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LEGO The IncrediblesConquer crime in LEGO The Incredibles

LEGO The Incredibles brings all your favourite Incredibles characters from both movies into one thrilling movie-based adventure on the Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. You’ll use teamwork to make your way through hours of story, side-missions, exploration, challenges, and more puzzles than you could have ever imagined.

If you are a big fan of the LEGO video games and the Incredibles movies, your dreams have come true. LEGO The Incredibles is one of my favourite games in the LEGO series yet.

Game Details

Platform(s): PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch
Developer: TT Fusion
Publisher: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment
Genre: Action-adventure
Modes: Single-player, multiplayer
ESRB Rating: E10+ (Everyone 10+)

LEGO The Incredibles

Two incredible movies in one incredible game

While LEGO The Incredibles combines both Incredibles movies, it first focuses upon the most recent movie that launched the same time. The game begins with an impressive action sequence of the Parr family chasing down the Underminer, trying to stop a massive runaway drill that is destroying the city. Even after saving the day, the Parr family are apprehended by the police because of a “no supers” law.

After being released from police custody, the Parr family meet Winston Deavor and his sister Evelyn. Their main goal is to change people’s perceptions about superheroes and make all supers legal again. After gifting the Parr family a beautiful mansion that overlooks the city, Elastigirl is enlisted to change the way people think about supers and make them legal once more.

As a big fan of the Incredibles I was happy to see all major aspects from both movies are in the game. Of course all the hijinks and humour you’ve come to expect from the series is here. One of my favourite parts happens early on when Elastigirl is chasing a runaway train and Dash calls her because he can’t find his shoes. Mr. Incredible is seen in the back ground slipping and falling on his back while baby Jack-Jack is jumping up and down on the counter.

LEGO The Incredibles

Where’s my Super Suit!

TT Fusion did a fantastic of highlighting each of the character’s individual abilities in this game. While there are many characters available to play and unlock in the game; Violet, Dash, Mr. Incredible, and Elastigirl stand out the most.

Violet can protect herself and others by putting up a force field. Dash can run at the speed of light. Mr. Incredible can charge though objects and enemies. However, I found Elastigirl to be the most impressive. She can stretch her body to get into places you otherwise would not be able to and she can morph into useful objects such as a bouncy ball and a trampoline.

LEGO The Incredibles

Stop Crimewaves and unlock characters with Family Builds

Crimewaves pop up in each district and offer side missions that involve stopping the bad guys from looting and destroying each district. If you’ve played LEGO City Undercover, then you will instantly see the similarities between LEGO The Incredibles Family Builds and big builds. You’ll discover gigantic Incredibles logos through out your journey, which require a certain number of Incredibricks to be active.

Crimewaves and Family Builds go hand in hand, in that by completing Crimewaves you’ll unlock special Family Builds in each district. What I found really neat is that each of these builds are related to the characters they unlock. For example, you might have to build up Carl’s house from UP and unlock Russel from the same movie. It’s these little touches that really add to the authenticity of the game overall.

LEGO The Incredibles

I was surprised at how many different puzzles there in the game. Puzzles require different characters with unique abilities and offer a good variety along with team work. Aside from the main story there is also a free play mode. Here you can run around doing small missions to help people, or try to find the game’s many collectables.

Overall, I found the game to be more streamlined than other LEGO games. I never really found my self stuck or wondering what to do next, which is great for kids and non traditional gamers. In my opinion, it’s a perfect blend that makes LEGO The Incredibles one of the most accessible LEGO games made to date.

LEGO The Incredibles

“Incredible” visuals and sound

The world of LEGO The Incredibles looks wonderful and the environments are spot on from scenes in the movies. Camera issues from previous games still appear from time to time but it never deters from the game.

Overall, the voice acting gets the job done and that same LEGO humour that you have come to expect from games is here and will make you smile. Voice acting is done fairly well and sound almost the same as their movie counterparts.

LEGO The Incredibles

Final Thoughts

LEGO The Incredibles is a very enjoyable adventure and one that fans will love. While I was a bit disappointed that gameplay has virtually remained unchanged, I also found it comforting at the same time. As with other LEGO games, LEGO The Incredibles is packed with collectables to discover and over 100 unlockable characters.

I did find it a bit odd that the game starts off with events from the second movie but makes sense as it was released at the same time as the new movie. At the end of the day, if you like LEGO games, love The Incredibles, and are looking to have some plain old fashioned fun—LEGO The Incredibles fits the bill.

Let me know in the comments section below who your favourite Incredibles character is.

+ Packed full of Disney Pixar characters to unlock
+ Lots of collectibles
+ Local co-op play is fun to play with family and friends
+ Stages are big and offer lots of secrets to be unlocked

– Gameplay remains the same as other games in the series with no innovation


Gameplay: 3.5/5
Graphics: 4/5
Sound: 3.5/5
Lasting Appeal/Replayability: 4/5

Overall Rating 3.75/5 (75%)

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  1. An excellent addition to the Disney Pixar portfolio from TT Fusion Games; Lego The Incredibles is a fun-filled family game which holds good replay value with the inclusion of over 100 Pixar characters and a fantastic open-world menu. Simple controls and repetitive gaming models make it a great game for young children to play without fear of them becoming frustrated with gamer’s rage. Graphics are what we have come to expect from a Lego game; perfectly executed but difficult to portray some scenes, and some audio configuration required to improve further, but neither takes away from the story.

  2. I’ve always loved the comedy of Lego games, never taking themselves too seriously. Mix that with my favourite cartoon, and you got yourself a game with high replayability.

    Thank you Jon

  3. I really enjoyed the first Incredibles movie, but I have not seen the second yet. That made me want to give this game a try. However, I have had trouble getting into LEGO games in the past so I’m not yet fully sure about this one. I think I’ll definitely have to look at more of this game because you have helped it peak my interest.

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