MotionGrey adjustable motorized desks at Best Buy

A MotionGrey desk in your home may be just the game-changing home office enhancement you’ve needed for a long time. Let’s face it, sitting in a chair for eight or more hours a day is not healthy. You do it because you feel you have no choice to stay productive. However, millions of people have switched to a standing desk. With, MotionGrey, you get the best of both situations, and Best Buy is offering a chance for someone to find out how great a height adjustable desk can be.

Adjustable desks for anyone to get more work done

Back in the not so distant past, when I travelled to the office each day, many of my coworkers opted for a standing desk. This struck me at the time as an interesting solution for some people who may not want to be sitting for work. Some of these desks were amazingly versatile, allowing the worker to sit or stand as they desired. And the people who had these desks said they were more productive and happier at work by having the option to sit or stand when they wanted.

I recently found out that Best Buy’s website has desks like these available for everyone. MotionGrey desks have a sturdy steel frame construction, and a motor enabling the tabletop to move from 73 cm, for when you want to be sitting, up to 118 cm so you can set it at the height that is right for you. At the push of a button, the motor quietly ascends and descends the whole table top, computer and all! The quality tabletop is easy to clean, water resistant, and has safe, rounded edges. So, anyone working from home who enjoyed the benefits of sitting or standing at their old office, or just for anyone who wants these benefits now that they work from home, can order one simply and easily online.

4 benefits of a height adjustable desk

You know that numbing feeling mid-day after about four hours clicking on a keyboard, focussing on text and numbers. Perhaps your back starts to twitch. You need to get up from your desk but have too much work … and the day is only half over. Having the option to raise your desk to stand changes everything. You know you wouldn’t get the best sleep if you had to stay in the same position all night. By adjusting from sleeping on your side to your back or the other side, you are more comfortable and ultimately you function better the next day. Similarly, with a MotionGrey desk, you’ll enjoy the ergonomic benefits of versatility including less pain and discomfort, better mood, burn more calories, and increase productivity. Do you know someone who would love these benefits? Enter now for a chance to win.

How to enter

Entering this contest is easy and you can enter in two different ways by commenting below. In a comment, tell us how using a MotionGrey desk for your work would benefit you personally. In a second, separate comment below, tell us someone else in your life who you think would love a MotionGrey desk (first name only please) and why.

What you can win

At the end of this contest we will randomly select one winner to receive a MotionGrey desk with standard white tabletop.

This contest runs from November 26th to December 12th.

Remember you can enter twice by leaving two comments beneath this contest article. However, you should also tell your family and friends, especially those who work from home, about this contest so they too have a chance to win.

Win a MotionGrey Adjustable Desk Contest Rules and Regulations

Good luck


  1. I think this would be great for myself as I have a lot curvature in my spine and to sit and do computer stuff really doesn’t help it at all so this would be great to be able to stand and stretch and be crunched over all the time

  2. The highest setting would let me stand and also be to high for little hands to reach things on the desk.

  3. A MotionGrey desk would benefit me because my current desk is 20+ years old and too short for a comfortable position while working and studying.

  4. Joseph would love a MotionGrey desk – it would give him more versatility to sit or stand- instead of constantly being sore from being in the same position for hours

  5. Using a MotionGrey desk for my work would benefit me by keeping me on my feet instead of sitting for hours at a time and my current set up is tiny – this desk would allow me to spread out my work and be more comfortable

  6. My boyfriend is a guitar and vocal teacher who runs his business out of our home. This desk would benefit him in his work because he is constantly moving and to be able to adjust it would be beneficial to his back as well. Amazing Christmas gift idea!

  7. The MotionGrey desk would be great for me that I could adjust the height to a comfortable position depending on what I am doing.

  8. My friend Michele would really benefit from this desk. she recently got a work from home job and sitting at the time is driving her mad, and causing back problems.

  9. Having this desk would be great to set my computer workstation at. my current table is to low and my legs graze the bottom. not exactly comfortable.

  10. Jennifer is a teacher and this type of desk would be perfect for her to use for various activities at home

  11. I am on a computer all day for work, and work at home. Having an adjustable desk is a lot better than spending all day sitting at a table

  12. My sons would get much benefit from using this adjustable table, they stick with computer all day long !

  13. I would love this as I currently work from home and am using the kitchen table which is not great or comfortable

  14. I need a desk like this as I’m at my computer a lot for my home based business, and with the kitchen counter I’m using now, my back gets so sore that I can hardly walk. This desk would make my life so much better.

  15. My wife Emelia would benefit from the MotionGrey desk. As a new mom she would be able to easily shop online while standing and moving with the baby!

  16. The MotionGrey desk is a good idea to balance the normal 9 to 5 officelifestyle by keeping posture and benefiting from light strengthening during the day.

  17. Sedentary lifestyle is becoming very common. I would love a MotionGrey desk in order to help combat this lifestyle and maintain good posture/movement throughout the long work day at home.

  18. Amanda would love a MotionGrey desk to ease backaches by changing positions often while working long hours at home.

  19. Professionally, I make recommendations to others for the use of ergonomic work stations. Personally, I find myself not following my own advice. 🙂 An adjustable desk at home would encourage me to work in more productive positions other than slouched on the couch.

  20. My husband suffers when he sits too long. He’d love a standing desk at home. He got used to one at work and now spends time working at home, so it would be great to own one.

  21. As I get older I find my back is needing a change! i’d love to have a desk like this to do my work at home. Thanks! and Merry Christmas!

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