Creatlity Ender-3 V2 3D printer prizeWhat would you create with a Creality Ender-3 V2 3D printer? Or perhaps it’s not you who would benefit by having one in your home; this might be great for the kids and family activities. Also, now that school is back in, a 3D printer might be just the thing for students to take their school projects to an A+ level of excellence. Ponder for a few minutes about the possibilities, read this article for some inspiration, then learn how you can enter for a chance to win an industry leading Creality 3D Printer.

Back to school season is a perfect time for learning 3D printing

Who is 3D printing for? Everyone is the best answer, but especially anyone who wants to learn and be creative. Many professions are using them to quickly create models related to their work. For example, architects may iterate designs for a new building by printing them. Engineers too, can see the results of scaled-down versions of their designs in minutes using a 3D printer. And there are many entrepreneurs selling their 3D creations online for practical home applications or for hobbyists.

Crafts and hobbies are one of my favourite applications of this relatively new technology. Imagine having an exact replica of Han Solo’s blaster or Worf’s Bat’leth. There are thousands of videos online showing how to get started.

How hard is it to use an Ender-3 V2 3D printer

Obviously printing 3D objects is not as simple as printing on paper. But there are some similarities. You’ll need a computer to send files to the printer in both cases. You’ll also need to have a complete project ready to go before it can be printed. Printing in 3D requires you to put in the printing medium (and there are a few types), and like regular printing, the print material is sold in cartridges. So you already understand the basics of creating a 3D printed object.

You can learn more about 3D printing and about the 3D printer we are giving away in this contest, by reading Brad Moon’s overview article here on the blog. And there are tons of useful videos online and free to download files to help with setting up your printer setup and creating masterpieces. You and your children will soon be printing for school, for work, and for fun.

How to enter

Entering this contest is easy and you can enter twice: once below this article in a comment and once in an email.

  1. In a comment below, tell us one item you would love to create using a 3D printer and in what colour you would like to make it (printer material is available in a wide range of colours).
  2. Visit the Creality Ender-3 V2 product page at Best Buy, and find the Dimension section on the “Details and Specs tab. In an email sent to, using the subject line, “3D printer contest“, tell us what it says is the height of this printer.

What you can win

At the end of this contest we’ll randomly select one eligible entry from all entries to receive the products shown in the image above: the Ender-3 V2 printer, the Mech Filament Dryer, and two spools of PLA filament (white and black).

This contest runs from Sept 17th until Sept 30th.

Remember you can enter once here on the blog and once via email. However, contests are more fun when the friends and families participate together so share this contest on social media and let other people you know have a chance to win too.

Win a Creality 3D Printer Contest Rules and Regulations

Good Luck.


  1. We would use it for replacement parts for toys and to make little toy animals in blue. My grandson would love the toys.

  2. I would make a dulcimer body or cigar box for building cigar box guitars. I would make it in the color black.

  3. Enjoy following your Blog for all the best articles. You’re recent contest really caught my eye.

    I started getting into building miniature ships a few years back. It was so satisfying to buy new kits and indulge in the intricate details. I found that the kits had lots of features but I really wanted to add more. Sure, I bought figurines and other items but it was never what I wanted to be featured on a project that I spent months on.

    A 3D printer has been on my bucket list of things I’d like to buy. I have lots of paints for all the accessories so white would be perfect for my needs. Best Buy has the most amazing products. Love shopping at your store.

    Wishing you all the best in your success.

  4. I would make cookie-cutter custom shapes for baking. I would make it red to match other appliances and cooking gear.

  5. ❤ Creality Ender-3 V2 3D Printer Contest ❤

    Thanks Best Buy for this FAB contest. My young son has been talking about wanting a 3D printer. He has an entrepreneurial spirit with artistic talent. His first project would be to create Dragon Ball Key Keepers.

    The eyes of these Dragon Ball-inspired key keepers open once you place a key in the hook. The design doesn’t rely on rubber bands, counterweights, or adhesives. All you need is a thread and some paint to make these beautiful key holders shine on your wall. White would be the perfect color for his creations.

    He has a number of friends at school who’d be interested in purchasing them. A portion of the sales would be donated to charity. I’d love to encourage him to build a hobby and be generous to those less fortunate.

    Please take a look at my Twitter site @LynnDFine1 where you will see a replica of what he’d like to create. I’ve also followed up with an email. Have a great day!

    All the best,

    Linda Ryan

  6. My daughter who is 12 has type 1 diabetes and i would make her a cover for her CGM that keeps it in place. They are sold all over the internet and are created using 3d printers, so that is the first thing we would make her!

    • ANd i would love to make one in each colour that exists – her fav being purple, but also if there were sparkly colours

  7. I think I’d make all kinds of ‘crafty’ items such as Christmas ornaments, custom book-end type things for the kids dressers or desks at school, etc. I’d most definitely use every colour of the rainbow lol but I’m sure lots of pinks & purples…

  8. I would make a model of our 15 year old dog, Chase. He’s a blonde and white Chihuahua x Shih Tzu so yellow would work best.

  9. I would love making custom box inserts for my board game collection to store all the pieces together. I’d print them in whatever colour best matches the game I’m making it for!

  10. I’d love making custom costume pieces for the kids! Right now, my son would love to make a copy of the Ten Rings from Shang-Chi in bronze or gold!

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