When space is limited like in a dorm room, why not get a smart monitor designed for both study and entertainment instead of two separate devices? There are a few items that can elevate your room to create a space you’ll love to work and relax in. The Samsung M8 32″ 4K Ultra HD smart monitor might be one of them. Read on to learn why, then enter for a chance to win one.

Hybrid monitor/TV

I love multi-purpose devices that allow you to do more with less, and the Samsung M8 smart monitor is one of them. It is both a productivity tool and an entertainment station in one sleek, smart screen. You can use it as a traditional monitor for school when you need an extra display or as a smart TV when you’re ready to unwind at the end of the day. Featuring Tizen OS, it comes with built-in applications such as Netflix and Prime Video for streaming content, but also with productivity software like Microsoft 365 so you can study and enjoy your favourite shows without having to connect a separate laptop. The Samsung M8 is a versatile device that will accompany you in your various activities throughout the day without taking up much space in your dorm room. Make sure to watch Shelly Wutke’s video review to see what it’s like to use this monitor

Modern design that blends into your space 

The Samsung M8 smart monitor features a compact, minimalist design, and is available in four different colours (Warm White, Spring Green, Daylight Blue, and Sunset Pink) to complement your dorm room decor. I think one of the reasons why the M8 can be a great choice for a dorm room is that not only can it function as a monitor and a smart TV, but it was also designed to look like one or the other depending on how you’re using it. For example, it comes with a detachable SlimFit camera that you can pop on for online classes and video calls, but when it’s time to watch a movie, you can detach it and adjust the height of the stand to make the monitor look like a TV.

Hub for your smart home devices

There’s one more thing you can do with the Samsung M8 smart monitor besides working and entertaining yourself, and that is controlling your smart devices. The M8 supports IoT, which means that it can act as a hub for your smart dorm room. So if you have smart lights, a smart alarm clock, or a robot vacuum, you can control them via Samsung’s SmartThings app. The M8 does also come with Amazon Alexa and Bixby voice assistants built-in so you can always use voice commands too if you prefer! 

How to enter

Entering this contest is easy and you can enter two times.

  1. In a comment below, tell us what you love most about the Samsung M8 smart monitor.
  2. Visit the product page for the Samsung M8 smart monitor and find at least one feature listed in the “More information” section that isn’t mentioned in this article and that you would find useful. Discuss that feature in an email to bestbuyblog@bestbuycanada.ca using the subject line, “Samsung M8 smart monitor”. Do not mention that feature in a comment below.

What you can win

Samsung M8 smart monitor

At the end of this contest we’ll randomly select one winner from all eligible entries. The winner will win the Samsung M8 smart monitor that Shelly Wutke reviewed on the blog.

This contest runs from August 19th to September 2nd.

Remember you can enter two times as described above. Make sure to also share this contest with any student in your life so they can also enter for a chance to win this versatile smart monitor for their dorm room!

Win Samsung M8 Smart Monitor Rules and Regulations

Good luck!

Céline Günther
Céline is the lead editor at Best Buy Canada, where she writes about tech for the blog. When she isn't behind a keyboard, she's usually reading or exploring the great outdoors.


  1. I like that this monitor has multiple functions, which is great when you need/want to save on space. A monitor, smart TV, smart hub, voice assistant and detachable SlimFit camera, all in one!

  2. I love that this is a multi-purpose device. It would be nice to have a monitor that is capable of doing more than just showing a picture of what my computer is doing.

  3. I definitely love the 32″ 4K UHD display with 3840 x 2160 native resolution. The viewing experience would be awesome for editing videos and photos.

  4. I like that it functions as both a tv and also a computer monitor. great for students to have the best of both worlds

  5. The feature I love most about the Samsung M8 smart monitor is that it supports IoT, which means it can control all my smart devices & act as a hub for my smart room.

  6. I really like it’s versatility. I can do reports and read articles and also watch movies with my friends which means one less item in my room.

  7. I love gaming and watching movies, that’s why I think the feature of using monitor as TV and gamer PC is awesome.

  8. Great that the Samsung M8 32″ Monitor has so many uses: TV with Samsung’s SmartGuide, Large Widescreen Monitor for productivity, and a fast 4ms Gaming Monitor. Features like the Matte display will reduce glare and eye strain when working on school projects, AirPlay and builtin Netflix and Amazon Prime give us all the options. It would be perfect for student and the home office!

  9. It comes with built-in applications such as Netflix and Prime Video for streaming content! No need to log in from Chrome!

  10. I hate to sound like a broken record but every one nailed the best feature about this monitor and that’s the “versatility” of it. Monitor/media player/productivity, it comes with a remote. it’s awesome

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