This will be a banner year for gaming—do you have a monitor to handle the newest games? New gaming monitors, like the ASUS VG248QG monitor that we recently sent out for a review on the blog, add so much to your gaming experience. Read Dave’s review to learn all about that great gaming monitor, then enter for a chance to win that very same monitor Dave reviewed.

PC Gaming requires a great monitor

You can play games on so many different devices in 2020, but the best experience is on a monitor designed to deliver the best viewing experience for gaming media. Face it, you play better when you can be fully immersed in the experience. Blurry images, stuttering frames, and jittery motion break your flow, stifle your decision making ability, and limit your performance. End result, you lose more often than you should, consequently getting less enjoyment out of your games that you should be getting.

ASUS gaming monitors raise the bar on gaming visuals

You can’t know the difference an ASUS gaming monitor can make in your life without actually trying it. And you could go to your local Best Buy store and experience some of the monitors there, and that’s great that Best Buy enables you to do that, but the best way to really know how good your gaming could be is to have one in your home. That’s why ASUS sent one to me to send to a writer to try in his home and review for you to read about his experience.

And ASUS also asked me to create this contest so you would have a chance to win this monitor. In fact, I will give each person entering up to two chances to enter! That’s right, I’m breaking my usual contest rule but allowing you to enter twice to win this monitor. Read carefully the next section so that you enter correctly and maximize your chances to win this awesome gaming monitor.

How to enter

Entering this contest is easy, but you can only enter once here on the blog and you can enter once on Dave’s review article of this monitor. Follow these 3 steps to have the best chance to win:

  1.  Read the review of the ASUS Gaming monitor, then
  2. in a comment on this article, tell us one feature of this monitor you really like,
  3. in a comment on the review article tell us another feature you think is great. (YES, you put only one comment on each article and the comments must speak about a different feature.)

What you can win

At the end of the contest we will select one winner for all eligible comments (on this article and on the review article). That winner will receive the ASUS VG248QG 24 inch G-Sync Gaming Monitor that Dave reviewed.

This contest runs from March 2 to March 16th.

Remember you can only enter once, but you probably know someone else who loves gaming and would be really happy for a chance to win a fantastic ASUS monitor. Tell them about this contest and make their day!

Win an ASUS Gaming Monitor Contest Rules and Regulations

Good luck.

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  1. This contest is now closed. We will draw the winners soon in accordance with the rules. Return to the blog often to read great articles, learn about the latest technology, and to enter more contests. You never know when we’ll be doing another amazing giveaway!

  2. I really like the Joystick control. I don’t have to peering over & off balance to see if I’m hitting the right buttons.

  3. I love the Nvidia G-Sync compatibility, I already am planning my next GPU update thanks to this monitor!

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