillow collection.


Throw Blanket

10399765_1.jpgI’m a sucker for flags, and I’m a big fan of cozy blankets too. This Union Jack blanket is cute, and I’d love it in my all white bedroom.

I’ll admit it: one of my favourite things to do is wander through a home décor store or antique shop with a cup of coffee and just take an hour to poke through everything they have. I look for things that stand out, that I know I have a spot for, and that make me happy to see when I walk in the room. It’s like modern day treasure hunting, and I’m kind of thrilled that I get that same feeling shopping online.

You have to check out the all of the furniture and home décor items available right now, and do a little treasure hunting of your own.

Happy shopping!

Shelly Wutke
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