Introducing the Airselphie Airpix Aerial Camera

Take to the air with the Airselphie Airpix Aerial Camera at your next event or family gathering and amass an impressive collection of video and photographs.

What is the best graduation gift?

Looking for that perfect something to get a recent graduate, or someone who is about to celebrate their big day? Here are some unique and thoughful ideas.

Which drone is right for you: Professional photographer or videographer

 As photographers and videographers we’re living in an incredible time; the combination of low-cost, high-quality camera equipment with aerial drones and gimbals, it’s now possibly to shoot amazing photos and videos in a way that was previously only accessible to well-funded professionals. Drones are easy to control and easy to shoot with, leaving only one challenging part: how to pick the right drone for you as a photographer or videographer. After reviewing countless models, I have two drones here that offer best-in-class experiences, read on to learn about both of them.

Enter for a chance to win the new DJI Mini 2...

If you love traveling, photography, and enjoy flying a drone, here's your chance to win the DJI Mini 2 Quadcopter Drone Fly More Combo from Best Buy Blog.

Wingsland S6 drone review

It’s supposed to be easier to fly a smaller drone because of the limitations imposed by its size, which is exactly where the Wingsland S6 fits in.

Where can you fly a drone in Canada?

Flying a drone in Canada is now based on tighter rules and regulations that are already in effect, raising questions on where and when you do have clearance to take to the skies.

Win an amazing drone from DJI and Best Buy

Prepare for your excitement level to soar! Enter to win one of 3 amazing DJI drones from Best Buy. They are great for aerial photography, site-seeing, or just general all around fun.

Contixo Drones for all skill levels now available at Best Buy

Whether you're a beginner drone pilot or have a permit to fly larger ones, Contixo has a great selection to choose from, all of which have cameras on board!

Drone Buying Guide

If you've become interested in drones but are confused by the vast selection of drone types and models available, this guide will break things down for you and help you make a wise decision.

Twelve days of Christmas: Day Four – Bebop 2 Drone

As we make our way through the 12 days of Christmas, there are so many great gifts to consider. We're now up to day 4, and our spotlight gift this time is the Parrot Bebop 2 Quadcopter Drone, which is more than just an amazing drone—it's also a very cool flying camera! Click through and read on to learn all about it.

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