tracy-mother-bose.jpgOn Cityline, our experts often talk about how our viewers need to take more chances with their décor, fashion and hair and beauty regimes. Well guess what folks, as much as I love the advice I am B-O-R-I-N-G when it comes to these things.

Okay let’s not call me boring, that’s harsh. I’m safe. Extremely safe.  

My family room (my favourite room) is a mix of beiges and chocolate browns. I don’t often pair a patterned top with a patterned bottom (crazytown), and I’ve just gone shorter with my hair after six years of length. Six years folks. However, I will say, like most of us, there is a wild woman in there … somewhere. She just tends to come out in very calculated ways. Take my shoes for instance. I own sea-foam green, cherry red and floral platform stilettos. I have a lot of very loud and gaudy costume jewellery, huge cocktail rings and blinged-out bangles which are loud and I love.


So the fashion and décor trend here is that, I do get loose and playful, but I do it with my accessories. You will never find me purchasing a blue sofa, but I sure will cuddle up with a brightly patterned throw cushion or listen to my music blasting from a bright blue Bose. And I’m not alone.

I do my own market research every day while hosting Cityline. Well over 60 audience members take pictures with me Monday to Friday after the show so I get to check out all of their phone cases. Kate Spade is hands down the label I love the most. These cases are chic, fun and make a statement all at the same time.  And I can tell our audience members take great pride in pulling those gorgeous covers out of their purses before getting ready for their close up.


And, watch out world, I also have a bright orange ipad cover and shockingly bright headphones. Little pops of colour add a bit of sunshine to my day without completely overwhelming my aesthetic. So the next time someone tells you to live a little and take a chance on going bright red with your hair or purchasing green occasional chairs, you can keep them at bay by showing them your bright orange selfie stick. You’ll feel wild … in small doses!

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