DSC00671 sq.jpgLast month on the Plug-In Blog, I had the chance to chat about my 10 top fashionable smartphone cases for him & her. (If you’re looking for last-minute gift ideas or stocking stuffers, definitely check out that article!) Smartphones, however, aren’t the only thing that do well when covered in a dashing new case!

Tablet cases for her

 When I think “cute, chic accessories,” the first brand that always comes to mind is Kate Spade. The line pairs sharp silhouettes with phrases that are equal parts inspirational and cheeky (my current satchel is a Kate Spade piece that says “Play Hooky” on it, which always makes people laugh once they realize it’s actually a beach bag), and its pieces fit in seamlessly for both a weekend away with the kids and a day at the office.

I had the chance to review a couple Kate Spade pieces when Best Buy first picked up the line, and I was really impressed with the quality of each piece. The line has since been updated (it’s been a over a year, after all, which is an entire six-season cycle in the fashion world), but the cases are still built the same way: slim, sleek, and most importantly, sturdy.

My top pick from the Kate Spade tablet accessory line right now is the kate spade new york iPad Air 2 Folio Case in Metallic/Gold, which features a stiff cover that flips open like a book. It multitasks as a stand, and it’s made from my favourite accessory material: vegan Saffiano leather. I love Saffiano leather for its weather- and wear- resistance, but a great vegan option like the one offered by Kate Spade is even better!

The line also offers a brand-new kate spade new york iPad mini 4 Folio Hardshell Case in Gold/Glitter, which is the supercharged, sparkly, rose gold step up from the Metallic/Gold case. The Kate Spade line is really tightly curated right now, too, and both of these pieces will go fantastically with the Saffiano-finish kate spade new york Saffiano iPad Pro Sleeve in Rose/Gold.

 If you’re buying a tablet case as a gift, I recommend giving them a kate spade new york Bow Lightning Charge/Sync Cable, too! The cable features the classic Kate Spade bow and spade at the base of the plug, and it’s both aesthetically surprising and cute beyond words.

Tablet cases for him

The Kate Spade empire doesn’t stop at women’s fashion accessories, though. If you want to give the guy in your life a fresh new outlook for 2016, the just-for-men’s JACK SPADE line offers fashionable options for iPads and laptops, too.

From Jack Spade, I recommend a co-ordinated duo for maximum impact: for instance, the JACK SPADE iPad mini 4 Oxford Folio Case and JACK SPADE 15″ Nylon Laptop Sleeve, both in Oxford Grey. Jack Spade products are as functional as they are fashionable, and the iPad case comes with a sueded microfiber lining and hands-free design, while the laptop sleeve cushions falls, prevents scratches, and features a zippered outside pocket for all of your meeting essentials.

In conclusion

What makes the Kate Spade and Jack Spade lines awesome isn’t that their products are cute. Nope: what makes them awesome is that their products are cute, functional, and well-made. They’re a great value for your money, and whether you’re buying a gift for a loved one or just updating your tablet case for the new year, both of the Spade lines have style in spades!

(Please, please forgive me for the pun. You have no idea how many years I’ve been successfully restraining myself from making it for–everyone caves eventually.)


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