Today is day 4 of the 12 days of Christmas gifts, and the topic at hand this time around is Arlo cameras, which are the perfect gift for those that are security conscious. As a gift with which to spy on Santa, however, I have to admit that Arlo cameras may be somewhat lacking, as Santa will already have long since left the premises long before these cameras are unwrapped on Christmas morning. Oh well! In any case, if you’re thinking of giving an Alro camera(s) as a gift this Christmas, allow me to offer a couple of (hopefully useful) suggestions.


If there’s one sure thing that can be said about Netgear, it’s that they definitely provide plenty of options when it comes to their Arlo cameras. For instance, some people may find one camera to be perfectly sufficient for their needs, and for such people there’s the NETGEAR Arlo Q Wi-Fi Indoor 1080p IP Camera. With useful features like full HD video (in 1080p resolution), a 130 degree horizontal viewing angle (with 30 foot sight lines), night vision capabilities, motion detection (with app based alerts), cloud video storage, and two-way audio (for trying to hint to Santa that you’ve been really good this year as he busily buzzes about your tree), just to name a few, the recipient of this gift is sure to feel safe and secure in their home whenever this watchful eye is on duty. Users can also view livestreams of whatever the camera is seeing whenever they’re not at home (thanks to the Arlo App), and can even expand their overall home security setup by making this camera just one component in a larger home security network. It’s truly an excellent option for the low maintenance (yet still security conscious) individual.



Other people, alternatively, like to go all out with a truly formidable home security setup. If this is the type of recipient you’re buying for this Christmas, you may want to go big with a system such as the NETGEAR Arlo Wireless Indoor/Outdoor Security System with 5 720p Cameras. With a network like this, you can literally protect an entire estate—both inside, and out. This fully wireless system offers sharp 720p HD video, motion detection and alerts, a wide angled view of everything that passes in front of your camera’s lens (130 degrees), night vision capabilities, and an all-weather design for convenient outdoor use. In fact, because there are so many cameras included with this particular set, your recipient may choose to mount a few cameras inside the house and engage one or two of the others in outdoor duty. Talk about protection!


Of course, the point of all this is simply that with Netgear’s Arlo cameras you always have a variety of options with which to make the perfect gift selection. And it’s not just high quality camera hardware that you’re giving your loved one when you watch them unwrap a new Arlo camera system. You’re actually giving them a gift that’s far more valuable. You’re giving them the gift of home security. What better way to show someone what they mean to you this Christmas?

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