Fifa 15 – World Class Soccer Never Looked So Good

A global sport, Soccer (or Football, depending on where you live) has long been paired with another platform of universal acceptance and immersion, the video game.  From pixels of color crudely punting a block on a dimly rendered plain, to cutting edge in facial animations, ball physics, crowd reactions, you name it, the Sports Game is sitting pretty, and never more so than with Fifa 15. With 600 new animations, dynamic AI, increased competition on the pitch, and more, the ‘Beautiful Game’ has never looked better.

Review: NHL 15 is an enigma in 2014 sports gaming

Ask gamers about NHL 15 and you’ll get one of two answers: “It’s great because it’s the hockey game we’ve been waiting for” or “I can’t believe it’s missing so much.” The camps will probably remain pretty divided, but the fact of the matter is, if you’re in it for the traditional hockey gaming experience, NHL 15 provides it and more. It is, in fact, a good hockey gamer’s game. Read on to find out more.

Introducing ‘amiibo’ – Nintendo’s answer to Infinity and Skylanders

I think I smell this holiday season’s ‘big deal’.  New in a market that hasn’t even had a chance to grow old, Nintendo is stepping into the ‘toys as video games’ realm, alongside current residents Infinity and Skylanders. Did you’re mind just ponder the possibilities?  Perhaps you’ve got the perfect place just asking to be filled with delightful Nintendo characters that will also enter video games and do your bidding? Me too. It’s amiibo, it’s Nintendo, it’s figurines that play in the game, and it’s probably going to have your children pestering you incessantly as we march steadily on toward December.

Goro lives…as you when you Pre-Order Mortal Kombat X!

The term “Goro Lives…as you!” was originally coined back in 1993 when Mortal Kombat came out for the Game Boy and he was a hidden character. With a very limited moveset and possibly the pound for pound worst graphics, it was still the first taste you had of this legendary monster. Well, Goro’s back, and he’s your bonus if you pre-order Mortal Kombat X!  Find out all the details about obtaining him by clicking onward.

Destiny – The Next Generation Shooter

They changed the gaming world and began a revolution that would see video game titles top the biggest box office showings that Hollywood could muster. Years and many Halo games later, Bungie announced something new. Though it’s exact impact remains to be seen, Shooting things in the First Person hasn’t been this compelling in a very long time. It’s Destiny, and its the next big thing in gaming.

Risen 3: Titan Lords – A Pirate Adventure (with lots of...

There really aren’t enough pirate games. There’s Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag of course, and a handful of others, but despite our cultural obsession, Pirates don’t get a ton of video game represenation (unless its thematic, and some villain or something). Here to fill that gap is Risen 3: Titan Lords. Take to the seas in an expansive Pirate themed action adventure, Demons, cults, treasure, its all in a days work.

Review: Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney IS the crossover...

It feels like eons ago when I first found out that Professor Layton and Phoenix Wright were going to do a crossover title.  As a fan of both franchises I waited…   …and waited…   …and waited…   …and finally found out it was coming out in March 2014, only to see that release that get pushed back to end of the summer.  Well, the game is finally here, and it’s finally available for you to pick up.  Is it the crossover title we’ve all been waiting for?  I think so, but will you?  Read on.

Freedom Wars – Fighting Giant Robots in a Dystopic Future (Pre-order...

I think the title about sums it up really.  A third person action title; team up in groups of four to take down monstrous robots. One of the years many PS Vita titles, Freedom Wars was released to great success in Japan, though, they do like fighting giant robots over there… then again, so do we! Play as a character held prisoner for the crime of ‘being alive’, work off your debt destroying robo-menaces, save innocent lives, and don’t forget… let’s have fun out there people.

Project CARS – Online Pre-order Bonus for the Evolution of the...

A game with a very appropriate name, in two words Project CARS (Community Assisted Racing Simulator) is a project in crowd funding a racing platform that will probably be THE game for the Racing SIM enthusiast.  Boasting more tracks than its competition, and a beefy car roster, Project CARS is an ‘open’ driving experience unlocking everything from the word go (or should I have said ‘drop of the flag’?) allowing racers to choose when, where, and what their racing experience will be, across Career paths, Solo stuff, multiple Motorsports, Online, and Community, this is one garage with a lot of stuff in it.

Ultra Street Fighter IV – Review

THE massively successful fighting game of most any generation it has existed in, Street Fighter’s current iteration, Street Fighter IV sparked a resurgence in fighting genre interest, unlike anything since the Mortal Kombat guys first started ripping off bits and pieces of one another. Constantly tested and pushed by its community, updates have long been a part of Street Fighter. Ultra this, Arcade Edition that, is it worth it?  In a word, yes.  In two, Oh heck yes. Ultra Street Fighter IV ladies and gentleman, lets fight.

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