An Amazon Kindle makes reading easier, anywhere. With a Kindle in your hand, the simple, wonderful experience of reading from a book is amplified due to enhanced simplicity, and a more thorough reading experience. You’ll read more often, in more places.  Enter for a chance to experience this yourself with the all-new Kindle.

Kindle changed reading forever

There were ereaders prior to 2007, but when the first Kindle was released that year reading was transformed. It was, and still is, light enough to hold in your hand for hours, easy to use, capable of holding a lot of books (thousands in today’s version), and versatile. Not only could you get the newest blockbuster, you could load it up with classics, with magazines, and more. Additionally, you could quickly look up unfamiliar words right on the device, and keep reading with a more thorough understanding.

Books are nice to have, but you can do a whole lot more with a Kindle. The all-new Kindle is aptly named. Use it anywhere—even in the dark thanks to its LED lit screen. It will “light a fire” within you to explore more literature than ever. We sent this ereader to Ted Kritsonis for his unbiased opinion. Watch his video review of the device, then read how to enter this contest for your chance to win the all-new Kindle.


Entering this contest is easy, but you can only enter once. As I said above, the all-new Kindle can light a fire within you to read more, in more places. So to enter this contest, I want you to tell us how many books you currently read each month, and how many you think you will read if you win this prize.


At the end of this contest we will select one winner from all eligible entries to receive the all-new Amazon Kindle.

This contest will run from Tuesday May 28th until Monday June 10th.

Remember you can only enter once. However, I’m sure you know someone else who would love to read more, in more place, using an Amazon Kindle. Share this contest so they too have a chance to win.

Win an Amazon Kindle Contest Rules and Regulations

Good Luck

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  1. I am an avid reader and visit our local library weekly where I get from 8-10 books per month to read. With the Kindle I would be able to increase my reading by a couple of books a month and it would be ideal to take whenever we go travelling.

  2. I don’t read at all anymore so if I were to win this prize I am positive my level of readership would improve vastly!!

  3. I read about 5-6 books a month but always for work. This would allow me to separate work from play and hopefully read a book or two a month for me.

  4. I currently keep and meet a goal to read one book per month but with portability sometimes being an issue, I don’t always have my book with me where I go. If I had a Kindle I could likely quite easily double that with how easy it would be to bring with me and pick during any down time.

  5. I try to read at least 1 book per month. Sometimes I manage to do that, sometimes not. With the Kindle, I’ll probably be able to finish a book in 1 month.

  6. I read 2 and sometimes 3 books a month. I think if I had an e-reader I would probably read more.

  7. I read about 2-3 books per month currently, but I would probably read 4-5 with the Kindle because it would be easy to carry around with me.

  8. I read about 1 a month and would probably read more frequently on the new Kindle – maybe one extra one.

  9. I read about 2 books per month and sometimes more if they are a page turner. I’ll read one more if I were using the new Kindle.

  10. I currently read about 1 book a month and with the eReader I’ll probably be able to read 2 to 3

  11. I donot read any books but it will great for my daughter who reads a list 2 books a month.
    Thank you

  12. I read about 3-4 books per month, enough that I have almost worn out my old kindle. This will allow me to keep up the pace.

  13. I read 2 a month. Just nice to have a convenient ereader. I’m excited. Good Luck everyone.

  14. Currently read 0 books a month since my last kindle died. Will read about 1 book a month with a Kindle that works.

  15. On average, I read 3-4 books in a month but with this device my reading time will be set on fire!

  16. I read 1 a month as a current book club member. Without having to purchase books at the store, or borrow form the library, I could double it to 2 a month, likely!

  17. Unfortunately, not even one book a month. One every several months if I’m lucky. Mental health is fun like that. I have a lot of books “waiting in line” to be read, so if I won the Kindle the wish is that it’d push me to read more. Hopefully one a month minimum. Hopefully more. Hopefully, encourage some writing too.

  18. I read 1-2 a month. I find I am way more willing to read digitally then with a physical book. If I win I can see myself reaching toward 3-4 a month with how easy it would be with an Amazon kindle

  19. I read approximately one book a month, but could easily read more with numerous books loaded onto a Kindle that’s easily portable.

  20. I read about 1 book a month, but could easily read more with numerous books loaded onto a Kindle that’s easily portable.

  21. I read 3-5 book per month. The device would add one or two books per month, I guess.

  22. I don’t read quite enough maybe one book every two months but I would read so much more with the Kindle. It’s so much more easy to buy any books you want at any time

  23. For someone that is currently using their Samsung phone to read at least 3 books at month – I really need one of these. I don’t mind paying for Kindle Unlimited, but I have yet to replace my tablet. After looking at the new Kindle Ereader, I was impressed how light it was.

  24. I read approximately 3-5 books a month and I’d probably get to do at least one more with the convenience of the Kindle

  25. hi
    I read 3 or 4 books a months..
    and my grandson and I read
    20/ 30( kids )books. every nite..
    we would love to win, to have finger tip access to thousands of books.
    also it would b great use it in the fort and to see all the words in the dark.
    thanks so much goid luck everyone

  26. I read about 2 books a month. With the Amazon Kindle ereader that would probably increase to 3-4 books a month.

  27. I presently read 2-3 books a month, plus numerous magazines and short articles. If I win the new Kindle, I will likely read as many as 3 0r 4 books each month.

  28. I sometimes read 1 book a month as I find it hard to stick with it due to a very busy schedule. Having an ebook reader would certainly help\encourage me to improve in this area.

  29. I currently read 3 – 4 books per month. If I were to win an e-reader I could more than likely double that as I would be able to download books and use the ereader at my childrens baseball, soccer and hockey games.

  30. I’m only currently reading about 1 per month right now, but have been thinking about a Kindle in the future. This would help me dive deeper into some fantasy series that I’ve been hoping to start – namely Wheel of Time, Kingkiller Chronicles. The delays on Song of Ice and Fire are killing me!

    If I win this Kindle I’ll be knocking out 1 every 2 weeks at minimum 🙂

  31. I read only a couple books a month. I used to read much more. If I win, I promise to increase my reading rate.

  32. I currently read btween 8 to ten a month mainly Stephen King,DC graphic novels and other books in the genre of suspense/thriller.I recently read The Gold Finch and it was amazing. I would read about 12 a month if I Win.

  33. I read about 1 book a month. This Kindle would help me read a bit more (maybe 2 books per month) as it would be way easier to pack with me than multiple paper books!A

  34. I haven’t been able to read easily since I had guacoma surgery, complications have made it hard to see books and my tablet is far too bright. I think with the Kindle Reader I’d be able to dim it and enlarge it so I can see it. It would be great I used to read 3-4 books a month now I’m stuck with bad tv 🙁

  35. I read about 1 a month on my phone, would be easier with a new Kindle, probably double.

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